51San Antonio, United States
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My self-summary
Grew up in Texas. Played college football. {Built like a Muscular Linebacker my whole life]) spent a lot of time on the practice team due to injuries and NCAA/ ROTC scholarship rules.
Took a commission as an Officer (Lieutenant) in the Army upon graduation from Texas A&M. I have been in the Army for over 27 years. Stationed in Germany, Italy, Argentina and Japan ( Iwate in Japan was named after a volcano we used to climb). Been to; first Gulf War, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq (x2), Afghanistan (x2) and a half dozen places just like them.
Got paid to jump out of planes, blow things up, and scuba dive. Sometimes at the same time. I once jumped in training with an Aussie Special forces Airborne unit unto the Great Barrier Reef with 2lbs of explosives, my Parachute over my Scuba tanks at night on a Drop Zone called "Shark"
What I’m doing with my life
Working on Phd. From Johns Hopkins in forensic anthropology. My Proctor has me working out of the UT Health Science Center.

Trying to stay in a good workout routine.

Keeping the weeds out of my vegetable garden.

Keeping my fruit orchard groomed.
I’m really good at
Going to the gym to work out.

Being Retired!
The first things people usually notice about me
Chest, Arms

(My Good Friends know all my stories.
My Best Friends lived them with me)!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Love to read, eat, watch movies and listen to music! Sometimes all at once!

Book; Sun Tzu, the Art of War

Movie; Princess Bride

Show; Big Bang Theory

Song; Garth Brooks, The Dance

Food; Asian
Six things I could never do without
As long as we are talking about things and not people

Air, water, sunlight, food, Thumbs, eyes,
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I think it's odd more Americans were killed on the streets of Chicago from 2009-2016 then American Soldiers in Iraq from 2003-2011, but liberals are more enraged about soldiers dying than Black kids. The Hypocrisy!!!

I didn't fight like a dog in combat to have Wimps in this country tell me I need to be Politically correct.

When Anarchy coalesced by Mass migration, Pandemic Disease, Catastrophic Natural Diaster (i.e. Earthquake followed by tsunami), and Economic Chaos hits California. I hope that the police and National Guardmen take a knee at the doorstep of Colin Kaepernick's house.

I wonder if the grown men who check out my teenage daughters (like they are a piece of meat) know my profession in the Army was killing.

I think about the two teenage boys in late 1979 who we're driving drunk and thought it would be funny to hit a baby calf on a FM (Farm to Market Road) in front of our ranch. The driver lost control (after they killed the calf) and ran into a tree and fence. Totaled the vehicle and the passenger kid broke his neck. Their father tried to sue my Dad for the Ranch. Apparently their lawyer was asleep the day they taught Law at Law school. Domestic farm animals have the right away on FM (Farm to Market) roads in Texas. Dad countersued. To this day I still collect about $1,000 a month of rent from a house they owned. Stupidity has a price. BTW my Dad was a lawyer, a wounded WWII veteran and Rancher. The biggest mistake people made with my father is that they mistook his kindness for weakness.

Is the Declaration of Independence Written on Hemp?

I think about the millions and millions of Democrats who voted for Trump in the early primaries. The Democratic Party urged Democratic voters to cross over and vote for Trump in the primaries, because They needed a Republican to knock out Rubio and Cruz. The only two republicans that polled to beat Hilary. Trump was more flawed then Hillary and had more negatives. What's that line from Forest Gump "Stupid as Stupid does!" Democrats have no right calling Trump stupid.

I think about why 15% of women in the United States are taking prescription pills for mental problems. That means that 85% are not taking theirs!! Lol

Why do redheads marry other redheads or for that matter why do redheads marry blonds? Are they trying to create a breed of humans allergic to the sun. Maybe a mole generation that lives underground and will take over the world when the sun burns out? They need to find a hispanic or African American to procreate with.

