56 Englewood, United States
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My self-summary
I'm an undercover agent who routinely saves the world but yet is strangely prone to flights of fancy where I imagine I'm just an ordinary guy looking for a date along with the perfect cure for encroaching baldness.

I am quaffable, stupendous, and humble.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a freelance video producer, director and writer. It sounds much more impressive than it really is, though I do get to learn about amazing things that I might never have known otherwise. I recently made videos for a wonderful therapist who helps people make recoveries from some very traumatic events (who's funnier than any comedian I know), a funeral home director so fascinating and energetic that I'll invite him to my next barbecue, and turned an IT director into a talk show host. I've made marketing videos and commercials for tons of interesting companies, from equine therapy ranches to the Melting Pot Restaurant. I've also made a few cheesy movies and I’ve also written some books (non-fiction). I teach some night classes at a local college, and the "kids" keep me young and on my toes. I love to read, to cook, and I even clean up after myself (I loves me a cleaned kitchen!).
I’m really good at
Being clumsy, nerdism, running into things, cooking, verbal archery, and finding comedy just about anywhere. I make great Italian food, too!
The first things people usually notice about me
It depends how I enter the room. I guess my butt, if I walked in backward. Or my sexy big forehead, when I walk in forward.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Too many books to mention. Anything by John Green, Nick Hornby, Jonathan Tropper or David Sedaris. In the car I listen to books on CD, mostly mysteries like Michael Connelly, Lee Child, Craig Johnson, Robert Parker, and non-fiction like Simon Sinek and Malcom Gladwell.

Movies: again, too many faves to mention. My top fave is “Casablanca,” which has it's funny moments. “Monty Python” films, “Anchorman,” “40 Year Old Virgin,” “Airplane,” anything by Mel Brooks, etc. Currently the best stuff is on TV: I binged on a few seasons of "Breaking Bad," but also love "30 Rock," "Community," "How I Met Your Mother," "The Office," "Family Guy." I wish I had more time for TV. I haven't seen the one about zombies in an advertising agency during the 1960s (I may be confused here).

Music: Show tunes! Okay, kidding on that one. Is there country rap yet? I don’t like much new music unless it has great lyrics or lots of acoustic guitars (I play so I appreciate a nice guitar song).

Food: I love to cook, it’s my hobby, and going to farmer's markets and ethnic food markets is my idea of a good time! So glad Trader Joe's is here! I love Asian, Indian (okay, that’s technically Asia, but c’mon), Italian, Latin, and Greek.

I say I'm a vegan who eats fish, so I guess that makes me pescatarian, but that sounds like a religion so I don't say that. I don't each sugar or gluten so I'm a blast at restaurants.

Fitness: not a gym rat but I like to stay healthy. Hikes, mountain biking, and I've discovered yoga and LOVE it! I fall over trying to do the crow pose but I'll eventually get it.
The six things I could never do without
Mountain bike
A gas stove (electric stoves SUCK)
Good scotch
My imagination
Much more chocolate
My inability to do math
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My writing. Whether it’s a screenplay or a book, I think about it – then I write it. And, of course, I think about why cats have names. And the future. Because if we've learned anything at all from "Plan Nine From Outer Space" -- "THE FUTURE IS WHERE WE'LL SPEND THE REST OF OUR LIVES."
On a typical Friday night I am
I've come to enjoy taking time off to be with friends or just work on my music. I work in TV so I don't watch much of it.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I leave the toilet seat down. Yes, I'm housebroken.
You should message me if
You like men... you are single, meaning that you are completely OUT of your previous relationship (I understand about dealing with exes but only in terms of the kids)... please no women who are "in the process of being divorced" (you're either divorced or not); you like to laugh and don't take things too seriously... you keep yourself in good shape (if you're "a little extra" or "curvy" I won't be interested)... you like to do some outdoorsy things... and if you'll let me cook for you.

Please note: I'm looking for a relationship here; if you want to date a bunch of people at one time, I'm not for you.

Also... I'm not a sports fan though I understand many women are, I'm just not into watching sports (I'd rather play them).

Religion: I have friends of many faiths and I respect them all. I just don't want to date anyone who's "very serious" about any particular faith. I'm more or less an atheist who wants to leave the door open for just a hint of spirituality, but nothing organized.