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My self-summary
Hi, and thanks for reading! :) A quick scroll will show a really long profile. It's there for those who want to read it, but if you just want to say hi, that's fine too. I've taken a lot of thought to write what's here, and it's as much a distilling of my thoughts about myself and what I want in life, as it is insight about me for anyone that's interested. Despite best efforts though, I usually find that I get a better feel for a person by how they write rather than what they write. Of course, I'm a nerdy engineer type, so I write like a technical manual haha. :D

I'm a big mix of labels, just like anyone. My demeanor is quiet and relaxed, but my personality is friendly and open minded. I've also got an adventurous spirit, which added together with my quiet demeanor makes me a bit devious... in a good way. :) I don't mind getting into mostly innocent trouble. Partner in crime did you say? I don't always take the first step in talking to new people, but when someone says hi, they find a friendly person to talk to. I have a personality that can be very serious or very goofy depending on what I'm doing or who I'm with. I think I have a healthy combination of both. :) I like the "kid" in me and don't mind letting it out. It's a goal in my life to never lose it! I love to laugh and make jokes about just about everything, and hope to grow up to be a jolly old man, haha.

I'm pretty easy going and don't let many things bother me. I'm also a very smart guy and I enjoy intelligence in others, but I'm not a snob about it either. To me, intelligence isn't about knowledge, it's an inquisitive nature and a love for learning about everything around you and experiencing new things. If you want a really rough idea of my personality, think of Tom Hanks in Money Pit. I joke but my humor is subtle, not usually hilarious. I love to laugh, and I find minute details in almost everything that amuse me, at least in my head if not out loud.

I'm peaceful and I care about the environment. I don't get angry or violent, and that's a big thing for me in others also, especially a match. I solve problems through thinking and understanding, not fighting, and I look for the same in the people I'm with. I don't even like killing bugs, haha, I prefer to take them outside. :) On the flip side, I don't let myself get used either. I am very forgiving of honest mistakes and even poor decisions, but I cut ties with people that take advantage of that. I stand up for the things I believe matter, and have a strong will to follow my resolutions.

I have fun doing simple things. I can be happy watching the clouds or stars, going to the beach, flying a kite, riding a bike, or staying inside all day cuddling, talking, and wasting the day away with someone I love. I like normal things like going to theme parks, bowling, going to the mall, seeing a movie, and going out to eat. I also like more cultural things like going to museums of art or science, going to classical concerts, sampling wine and things like that. Like I said, I'm open minded, and I was raised listening to classical music and such. I have my preferences, but I enjoy almost everything, and if I don't think I would enjoy something, then I try to understand how I could. I would like someone that is well rounded like this and able to enjoy doing anything.

It's hard to sum yourself up without giving the wrong impression, but I generally try to lead a simple life and live within my means. :) There's a ton more that I could write, but I'll stop here for now. If you have any questions for me, please ask!

I am quiet, intelligent, and open minded
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a student at USF, most of the way through a double major in electrical engineering and computer science. I got a late start in school because I joined the Navy out of high school. I also got a lot of experience, life lessons, and maturity out of it, and in a way I feel like it could not have gone any other way.

I love being back in school though; I love learning and meeting new people. School also introduced me to my new favorite activity, swing dancing! I go to some kind of swing dancing event each week and sometimes more. It's a great way to socialize, have fun, and get some exercise. :) School also got me into being a professional math tutor. I do private tutoring, and I work at the local community college during the semester. I found out how much patience I have, and I really enjoy teaching.

What did I do in the Navy? The first two years I spent in Navy schools, and the other four years I was stationed on a fast attack submarine out of San Diego. I worked as a nuclear trained electrician, which means my work was on electrical gear mostly, but I had to know everything about the nuclear plant too because each affects the other.

Most people ask if I got claustrophobic on a submarine, but that never bothered me. The worst part was being out to sea for so long. The longest deployments were six months at a time, and you can imagine, I came out of the sub pretty pale after those, haha.

Working on a nuclear power plant had an impact on what I would ideally like to do with my life. Nuclear power is good, but fusion power has a lot more potential, with better safety. My dream job would be to help in the fusion power industry, and make fusion power a practical reality. So one goal for my college studies is to work toward a degree that will do that or will help any other alternative energy solutions out there and also use my navy experience. That's where electrical engineering comes in. I also have interest in business, real estate, and computers. For the moment though, I'm just getting through school. :)
I’m really good at
I'm really good at figuring things out, but not so good at remembering facts. So I'm good at things like math and science and pretty bad with history and spelling, haha. I got A's in calculus I-III, and differential equations, and all those classes thrilled me--I'm a strange one eh? :) Most strategy games come to me easy, and it's hard to find good competition.