I think if there are 2.5 billion whites, 2.5 billion blacks and 2.5 billion Asians in the world according to the UN world census. There are only three races in the world, why does the United States have a sub classification of Hispanic. Hispanics, Arabs, Persians, Native Americans and those from India are in that 2.5b white. Why does the United States continue to divide ethnic groups under distinct, different classification. Why is it when 26% of the Hispanic population marry's Whites, Asians, and Blacks why are the children still considered in the classification of hispanic? Over half the Hispanics in the United States look like Cameron Diaz, Emilio Esteves, Shawn Mendes, Julio Iglesias, Pit Bull, Sofia Vigara, Tony Romo, Ted Cruz, Alejandro Villanueva, my daughters (who have blond hair, blue eyes, but lived with their mom during 2010 census), etc, etc,. As of 2010, 50.5 million or 16.3% of Americans identified by the US government as Hispanic or Latino. Of those, 26.7 million, or 53%, identified THEMSELVES as white and 15%Black. Of the remaining 32% less than 1/3 speak, read, write in Spanish and are convinced by U.S government that they are a separate race. U.S government needs a divided America for political reasons to survive, Not a United one. Can't we all just be Americans if we live in the United States? Why does the United States government need to set up sub-classes of people like they do in India? Does the U.S just want to discriminate against dark skin Hispanics? This type of false narrative by the United States government adds to the ethnic and racial division in this country. When Trump garners 30% of the Hispanic vote, and 70% of the white hispanic vote (this later group is not asked or counted because election officials profile only dark skinned hispanics for post vote poll questions) it is a wash in any election. I know in 2040 Hispanics will be the "majority minority", but what does that mean?

I Think I do not have a problem with the 75% of illegals in this country that want to cut our yard, cut our hair, cut our taxes, and cut our diamonds. I have a problem with the 25% of illegals that are here to cut our throats. Almost 25% of those that come across the Southwest border of the United States illegally, or overstay their Visas come from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, China, and other countries who wish us harm. That is according to A 2016 US Customs Report on illegal OTH's. It equates to about 2,000,000 (OTH=Other than Hispanic)

Why do African Americans drink and advertise for Miller beer? For over 100 years 1885-1995 it was based out of Johannesburg South Africa from SABMiller Inc which funded Apartheid.

ISIS are Sunni muslims and former military in Iraq that lost power when Saddam Hussein was taking down. Imagine you are a Sunni soldier in Post Saddam Military and one day told to go home with 500,000 other sunni soldiers that you were no longer needed in the rebuilding of Iraq and by the way you're not getting any pension or severance pay. When you got home you realized that the new Shia Iraq government is committing ethnic cleansing and genocide against your people, religion and culture. So you take off your uniform put on civilian clothes and become a "freedom fighter". So we had to fight all these "bad boys" and the new generations of fighters we are seeing now that they were trained in the back alleys and On the Job training at night on roadsides. All because the United States made bad foreign-policy decisions. US government likes to use words like "de-Nazification" "radical Islamic terrorist" (republicans) and "JV team" (democrats) to describe them. The US government has not won a war since World War II. That's because we can never properly identify the enemy. We should call ISIS; " Revolutionary Militia" so we know how to defeat them. The reason why we don't call them revolutionary militias because it sounds too familiar with colonial revolutionary militia in 1776 in this country.

I think Islam is not at war with Christianity. They are at war with technology. Cell phones and the Internet are slowly eroding away all cultures, families and religions. Muslims are just more angry about it then Christians, because Christianity is over 800 years older then Islam, and Christianity had an opportunity to slip in the book of "Genesis" when it saw a population becoming more educated. Islam has never had that opportunity because of the rapid succession of technology. This is why they feel their religion is under attack. We call it freedom of speech when somebody makes a cartoon character out of Mohammed. They see it as blasphemy!

