26Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
Hello! My name is India.

General stuff out of the way: I am a fat, kinky, genderqueer, pansexual tomboi femme of color.

Sometimes, I still feel like I'm the nerdy awkward girl that I was in high school, but now I'm a nerdy awkward adult and somehow that's considered endearing and sexy in Brooklyn.
What I’m doing with my life
This is what I've been up to lately:
-Working as a marketing, recruitment and events coordinator for a non-profit... considering changing jobs
-Training to be a instructor who teaches med students how to conduct pelvic exams with a patient-centered approach
-Learning BJJ wrestling... it's changed my life and my relationship to my body. I am so excited to get to the point where I am consistently kicking ass
-Playing the role of a lawful evil half-orc inquisitor in a D&D campaign
-Going to drink and draws
-Trying to strike the perfect balance between maintaining contact with my family, friends and making new friends or date partners
I’m really good at
Spending too much god damn money at the grocery store
Giving massages
Talking to strangers in the nude (either me or them, doesn't matter)
Cooking without a recipe
Being affectionate
Giving compliments
Finding the adventure and being out of my element
Also being such a lazy, snuggly shlub
Being self-aware, recognizing when I've fucked up

More specifically to dating and sex:
Being an adoring and supportive person
Fucking and getting fucked
Making people feel sexy in a way that attentive to who they are
Being a willing and pleasing bottom
Being a strong and sadistic but tender top
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: All about Octavia Butler right now... gotta love my poc feminist scifi

Movies: I honestly don't watch a lot of movies. Willing to sit down and be exposed to some good ones though

Shows: Steven Universe is my main game, otherwise, I watch netflix to zone out (watching queer as folk right now, its really stupid)

It's 2017, ask me about podcasts...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The best way to make my home a cozy little nook with shrines so I can better meditate on my values
What my burlesque numbers would be if I was a performer
What tattoos I wish I had
How this persons world view, way of speaking, way of relating is different because of...
Constantly checking my privilege
Learning about queer history, cultural anthropology, etc.
On a typical Friday night I am
Either catching up on some much needed self-care after a busy week of work and hobbies
or honestly, anything if I have the energy: even venturing ALL THE WAY to another borough (*gasp*) to see friends, getting a few drinks, going to a party and meeting new people, whatever happens to be happening
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have some trauma and some issues around avoidance and negative self-talk, but I am going to therapy about it and quite a few other things...

This isn't a very sexy secret
You should message me if
-you are a queer cutie who values *mutual* expression of intimacy and emotional labor, who likes to talk dirty and academic with me, who wants to hit the beach and either loves dancing or will enjoy that I will seduce you into dancing with me

-if you want to be my switchy play partner to explore and experiment with or the top/dom to my sub

-You are okay with the fact that I am a busy lady and sometimes need reminders that I forgot to answer a text message

-are comfortable with the fact that I assume non-monogamy as a default. Negotiation is possible if we end up going steady and becoming more committed, but that's a lot later and I am the type of person who will always need some level of openness

-If you aren't really interested in the whole messaging formality of okc and just want to meet in person over coffee, I am so game for that. I feel like there is almost nothing you can really find out about your compatibility with a person through a few conversational messages. Not saying you have to take this strategy, just that I'm not against it.
The two of us