43Portland, United States
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My self-summary
Every year for the past few years I've done a New Year's resolution. The year before last it was to keep my commitments that I make to people, no matter how small. This year it's accepting compliments gracefully. They're going alright so far.

I'm a self-diagnosed nerd, I dig movies with explosions and robots, walking around interesting new neighborhoods, reading books, and I dig hiking, riding my bike a lot. Uh, like every other gay guy out there in the history of mankind.

I developed a fear of flying a few years ago, but then found a pharmaceutical solution when I had to travel for work one year. So now that I can fly, I'm itching to travel again. Where should I go? Recommendations?

I'm a degree, a degree that morphs with each person I meet. I'm smart. I'm creative. At least these are all things that people tell me. These people usually turn out to be liars, though.
What I’m doing with my life
I write, take dumb pictures, and paint. I've been in Portland almost four years after 12 years in LA. Might possibly be moving in 2017 but giving myself ample space to change my mind too.

if you wanna check out my writing, or just feel like violating my privacy, go to
I’m really good at
Being an unreliable narrator in my profile. The important stuff is true. Er, pretty much everything is true.
I'm good at being serious when you need me to be.
The first things people usually notice about me
My sense of humor? I don't know. I should start walking around asking people on the sidewalk "Hey, what did you just notice about me?" LOL, just kidding, no one walks in LA. Also, I didn't actually laugh out loud. (I just moved to PDX from LA, so this joke doesn't make sense anymore, but I'm keeping it here because I don't have anything better)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: anything by Dave Eggers, Michael Chabon, Chuck Palahniuk, David Sedaris, Arthur C Clarke, I have a soft spot for Stephen King (esp Dark Tower stuff), and just burned through the Hunger Games books for my book club. Oh, and cat calendars. I collect them.

Movies: Shawshank Redemption is prolly my favorite, the storytelling in that is just SO GOOD, but I'm also a fan of dystopian apocalypse movies: Children of Men, The Road. Also: Beginners. Magnolia. I like a lot of movies, and I think as long as you go into it with realistic expectations, you can enjoy a lot. I enjoyed "Me and You and Everyone We Know" as much as "Transformers 3". I'm not sure if I meant that sarcastically or not.

TV shows: 30 Rock, BSG, Fringe, The Walking Dead, GoT, Family Guy, any 'Trek, Simpsons. I love TV, but if I have a choice between watching what's on TV and spending time with friends, I'll choose the latter. Always. That's what DVRs are for.
Six things I could never do without
Oh geez, I should have studied up for this. Ok:

1) My iPone (I almost corrected that and then laughed about the idea of Apple making a really advanced cornbread)
2) I'm bored.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My next art project, be it set design, a painting, or exploring a medium I haven't before. I think what my next book will be about. I would like to say that I pick things to do that I'm afraid of, but that would not be true. I told you I was an unreliable narrator.

Lately, I think a lot about whether there is a controlling or influencing force in the universe. I don't know if I'd rather it be that, or just chaos.

I think of why it only let me pick "average" for body type, instead of "lumpy and misshapen". (I wonder why I'm single.)
On a typical Friday night I am
Curled up in the corner, rocking back and forth, crying softly, petting my cat.

No, I think I'm probably at my theater helping out, or maybe going out with friends, or maybe curled up reading a book.

I'm not saying I occasionally drink box wine. But I'm not saying I don't. Later, you will remember this as "red flag #1".
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I was a child, I would order escargot if they were on the menu. And then I would eat them. And then I would take the shells home and name them.

One time I laughed so hard I snorted milk out of my nose...AND I WASN'T EVEN DRINKING MILK.

Also: if you have great legs, I'll most likely ignore your personality flaws.
You should message me if
If the only pic on your profile is a blurry, inaccurate selfie of you making a the front of the line!

If you can make me laugh. If you're emotionally available.

I'm open to long-distance. Anyone who thinks that chemistry grows on trees only within 5 miles of them is probably gonna have a long road ahead of him.

And if you have a beard, I probably already messaged you.
The two of us