31Durham, United States
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My self-summary
Well, I am pretty friendly, out-going, amusing, smart (or at least
literate), and kind of a nerd (I don't sit in my basement and play
Pokemon or anything...but I flip out over crap like Star Wars,
X-Men, school, local politics and such). I don't know. Ask me
questions. I will probably answer them, unless it's something like,
"Will you marry me?" Then I will run away. Quickly. I don't know
what I'm looking for here. I am always open to more friends, but if
I find someone I click with, that would be cool. I like people who
know who they are and are cool with that. I don't get serious
quickly, so no "ring chasers" (just learned that phrase). I'm not
easy, so no "booty chasers" (another addition to my vocab). I don't take stuff like this seriously, so nobody lacking a sense of humor. No pot heads. No drug addicts. No shallow people. No needy people. No haters. No players.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
To name just a few:

TV: Kenny VS Spenny, Summer Heights High, the Mighty Boosh, East Bound and Down, Flight of the Concords, American Dad, Futurama.

Books: The Handmade's Tale By: Margaret Atwood, Joseph Campbell books.

Movies: Tekkonkinkreet, Me You and Everyone We Know, Wristcutters: A Love Story, I Heart Huckabees, the Fall.

Music: The Most Serene Republic, As Tall As Lions, The Format, Copeland, Stars, Brian Blackwood, Girl Talk.

Food: Italian food! Noodles and tons of cheese. :) Throw in something chocolate for desert and I'm happy. Make it chocolate Cheesecake. Mmm.
You should message me if
You are super awesome.

You understand that high fives are an essential form of communication.

You have an excellent hat...

or you know a really good joke.

OR if you found a really hilarious picture of an alpaca. I feel like they look like a giraffe mixed with a fraggle.
The two of us