I think about how the worlds population will double in 50-60 years (but not in Europe and the Americas). I also think about how Climate Change will triple the amount of non-farmable land in arid countries and how freshwater will decrease to half of what it is today. Hundreds of millions will be uprooted. Immigrating to cool climates will be a full-time job for 5 billion of the 10 Billion people on the planet. Example; 20 years ago the Gobi desert was 250 miles away from Beijing, today it is less than 65 miles away from Beijing. Both are moving towards each other at an explosive rate. Invest in camels.

Why is it that the Native Americans on the West Coast have both Asian and Arabic DNA while the Native Americans on the East Coast have DNA originating from France?
I know that the ones on the West Coast came over the Siberian ice bridge and the ones on the East Coast came on small boats, Island hopping almost 4000 years after the ones arrived on the West Coast and about 3000 years before pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. I guess I am confused about the word Native American that throws me off. Also it explains how the Native Americans on the East Coast were better able to assimilate with the French then the British in the French Indian wars. French was easier on their tongues.

I think the five-year-old Cuban boy Eliano Gonzalez is to blame for the Iraq war. Had Bill Clinton not gone in with such force to extract that little boy from his external family the Cubans in Florida would have never overwhelmingly voted for George Bush in the following year. President Gore would've never come to the conclusion to invade Iraq. Afghanistan yes, Iraq no. Bush used the excuse of weapons of mass destruction to get us in that war. The real reason George W Bush Jr wanted to go in to Iraq was revenge, because Saddam tried to have George Bush Sr assassinated in Kuwait in 1992 when George Sr went to receive elations and adulation for the victory in the 1st Gulf War. Bush Jr won Florida by 532 votes thus winning the electoral vote and the presidency. When I was in Iraq in a remote desert of Gartan. I was the honored guest of a Sunni Shek for that region for Ramadan. In the political room (after the "goat grab") to discuss politics (males only). One minor Shek was very angry over the Weapons of Mass Destruction issue, and invading Iraq over that issue. A very heated discussion proceeded with all the cousins and minor Sheks of the Host. Fearing I was about to be beheaded I told my interpreter to "say exactly what I'm about to say Word for Word if he wanted to get out of there alive. I looked at the Major Shek (Host) and explained that The reason we were in Iraq was not because of WMDs (that was a distraction for the American people) it is because your Leader Saddam Hussein tried to kill my Leaders father in Kuwait with assassins in 1992". He took a puff from his hookah pipe and said "this is a good reason for War". I knew from my anthropology classes that "Honor thy Family" is a code all Iraq people live by. That was some throwdown, off-the-cuff logic right there. I left that Manson in the Desert with my head and about 20 new allies who had over 1 million males working for them. Who we later used as a small army to defeat Al Qaeda in Iraq. You can blame my anthropology professor and my history professors (forcing me to read Lawrence of Arabia, The Jungle, and all the other non-fiction classics ) for me surviving that night.

Why do men keep looking for the perfect Barbie? I guess I never played with dolls, So I don't get the fascination! I was too busy fighting with my brothers, shooting guns, and riding my horse at high rates of speed, to be raised as a metrosexual.

I think about how the "Underground Railroad" helped black slaves escape from their southern masters. How they fed them and armed them with rifles to protect themselves on their journey North. After the Civil War the Underground Railroad thru metamorphosis to the NRA in 1871, (the National Rifle Association).

I think about if 6 million Jews would've had weapons to fight Nazis at every turn during the "round up process", WWII would have never happened. A Nazis coming to your door to take you away shoot him in the face. A Nazi marching you in the line to go to the gas chamber, Bum Rush and shank. There would have been one less Nazis the Allies would have had to fight. Now multiply 1 x 6,000,000.

The bottom line is the day the government rounds up your guns or your neighbors guns, is the day they take your freedom. The Government can do anything they want to any group they want to do it to.

