52Fort Lauderdale, United States
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My self-summary
I am a theatre director, actor and educator. I moved to Atlanta from Florida to run an arts school here. I have a Ph.D in my field and have labored to find a stable career as a professional artist. My spirituality is very important to me, though it resides far from the dogma of organized religion. I walk a path based on respect for the earth and all of her creatures.(email me and I'll tell you more). As a result I take great comfort in the solitude of nature. I am an ethical vegetarian--basically as liberal as they come. Many people think of me as a hippie, though I am really too professional to truly fit in that category. I am very social and enjoy expressively sharing my life with friends. Perhaps I enjoy --more than all else-- a good conversation-- the kind where the rest of the world falls away and you float off, traversing time and space on a co-created web of compelling thoughts. I am blessed with a strong sense of humor which enables me to find laughter even in difficult times. It is also easy for me to play the brooding romantic. I certainly know how to make the most of my quiet time alone. An eccentric melange of opposites, I am deep, sensitive and gentle balanced with a wild, hedonist side a mile wide. Dionysus and I are buds. I am a sensualist who enjoys romantic indulgence: candle light, the scent of sandalwood, love poetry and lingering massages. With a sun in cancer, moon in libra and a venus in leo, I am an emotional big dipper in relationships. Most people find me to be a calming peaceful influence. . Uniqueness is a trait I value in all things. I strive to live the uncommon life which I view as a journey toward self-discovery. The journey seems to be more fulfilling when you have a compatible traveling partner--one who both supports you and chalenges you. In the end its all about growth isn't it. Does this sound true and fun to anyone else?

I seek a magical equal. Someone of a similar species/view of the cosmos--no muggles please. Traits I value: openess, humor, sensuality, intelligence, depth(you've experienced a Saturn phase or two), a poetic, artistic nature, a beauty or personal aesthetic that perhaps radiates from within to without in a non-traditional way, a liberal stance, a spiritual seeker, appreciation for many cultures, gentleness, wildness/adventurousness, laughter, sweetness, verbal expressiveness, appreciation of nature, love of the arts, giving, maybe a vegetarian, an appreciation for the sacredness of all life--and a commitment to tasting as many flavors of it as possible. Someone who has read this far with some amount of understanding or excitement and doesn't find me too strange or does infact find me quite odd and loves it.

I am melifluous, artistic, and cosmic
What I’m doing with my life
Opening young minds and celerating old souls.
The first things people usually notice about me
Somehow I got the curly hair gene without getting the curly personality.
Six things I could never do without
Only 6? It's an unjust world in which you have to narrow
your pleasures down that much. Or maybe Im just too much
of a hedonist. OK here goes..

1. My relationship to Spirit, the Universe--ya know my
unique way or path. Can I include inner peace here?

2. The song in me heart--you know--joi de vire--mi vida
loca--savoring the moment fully--love, laughter--carpe
dieum. Yes this still counts as one item. We just dont have
a word for it in our culture. I bet there's something
in Sanscrit though.

3. The Theatre--pronounced with Sir John Gielgudian --elocutionary
grandeur. Its my craft, my art--my mode of expression,
my profession and my life blood.

4. My Friends and Beloveds--extended family--the brethren
and sisteren related more though karma than DNA.

5. Umm.. the 5th item is to wish for 5 more items. What? I cant
do that. OK--lets just call it the mundane stuff--my birkenstocks,
patchoulie, my complete works of Shakespeare,Indian food..rum and plenty of pillows where ever I lay my body down, my rubinesque cat, Dakini.

6. Well heres the problem: I havent met her yet but I visualize her in my minds eye and have faith she is on her way to me--that like the sun, she exists even when I do not see her. I know that I live for the scent of her skin, the gaze of her eye and the sound of her laughter. She grocks me, you know.
On a typical Friday night I am
In recover, repair and recreate mode or at the theatre.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
For a highly eloquent and verbal person--I am sometimes at an utter loss of words.
The two of us