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My self-summary
"I came here for an argument!"
"I'm sorry, this is abuse!"

~ENTP~ seems about right.

It's almost impossibly to say anything truly meaningful about myself, or any person, as people are really more vibrant and dynamic than we give ourselves credit for. Still, I suppose I must supply some facts and opinions! My name is Dave and I'm a recent college grad. Again. I went to university twice, both times in Indiana, my home state. My first degree was in Philosophy from ISU in Terre Haute, this most recent one was from IU in Economics. Notice how those two subjects are fairly divergent, and that's a reflection on my personality. I am a bright guy with lots of interests. I've taken several "big", committed shots at relationships, and it has been a learning process, filled with joy and pain.

I like to be silly. I neither look not act my age. I have a great sense of humor, love to laugh and joke. If I'm not laughing, singing, or being silly, I must be wrestling some huge idea, or arguing about politics, religion, culture, sex, or most of the other subjects your parents warned you never to bring up. I usually get along well with people -- whether we agree or disagree on those issues. It would be impossible to exhaustively list my many passions and interests -- I'm something of an autodidact and one hell of a Trivial Pursuit team mate.

I'd like to make a bunch of new friends, and I feel male-female platonic friendship is great -- once both parties are in rewarding and committed relationships! As far as someone special, romance wise, I am looking for a woman who has a good sense of humor and can also hold her end of a serious conversation with conviction, wit, and intelligence. One who isn't terribly hard on herself or others (judgemental people, who look down on everyone and feel entitled to special treatment from the cosmos really push my buttons). In short, a warmhearted, rational, beautiful person. I'm looking for the kind of woman who brings out the best in me, who compliments my natural inclinations, appreciates my strengths, encourages me to overcome my weaknesses, or helps me to remember that thinking of the world in terms of strengths and weaknesses gets you nowhere.

Lets have some tea. :)

More about me, you say? Ok, well, I am deeply concerned with sustainable economic conditions and social stability, progress, and prosperity. For example, the idea that "growth" in economics is the "goal" and that this can go on indefinitely, given finite space and resources, still has yet to be successfully defended by the many people (Dr's in Economics) that I have brought the question to. It's why I went on to study economics -- that and to find a job! That didn't work out (the 08 recession decimated job prospects for econ grads) so I decided to roll with something a little ♫ closer to the heart -- organic farming, permaculture, and entrepreneurialism. I'm currently a "lowly farmhand" at Equinox Community Farm, a Community Supported Agriculture (or CSA) farm outside Madison. Next year, my business partners and I are on schedule (financially) to found our own farm with an eye on permaculture, organic methods and also natural building (cob, straw bale). Right now my life is busy, exciting and fulfilling. I'm happier with the change to farming than I have been in a long time. I'm looking for someone to share the happy Dave with.

I love to write, I have two books I'm playing with, as hobbies, and I've contemplated giving my natural tendency to write up political rants a more formal blog like structure. What do you think, should I start a politics / culture / current events blog? Does the world really need another? Some part of me says it's an exercise in vanity. If I do that, I'll link it here.

I love education, science, technology, globalization, capitalism, and yet simultaneously: sustainable living, individual autonomy, libertarianism and simplicity. Contemplate the seeming contradictions. I hold a lot of very nuanced positions and beliefs, politically, spiritually, culturally and interpersonally. I consciously try to leave my friendships, and by extension the world, a little better than I found it. I am open-minded (sometimes to a fault), happy to be proven wrong or investigate a different paradigm than my own, and while tending toward diplomacy and tact in disagreements (if I choose to engage in one at all -- 70% are worthless pissing matches just waiting to escalate into something worse) I have very little sense of respect for unexamined tradition or propriety and try not to be overly concerned with the opinions of others in terms of letting them influence my self-esteem or emotions. All this might give the impression that I go around arguing all the time, which isn't the case -- I got over that long ago. :)

Politics: Libertarian / Classical Liberal, (i.e. social liberal / fiscal conservative) with lots of nuance, and even a few blatant heresies. I think government isn't the best or only answer to a problem. People are smarter, kinder, and more resourceful than the government wants to give us credit for (it's in their interest to make us all think we're helpless and they can solve all our problems, after all). On the other hand, corporations and the forces of the market are not benevolent -- I believe a free people must check the expansion of both corporate and government power (often expanding in tandem) in order to remain genuinely free.