If Liberal Christians, Jews, atheist, homosexuals, agnostics, Women (who like to drive cars, put make up on, and wear jeans), schoolgirls, property owners, and celebrities don't wake up and push back against those who say "if you don't take Muslims into the USA your anti-American". You will have the same fate or your children will Live that fate as the Jews in World War II did. I think it is Ironic that Liberals want to protect this ultra conservative group (It's like in the movie "Independence Day" and those Idiots on top of the buildings with welcome signs [in this case would like to see all women as property and in a burqa]) while conservatives in this country push back against their entry. Throughout it's 1,200 year history Islam has used the sword mixed with mass migration to push forward it's agenda. Mohammed was a General in the army of Medina before he was a Prophet. The first thing he did when he pushed the army of Medina into Mecca was to kill all the Jews and Christians and not the pagan masses of Mecca who declared war on him. The Koran reads like a playbook for military strategy, especially in the chapters "Jonah", "The Cow", and "The Cave". They use ignorance and don't believe in too much education. It's about control, submission and obedience. Conservatives in USA will do well in a world ran by Islam. Muslim real intention is to set the world clock back 826 years. (Islam came into existence 826 AD) So good luck LGBTQ.

Homosexuality is a crime throughout Islam. In my travels to Afghanistan, Iraq and throughout the Middle East 90% of the men have had sex with other men. The "Pitcher" (Top) does not consider himself Bi or a homosexual. He considers himself powerful over men. Which in Islamic terms are the only beings that matter. It is not about homosexual sex. The "Catcher" (Bottom) in Islam is considered a homosexual. The mass murderer in the Orlando nightclub massacre had a mental issue (identity crisis) and considered himself a "Pitcher" not a homosexual. He considered all those young men he killed as homosexuals. This was an act of terror most certainly and also a identity crisis that Islam will have to deal with.

I think about all the hellholes I have been deployed to and realize Skinny, weak, arrogant, short, anti-gun, loudmouth people should not provoke social change In the anarchy phase of a revolution, they are the first to go. Teachers and lawyers don't have long life expectancy's either. Example; Pol Pot in Cambodia, Austin in Grenada and the warlords in Somalia.

With Gay marriage comes Gay divorce! Recently in Washington state a male couple went in front of the court to get a divorce, they had adopted children. The judge gave the children to the man who was more financially capable of taking care of the children. The new Supreme Court ruling allowing homosexual marriages has ended gender bias in the court rooms. On behalf of all divorced Straight financially secure Men, we thank you LGBTQ

I think about how crime dropped significantly 18 to 25 years after Roe v Wade made having abortion legal! I predict crime will drop significantly again 18 to 25 years after Obama Care is fully implemented. This time around the federal government (taxpayers) is paying for birth control and abortions so the little, Poor, unwanted, unloved thug bastards won't be Born, in order to cause Chaos on the streets in 18 to 25 years.

There was a Romanian Dictator in the 1970's that abolished all abortions during his rule. He was killed 25 December (Christmas) 1989, 18 years to the day after he made that decree. The dictator was ordered to be shot in a firing squad by 4 starving 17-19 year old street urchins. All 4 shooters would have been aborted! Karma is a Bitch!! (see Romanias violent revolution of 1989)

I think about how strawberries, apples, soybeans, spinach and wheat can absorb up to 90% of pesticides sprayed on them while in the field. I then start wondering how much aluminum and BPH is leached into these two food groups during processing. We then listen to Vegans explain how they got their cancer from when they ate beef. I believe they are "High" on Deets! Go Paleo! The founder of the Vegan society died at age 65 of a heart attack, while the founder of Wendy's Dave Thomas died at 69 of a heart attack. The key is they both lacked Omega 3s found in Fish. Good luck Vegans

I think humans need a license to raise pets. If you chain, fight, whip or abandon your pet, trial is waived and you go straight to jail or shot.

Why is it in mythology that Count Dracula is frightened by Christianity or a Cross? When in historical fact the real Count Vladimir "The Impaler" Dracul did more to save Christianity then any man in history when his army defeated 10,000 Muslim Turks in Transylvania. He did put their bodies on stakes, drank their blood, put tons of Garlic in his dungeon to kill the smell, and keep Bat's out, but that was because he was crazy not because he wasn't a good Christian. Another situation where fact is better than fiction.