I'm also really good at listening. I've got a quiet character, so it's natural. Last, but not least, I'm musicly inclined. :) I can play some mean steel drums, which I learned in high school, and I even taught myself a couple tunes on the piano: Maple Leaf Rag, and Claire de Lune if you know them.
The first things people usually notice about me
Most people meeting me for the first time tell me they can't believe my real age because I look so young. That's just fine with me. I like looking young and feeling young, and I consider it the fruits for my efforts in eating and living healthy. ...or maybe it's just genes and I got lucky, haha. I do try to take care of myself though, so I probably wouldn't mesh well with a heavy junk food eater, but I'm not crazy about health either. I don't diet, I just try to eat the best I can. :)

People probably notice also that I'm usually pretty quiet, and I tend to just listen and observe in large groups. I'm more talkative one on one. I get along and have fun with everyone, but I usually let other people do most of the talking till I get to know them really well. I respond best when asked lots of questions because I'm very open and will answer anything. People that are friendly and outgoing have no problem getting me talking. I just don't talk about myself much without prompting, haha. On the other hand, once I get to know someone, it doesn't matter even if they're more quiet like myself because we can always find a common interest to chat about. It's the small talk that gets me in the beginning, and I just take longer to get to know depending on your personality. :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Usually, I read to learn something--mostly school books lately. Outside of school I spend hours online reading about any subject that interests me. Whether it's that the first Portuguese fleet was led by a Genoan commander (look it up) or how to shape a sail for optimal wind flow, how different whiskeys are made (and I rum, not whiskey), I'm always finding interest in something. I listen to audiobooks of all kinds though while I'm driving. I just finished listening to Ender's Game, and I really enjoyed it. Also, not quite a book, but I'm listening to Japanese language instruction just for fun because I like Asian culture, and I'd like to visit Japan again one day.

Movies: My favorites would have to be the all the movies of these series: Matrix, Harry Potter, Lord of the ring, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, and these movies: Wargames, Goonies, Edward Scissorhands, Office Space, Swiss Family Robinson, Paint Your Wagon, and Logan's Run. I'll think of more later maybe. In general, I like epic stories or stories that make you think somehow. Sci-fi is always a favorite. Some are just plain fun. :)

Music: there's just too much to list, but my old favorites would have to be Metallica, 311, Foo Fighters, Sublime, Dave Mathews, Phish, Nine Inch Nails, The Beatles, and classical music. I know none of those are recent. I like new stuff too, but I don't pay attention to the names so I can't list them, haha. :| Favorite radio show: The John Tesh radio show, intelligence for your life. :) The world needs more DJs like this.

Food: Milk, and all its derivatives haha, that's my favorite food. Does a body good after all! Actually... sadly... this isn't true as we were all taught to believe. Despite all the calcium and vitamin D (added by dairy farmers, not cows), milk is actually still acidic in your body, which your body neutralizes by using the calcium from your bones (dissolving them). Milk is also the most allergenic food humans consume, and no other animal consumes milk past childhood, which gives you a sense that it's not the best idea. (I've read entire studies, but this is not the place for that) I still enjoy it, but much less of it.
Six things I could never do without
My computer, my bed, and someone to snuggle up with :), air, food, and water (just to make six) :P
I've always thought this question is silly, as are my responses. I try to think like one of those monks that makes art out of colored sand, laid out on the floor over many days of painstaking work, only to sweep it away after they finish. Everything is fleeting; losing things is not the end of the world. What would I do if I lost my computer? Wake from my stupor and go outside. Bed? sleep on the floor. Someone to snuggle with? Well that would be hard because it's a person, and an important person if they were snuggling with me, but... I would have to go on alone. Air, food, and water? I would die x_x but my body would feed some insects, so all is well... lol. That's life. :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend a lot of time thinking about the environment, human kind's lack of respect for it, and what I could do to help it. I'm a big environmentalist, and my intrest in fusion power comes from that. I'm not an activist and don't go on environmental marches or anything like that, but I do what I can in my own life to set a good example, and that mindset is part of my educational motivation. Maybe when I have my degree I can work towards helping somehow.

I think a lot about everything. I ponder on subjects that agree with me and even those that don't (I do mean subjects, not viewpoints. There are plenty of views to disagree with!). Just about everything interests me in one way or another.
On a typical Friday night I am
filling out okcupid essays or making them EVEN LONGER! muahahahahahahaha........... hehe... hehe... cough..jk

Usually, browsing the net or gaming occupies my free time. I read about anything and everything from news to science to relationship advice, and I'm almost always looking to learn something new.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a passionate guy. I'm very affectionate, sexual, loving, and kinky. All four of those are different and important. Being loving is how I think about someone and care about their thoughts, opinions, and needs. Being affectionate and sexual are two different ways of expressing love physically. Being kinky is just about being open minded, totally comfortable, and fun with each other. :)
You should message me if
You want to talk with and get to know a sweet, loyal, handsome, intelligent guy. :)

Also, a note: I browse a lot and write very seldom because I think very long and hard about who I write, making sure I fit them, as well as they fit me. If you're reading this on your own and like what you see, and feel it passes that test, please don't hesitate to send a message. If you read all the way through my profile, you deserve a cookie, and so you should write me just on principle so I can give you one! :D

If you click the like button, I'll never know who you are unless you also just write a note and say hi. Please do.
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