31Oakland, United States
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My self-summary
Who's in the mood for a bulleted list? Because here's a bulleted list.

- Early-thirties, Bay-Area-Raised, free range human.
- Enjoys casual, not-so-casual, and serious interactions with other humans.
- Also enjoys video games and food and beer.
- Is very confident about being anxious.
- Is also kinda anxious about being confident.
- Strives to be aware of and check his privilege.
- Uses humor to hide the void of ennui and pathos that yawns beneath his soul.
- Lives with a one-eyed cat.

I'm in excellent committed relationships with foulowl and Loki-d, who are both awesome and lovely and supportive in their unique ways. And they don't put up with my sass for very long, which is also fine, I guess.
What I’m doing with my life
Testing games for a living, sipping craft beer for fun, and cultivating new relationships. Also working on my baking and my blacksmithing, and boy, do they need work. And writing! But that's new and I don't really have a handle on it yet.
I’m really good at
Finding misplaced objects, baking bread (though it's less "really good" and more "not terrible"), self-mockery, proofreading, carrying groceries, and cat-wrestling.
The first things people usually notice about me
People have commented on the following:

- My eyes.
- The sometimes-odd way I emote (I blame studying theater).
- My accent (California-raised, but I can stretch my vowels weirdly at times).
- My rings. I like rings. They are precious to me.
- My tattoos.
- My vocabulary ("oh my, it's so big").
(...Also "oh my, it's so weird.")
(...And "oh my, it's unnecessarily complicated.")
(...I should probably distance myself from this penis joke.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Decided to trim the fat from this section and leave it with more general answers instead of EXCRUCIATINGLY specific examples.

Authors: N. K. Jemisin, Douglas Adams, Octavia Butler, Terry Pratchett, and China Miéville.

Movies: Horror, science fiction, anime, combinations thereof. Frequently at the Alamo Drafthouse because beer and assigned seating both please me greatly.

Shows: Science fiction, comedy, action, anime.

Music: Gaming soundtracks, chiptunes, whatever the hell my friends are listening to.

Food: Burgers, burritos, sundubu-jjigae, ramen, almost everything else. Only exception is seafood, which I admit is a fucking tragedy.

Beer: Stouts, IPAs, saisons, lambics, Trappist ales, sours.

Video Games: Puzzle platformers, Metroidvanias, shooters, horror. Currently a Zenyatta main.
Six things I could never do without
1. Entertainment: From games to sci-fi/fantasy novels to sex, having fun is serious business for me.

2. Yeast: The fact that single-celled fungi are responsible for two of my favorite things (beer and bread) continually astounds and delights me.

3. Fresh Food, Good Cooking: Avocados, burgers, expensive cheeses, my mom's pie. The application of effort and expertise to well-grown, well-raised organic matter.

4. Information: Namely teh interwebs. And I don't always pay attention to everything, but dammit, I at least want access to knowledge.

5. Rules: Sounds odd, but here's my take: they make language function, they make games enjoyable, and they make sex consensual and fun. Even Calvinball has rules.

(Also, importantly, I mean "rules" and not "laws." The former are structures of action/reaction, and the latter are legislative tools that reflect the political environment, which is now and has always been kinda fucked.)

6. Companionship: From my partners to my pets. I need the satisfaction and contentment that comes from understanding and being understood by other living things.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
In no particular order:

Wordplay: Humor is the lifeblood of my interactions with other people. I want them to be happy, which then makes me happy, which hopefully makes them happy, and hooray for positive feedback loops.

Social Justice: Usually in the form of reading articles, listening to my partners and friends, and constructing mental arguments against my own demographic.

Dogs: When I see a dog, I want to pet that dog, and I then think about dogs and how much I want them in my life. Dogs.

Beer: I follow a number of breweries on social media and I try to keep abreast of brewing trends and technology. I'm also studying to become a certified beer judge!

Sex: Don't think this needs describing, I figure it'll come up when relevant!
On a typical Friday night I am
Because ANXIETY, I default to staying in to play video games, drink beer, and watch movies. Thrilling, yes? I do enjoy going out for libations, though! Particularly when it is with awesome prospective partners!

(That means you, maybe.)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I was very young, I stole a unit of paper currency from my mother's wallet during my sister's softball game so I could buy candy at the snack bar. This was before I'd learned to read numbers, but I did know money could be exchanged for goods and services. It turned out to be a twenty, and I was so shocked at the amount of change I received that I hid it in a coffee mug on the top shelf for a month.

Eventually, my guilt overcame me and I tearfully confessed to my mom. Being the badass that she is, she turned it around and called it an advance on the chores I was going to start doing. So I learned math, finances, and work ethic, all because I wanted some illicit Skittles.

Also, have you heard of my hot new punk band, "The Illicit Skittles"?
You should message me if
Criteria include but are not limited to:

- An understanding and acceptance of my commitment to all of my partners.
- A willingness to forge a commitment of our own (even a casual commitment, oxymoronic as that may sound).
- A love of flirtatious banter.
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills (there will be a test (there won't be a test)).
- A desire to talk about or play video games, talk about or drink beer, or talk about or eat food.

Bonus points if you're experienced with open relationships.

Also, bonus points if you have short hair. But, um, if you have long hair, you still get bonus points. Bonus points for everyone!

(I'm pretty darn attracted to people with short hair, but I'm most definitely not un-attracted to people with long hair. It's your hair, it's your aesthetic, and it's your body, you can do whatever you want.)
The two of us