I think if you change your name from Barry to Barrack you would take the time to change your Muslim middle name Hussein when converting to Christianity 28 years ago? All Christians in the Middle East will tell you, "no Christian name their children Hussein", because it comes from the name of the Prophet Mohammed. The reason people in the Middle East hate Obama is because he is the worst of all infidals; A Muslim convert to Christianity. "Wa la" ISIS. Islam is a spin on Christianity. Both religions came from the Divided House of Abraham with one House of Issac and one House of Ismael. Where Islam has a problem is they see Christians as polytheistic (not monotheism) with the belief in God and Jesus.

Who are these "Birther" idiots? I do not care where Barack Obama, John McCain or Ted Cruz were born. Their Mama's were American citizen and that's all the constitution says is a requirement. Where ever a US Female citizen is, is sovereign. Trump, let me break it down for you. If an American woman who is married to a US member of the military and that woman has a child in Germany, Japan or any other foreign country that child is an American citizen, and can be President. Saying anything else is an insult to those who served. Trump Logic states that, that child could never be president?

I think about all the poor countries I've been to, and I will say that the USA has some of the fattest poor people in the world.

I think about the people immigrating to the USA from socialist countries. When they establish themselves in the USA, they turn around and want to change our country to socialism. They want the President to act as a Dictator. Don't they realize that their country failed because of socialist Dictators? Didn't the Nazis and the Soviet union show how Socialism doesn't work. What makes this country great is hard work, less government and the idea that one day you can be your own boss. In socialist countries everybody shares the pain of poverty with no Freedoms. There is no initiative to become better! Example Puerto Rico, Haiti, Venezuela. And these are just a few.

Is Earth another planets Hell?

Statistically; 1 in 5 women believe that spanking a child with your hand on the butt is child abuse. If you're that 1 person do not contact me. We will not get along! I do not want to deal with your Drama. (yes spanking your child is legal in Texas) I don't spank much. But I would if I had to. My children do push-ups followed by flutter kicks followed by mountain climbers. If they still want to sound off after that (which they don't) we start the process again. It is the fear of getting spanked that would start the physical fitness cycle again

I believe if you do drugs, smoke, are over 35% BMI, have over 10 tattoos and body piercings you should pay for your own Health care. It's only fair. You seem to be able to afford everything else. I like Tats BTW

Why do women say that they would like to find a Good man who is Smart, Romantic, Handsome, has money, and can make them laugh. When their brains are hardwired by 20,000 years of evolution for situational events that occur with men who have a "Dark side" and are "Fixer Uppers".
ex Bestseller book.; Fifty Shades of Gray. And it's sequel brought in over a 100 million dollars. Female Porn like this outsells male porn 2 to 1. Apparently a Billionaire Playboy grabbing crouch doesn't bother a lot of women. Men have been trying to figure out women for a long time. I think we now have the key! Lol

I think about these young men who wear their pants around the crack of their ass. Please "Pull up your pants and put on a belt! It's got to be embarrassing when fat, out of shape cops with body armor and boots chase you down". I know they think it's cool to wear their pants this way, but it is mimicked after gay men in prison who were showing off their junk. In reality it also demonstrated these gay men had the AIDS virus and were losing weight and can no longer fit in their prison issued pants. Straight prisoners mimicked this routine because it kept the Big Bulls from raping them. Now it's cool having your drawers show! Only in America

It's funny, there's just enough Religion in this world to keep us in World Wars, But not enough Believers to keep us in World Peace. God does not = man made Religion.

I often think about what a Chinese army officer once said to me: "We do not fear your Military, we fear the 400 million weapons that the Americans have.

I think about the Second Amendment, and how it was NOT created for Hunters like some liberals think. It was created by the Framers of the Constitution to stop the British from stationing soldiers in Colonial homes. (Read 3rd Amendment). It was designed to stop a Tyrant in this country from taking power from the people. Now days substitute British for Chinese.

