46Cambridge, United States
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My self-summary
I am witty, adventurous, and lots of fun. I'm a solid gentleman who searches for fun, but there's much more to me than that.

The creative writing (short stories and poetry) I do is fun, but writing computer programs and technical reports pays more in my job. I'm creative and smart, adventurous and outgoing, witty and strategic, fun and friendly. I'd rather watch a play or hike in the woods than stay home and watch television. I know when to be serious and when to lay back. I love both history and science, dancing and reading, music and math.

I am fun and smart and like to have a blast, especially with friends. I've been a bit of an organizer and socialite in getting my friends together for parties and fun outings. These activities range from a murder mystery party to going to a dueling piano bar. I'm always open to meeting new companions.

Communication is important, and good conversation and eye contact are crucial to good interaction. It takes good interaction to reach a level of nonverbal communication to move as one to the music on the dance floor. Those points may be connected to my interests in theatre (ask me about my most recent role on stage), dancing (especially social partner dancing), exploring new things that brighten one's day, and conversation with smart and interesting friends.

I have a brain, good social skills, culture, witty conversation ability, creativity, and an appreciation for the finer things in life. As a couple of my female friends have put it, I have my act together.
What I’m doing with my life
I work days doing research so I can enjoy plenty of fun social activities with my friends. I really enjoy social dancing for the music, socializing, movement, and connections. I do occasional acting (both serious and improv comedy) and also enjoy watching theatre. I have been a member of a creative writers' group as well as other organizations, including Amnesty International and cancer awareness.
I’m really good at
. . . smiling, exploring, swing dancing (and other partner dancing), math, science, socializing, organizing, sleeping late, finding interesting things to do, programming computers, and meeting people. Plus, my murder mystery parties are real killers. I'm quite skilled at not eating broccoli nor mushrooms. On the other hand, I like eating sweet potato fries, though I'm not entering any contests for it soon.
The first things people usually notice about me
my smile, my style, my eyes, and my intelligence.
Gradually they realize that I'm mature yet still plenty of fun.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite food is definitely not broccoli. Not even smothered with cheese. I've outgrown pizza. Maybe ice cream, especially Ben and Jerry's ice cream. But not smothered with cheese.

Movies and TV shows need good plot and interesting characters, not just fancy special effects, to get my attention. The Sunday flicks in grad school taught me to appreciate classic movies, and since then I've learned to appreciate people who appreciate classics.

I'm more inclined to go see a live show on stage (play or musical) than a motion picture, and I'm more forgiving of flaws in a live show. Sometimes, I'm even in the live show (ask me about my stint playing a bartender). I rarely watch TV.

I read more when I was in university than I do now. I've found that a short story collection or nonfiction book works better for me than a long novel.

the only haiku / that I actually like / is silly and green
(but if a haiku / were instead silly and blue / I would like that, too)
Six things I could never do without
Smiles. I don't mean fake, half-hearted smiles that you give someone to be polite but sincere, warm smiles that say more than merely hello. Social interaction is invaluable, and both giving and receiving real smiles is a good part of that, whether at a stranger or with a good friend.

Music. Perhaps it's background music while working, humming a tune as I walk down the street, the song playing on the jukebox at the bar, or the music the DJ spins at the dance, but music affects my mood. It's good to have a soundtrack to your life.

Dark chocolate. I have a really special medical diagnosis: a slightly low blood sugar and a slightly low "good" cholesterol count mean that dark chocolate is an ideal way to kill both birds with one stone.

Socializing with friends. Social interaction is invaluable, whether with a group or one-on-one.

New activities. I thrive on new and interesting experiences. Doing the same thing day in and day out is boring, and it's good to try something new. Maybe I'm just walking down a different street (literally or metaphorically), or maybe I'm going to a different restaurant or club just to check it out. Whether or not I like it enough to return, at least it's been something new and different.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How long will it be before "turn of the century" starts to mean "turn of the 21st century" instead of still meaning "turn of the 20th century"?

. . . and what I'm going to do next for fun.
On a typical Friday night I am
going out for a night on the town -- till late.

I enjoy dancing (swing, blues, salsa, tango, & more) because of the way it lets me express myself while interacting with a partner and the music.

I'm not one to stay in when I could go out--though I admit the right company can make saying home more fun. I'd generally rather see a live show (an Oscar Wilde play or a Gershwin musical) than the latest action movie, and I'm more often chatting with friends at a hangout downtown than reading a book at home alone. I thrive on exploring: going to an art gallery, checking out a museum, dining at a new restaurant, playing tourist my first time in a city, getting a friend to expose me to some new music, or enjoying the conversation as friends explain to me their latest grad-school studies.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have not seen Elvis Presley in the past sixteen months, did not hear him at a nightclub in London, nor do I have his autograph.

I never wear a bra when I'm out on a date.

Dave Matthews was my great-grandfather. I also got to hear Dave Matthews live in concert once.
You should message me if
. . . you want to join me for a good conversation or for a night out. I can always use a new friend, but more of a relationship is preferable. Depth often depends on chemistry, so we can see where that takes us. If you like going out on the town to watch a Broadway musical or cutting-edge play, catch a stand-up comedy show, experience a concert, visit a wine bar, or go dancing till dawn, then hit me up and we should chat!

Here are some lifestyle points that matter for romantic relationships. Friends need not meet these qualifications.
- I am looking for a long-term, monogamous relationship. I'm tired of relationships that lack long-term potential.
- I'm not looking to start having children within next the two or three years.
- I like going out for fun most nights (though that doesn't mean we have to go out together every night). Many weeknights I'm out till 11 or 12, and weekends even later. I am a night owl and no early bird. For us to be a great couple, you should enjoy being out past 10pm even on weeknights.
- I am social and like going out on the town. I stay home only as necessary to do chores and get sleep, though I sometimes have friends over. Homebodies need not apply.
- I tend to share mutual attraction and chemistry with creative, expressive people: actresses, musicians, artists, writers, etc. Still, I have other friends and date other types of people.
- My only time commitment is a steady 40-hour-a-week job. (Plus occasional fun classes.) You shouldn't have all your time accounted for by work and/or school but should have plenty of time for play, too.
- I'm here to meet people. If there's potential, let's quickly move from e-mail to meeting at a public place to discover how much chemistry we have.
The two of us