“God created men,” goes the famous frontier saying, “Colonel Colt made them equal.”
Think about that for second. In all the countries where guns are banned are all men equal? Are women equal in those societies?

Think about what it's like to go into Afghanistan or Iraq as a U.S soldier, you see the Native men slap women around because they didn’t wear a veil, burka or walk 2 paces behind them or some other BS. You know, guys like that have no manhood. So it’s a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them when you get a legal chance in combat. Actually it’s quite fun to fight them hand to hand, because they get to feel what is like to have a fist to face moment. You know, maybe I just like brawling with cowards.

While on patrol in Afghanistan in early 2003. We came across a group of men who were about ready to stone a woman in a Burka (widowed). I remember the look on the group leaders face when I told my interpreter to tell him that if one person throws a rock he Dies first. They all dropped the rocks and dispersed rapidly. Oh yeah.... the woman's crime; she stole bread to feed her children. My men all chipped in and gave her $100 (basically three months pay for the average Afghan) And made sure she got back to her tribe/clan without incident. Gave her and her children all the MREs (MealsReady toEat) we could spare. ( My Interpreter explained to me those men believed since she was widowed that she was their property and could deal with her any way they wanted according to Sharia Law. [Women are considered property in over half the countries in the world]) The reason I think about this often is because this type of event happened all the time in the early stages of Afghanistan and Iraq war. I was just thinking if that woman would rather have an American soldier with a gun pointed in the face of Evil or a feminist with a banner protesting in front of the White House? My point is American soldiers with guns do more for human rights and women's rights in 1 day then any human rights or feminist organizations do in 10 years.

When I hear somebody sigh, ‘Life is hard,’ I am always tempted to ask, ‘Compared to what?

The Republican Party was established as an Abolitionist party to help free slaves. Today very few blacks vote Republican.

Why was Martin Luther King a Republican?... Oh Yeah; because Democrats were the party of the KKK.

Why was Abraham Lincoln a Republican.... Oh yeah because the Democrats were the party of
Socialism (democrats use social welfare programs to gain votes, this obligating a large swath of the population to the government. Thus killing Free Will, initiative and respect, and has a lot of young people disenfranchised. They lose their individual drive. They join gangs in order to establish their individual worth, identity and sense of belonging. This has them fighting for the scraps of human depravity associated with drugs.
Example: When LBJ started the majority of these Social Welfare programs 50 years ago African-Americans were 40% of the population today they are 13%. A lot of the Socialist programs drove the fathers out of the families, mothers into abortion clinics/depression, and kids into gangs and prisons.

The founder of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger was the Daughter of a KKK member. She first started the "Negro Project". She wanted to sterilize Black Women. Called them the "Undesirable Human Weeds". With the help of liberal Democrats she disproportionately established clinics in poor black neighborhoods with government funding. Today black women are only 7% of the population. But they account for 40% of the abortions. Hispanic women are 9% of the population an account for 30% of the abortions. Asian and Native American women are 5% of the population and account for 10% of the abortions. White women are 30% of the population and account for 20% of the abortions. The founder did what the KKK failed to do. I wonder if America thinks that social engineering is the right thing to do? I think it is a breakdown of the moral fabric of America.

I think about those Brave radical Republicans in Congress in 1864 who passed the 13th (abolishing slavery ) and the 14th (human rights) Amendments. It's those Brave Republicans that conserve the 2nd Amendment to protect all the amendments.. The government should always fear the people not the other way around. (the right to bear arms was a Liberal idea in itself back in the day! it scared the hell out of Kings, Tyrants, and Dictators) "Go Abe go Thaddeus".

Governor Wallace was a Democrat who blocked the doors in protest to stop black students from attending the University of Alabama. Democrats also tried to block the "Civil rights Act of 1964".

Is Disney just for kids?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I can easily be bribed with puppies.

I came in 222rd in the Marine Corps Marathon in 1989. I started the race weighing 222 lbs. And finished Weight 214 pounds (Marine Corps birthday age [ reason for marathon was 14th annual] that year was 214) my number for the race was 22214

(When did 1/2 Marathon become a thing? Until you shit yourself and hit a wall at mile 18 and stop sweating at mile 25 when your nipples/balls are rubbed raw, You need to shut up forever about your 1/2 Marathon). The Marathon is set in history. A wounded Pheidippides didn't run 13.2 miles at the Battle of Marathon, he ran 26 before collapsing only after delivering the message of Victory with his last breath of air.

I stopped being a Dallas Cowboys fan when Jerry Jones fired Tom Landry, but since the "Triplets" (Aikman, Smith, and Irvin) were drafted by Landry my true "Fanaticism" didn't end till the last of them retired. I have been a Texan fan every since 2002.

I like low-sodium, thin sliced bacon in the morning . I also have four organic eggs in the morning as well. I always eat fish for my evening meal.

I drink alcohol 3-4 times a year on occasions like New Year's, Fourth of July, memorial day.

My loathings are simple: stupidity, oppression, crime, cruelty, rap music

I hate rap. Not just the music but everything about it... the egos, objectification of women, the Hatred in the lyrics, flaunting of money and lack of character...Money can't buy Class!

I am a Fiscal Conservative (small government), Social Liberal (I don't care what you do in the privacy of your own home) some call that a libertarian, but I vote independent. I will vote for Democrats this election year. All the countries that I've been deployed to in combat were all failed socialist states. The Democrats are socialist in Progressive clothing. I want Americans who vote for Hillary to actually live in the hell known as socialism. Socialism looks Cool on paper and on college campuses were they hold Karl Marx, Mao and Stalin as heros, but it is a nightmare to feed your children. (Did you know in socialist countries like; Germany, Great Britain and France have all stopped having children. Germans, British, and French are now the minorities in their own country). The U.S government may sound like it cares, but it really won't. Medicaid, Obama Care or Medicare won't permit life extension technology. Standard barer for Socialist Medicine was the VA system. How many scandals and loss of life have taken place continuously in that system? The government wants you to die so you can get off the government "tit". Why do you think life expectancy has dropped at every level in society under the Democrat administrations? They don't want you to make it to the age of 67 to draw Social Security. They need you to die before then so they can use that money in a slush fund. The Democrats want to drive up the minimum wage to $15 an hour so it drives all these companies overseas or bankrupt. (You are what you say you are worth and government should never determine that. If you want a better paying job get an education). The government has never produced a damn thing. But those that vote for Hillary think she will save the country. So, you agnostic socialist Millennial's voting out of ignorance go ahead and do it I'm gonna vote with you just so you can live in hell while on earth. I have already had a good life and I will make sure that my children have a good life as well. So go ahead and tax the wealthy out of this country and see where your paycheck will come from. I predict that the US will look like Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia or Syria in 20 years. Especially if we continue to allow all these immigrants from socialist countries.

Until you witnessed a government killing its citizens because they're hunting for wood on government property, you don't know what socialism is. Kosovo 1997

I hope Democrats repeal the Hyde amendment. Then even those on Medicaid can get abortions. I do not think abortion should be used as a form of birth control, But I also have read the book Sun Tzu. Tzu States: "when the enemy is making a mistake do not try to correct them". (Only liberals, people who are promiscuous, and the Ignorant get abortions). A Great way to cull the Herd and stamp out those recessive Genes! At the same time, we have to have solid abortion laws in place before the massive flood of immigrants from open borders arrive to vote. In 20 years you will not recognize your country. Conservatives are tired of keeping the wolves at bay. BTW I was on a military base the other day at the commissary and half the soldiers I saw in uniform were pregnant and about a 1/3 of the men were Metrosexual and were a little light in the loafers. Good luck fighting the next war. I hope you feel safe. If not you better buy your gun now while you can. Oh and I don't mind pregnant women or metrosexuals,I just think if you're in the military you should be able to deploy in a moments notice.

I have met Ronald Reagan, George Bush Jr and Barack Obama. They have all thanked me, congratulated me, shook my hand. All have written letters of appreciation and wishes for success. This is what happens when you save at different times a bunch of clueless, sophisticated, idiot State Department folks on the battlefield.

American Millennial's remember this: radical Islam is not about terrorism, it is about anarchy/ dictator (Sunni Muslims) and socialism (Shia Muslims). Control, power and submission. With the distain that Democrats have for Christianity, evangelicals and Catholicism. So no matter which side wins agnostic socialist millineals learn these phrases, because they crossover to whichever Taranta (Tyrant) "cool government" is in charge "Alla Ocbar" God is good, "Enshala" as God wills it.
"Salam Milekam" God be with you and "Milekam Salam" go with God. You should be fine. Meanwhile Christian conservatives will be fighting to get back your freedom

My private believe is that World War II, Korean and Vietnam ( those who were killed in War/combat and veterans alive today) Vets would never have fought and died for this country had they known how Democrats could take the last bastion of free market economy and beacon of hope and would run it into the ground with their socialist ways.

During the 12th century some Spanish ships were sunk off the Irish coast by the British. Some Irish towns hid the Spanish Blacks (Moors) from the British. My 12th great-grandfather was one of those men. I have white skin and green eyes, but I am proud of my Black Irish heritage

I am suspicious of persons who size up a new situation very quickly, claims understanding, and stakes out an ironclad position. Insight usually requires long periods of discussion, research, analysis, rationalization, and counter argument and it rarely arrives while attacking a matter directly or on the first pass. If someone says that they are able to quickly understand a complex matter, They misunderstood or lying. Do not buy What they're selling and run, fast!

I replaced the word "Hope" in my vocabulary with Audacity when I deployed to combat zones. Hope is not a method and has no place on the battlefield.

I've been shot, stabbed, broke my neck and back. Have had trauma to the head so severe it stopped my breathing and heart. I'm not as fast as I once was, but who is? (Fast is so overrated). I can still walk on my own and go to the gym regularly I'm not telling you this to feel sorry for me. Please don't, I gave a lot more than I took!! It was/is my life and I wouldn't change a thing.

I have one pair each of Superman, Spiderman, Thor and Batman Boxers. Don't laugh until you see my Superman and Thor pose. When the Lightning is just right and there is Thunder in the background I look like A Clark Kent version of Thor! LOL You will think you're actually in 3-D version of the movies!

Had a book written about my unit and I in combat.
You should message me if
If you understand that throughout my profile I was using emotional intelligence to connect. Looking for a Sapiophile, so this helps to weed out those who are not. It should help you understand my morals and values. When looks fade away, this is what keeps relationships together. If you do not understand this please pass me by. Your a "roBot" and there will not be any connection between us.

You understand that all the things that I wrote about were distractions and categories while narrowing my topic for my PhD Dissertation I needed to write about in subtext so not to interfere with my train of thought.

For those of you who say I should write a book? You just read all the sub-thoughts that were going through my mind and didn't make it past the editing when I was Writing my Dissertation.

You understand that I love history and I am a cultural anthropologist. Basically I am a people watcher. I am a retired infantry Army colonel and hold Masters degrees in each of these areas of concentration. Soon I will have a PhD in Forensic Anthropology. With your blood type, DNA and a little knowledge of your social habits I know exactly how you live and how you will die. Think CSI How/why someone died.

You understand that you are given on average 28,000 days of life and you realize that you have had more yesterday's then tomorrow's and you want to spend the remaining days happy and blessed.

You understand this is a tiny snapshot of who I am. It's tough to put a personality into a Words.

You like to sleep under the stars. You like scars.

If you understand the phrase everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives.
Pain does not end the world. Nither does despair. The world ends when you're dead. Until then, you got more Love, happiness, life and punishment in store. Be Brave... and give some back. Learn to Live. Learn to have fun. "Either get busy living or get busy dying"!
The two of us