Fitness: I'm not where I want to be, but I'm always working on it. My best friends own and operate a Crossfit gym that's opening in March, so I've been onramping because, whew, that stuff is intense. Not familiar with Crossfit? It's full body, functional stuff, and it's pretty incredible. Someone who also likes to exercise would be a plus! Drag my lazy butt to the lakes, take me on hikes! What's over that hill? It's all an adventure to me!

Books: I read a lot, both as part of my education (which didn't stop when school did, shame on you if yours did!) and for pure enjoyment. I like fiction and non fiction. Harry Potter. Ender's Game. Song of Ice and Fire... It's a laundry list, maybe I should just include the subjects of interest? Economics. Philosophy. Religion. History. Fantasy. Sci-Fi. Wikipedia! When I was a kid, I would read my grandmother's old Encyclopedia Britanica's, now it's much the same, only its Wikipedia. I just love to learn things! I love good book recommendations, and am looking into joining a book club.

Religion: I am a practising Zen Buddhist, and if you are not familiar with what that might entail (no shame in that, its relatively rare), I'd be happy to tell you all about it in a medium where I don't need to type a medium-length essay. I don't "worship Buddha", perform rituals, chant, or go into trances (some people, I swear...). I am also equally comfortable with the labels secular humanist, agnostic, or even atheist (interestingly, the latter two are not necessarily mutually exclusive.) I do not believe God exists (in the traditionally understood Judeo-Christian sense). I have studied the world's religions a lot, past and present, and genuinely enjoy doing so, but I do not believe in their dogmas or tenets. I know this may be a problem for some people. For others, the shoe might be on the other foot. I have many family and friends who are Christian and other varieties of Theists, so I am not in principle opposed to dating someone on this grounds -- but it would certainly take a very open-minded and liberal Christian to get on well with me without occasionally having her feathers ruffled.

Music: I love music of a wide variety.
Some stand-out favorites might be Tool, Foo Fighters, Fiona Apple, Disturbed, Neil Young, Ray LaMontagne, Sting, Yellowcard, Dishwalla, and on and on. I dislike only rap, some pop and hiphop, and some country/gospel. I enjoy some country, but seldom seek it out.

Food: Who doesn't love food? I am a pretty "good" eater, in that I like a wide variety of foods and love to try new foods. That said, I don't eat mammals under most conditions. Was it raised in a CAFO, mass produced in a factory model -- no thanks. Don't worry, I'm not interested in converting anyone or judging your eating choices, but it's not for me. I love to cook and bake, especially with friends and especially love tough new "project" meals.

tl;dr: I love talking and thinking about: education, science, technology, globalization, capitalism, sustainable living, gardening, individual autonomy, libertarianism and simplicity, philosophy, history, religion (specifically Buddhism and Christianity,) secularism,humanism, politics, entrepreneurialism, economics, environmentalism, health, fitness, exercising, and lots more. Anyone interested and able to hold a conversation in several of these topics would be much appreciated and admired.
What I’m doing with my life
Living as best I can in the moment, with attentiveness and mindfulness. Planning all kinds of farm projects and natural building projects. Being an entrepreneur is exhausting, and a farmer moreso.
I’m really good at
making people laugh.
making people think.
encouraging people.
giving advice.
focusing on what matters.
keeping things in perspective.
investing money.
coming up with cool ideas.
explaining things to people.
The first things people usually notice about me
My amazing hair! (No seriously, I have no idea.) You tell me?
Six things I could never do without
the human touch.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Philosophy, history, religion (specifically Buddhism and Christianity,) secularism, science, humanism, politics, entrepreneurialism, economics, environmentalism, health, fitness, exercising.

To focus more, I like to study religions comparatively, and thinking about the effects of faith on culture is very interesting to me.

I also love to consider philosophies, especially those that deal with the valuation of human life like stoicism, existentialism, utilitarianism, i.e. Eudaemonics, for the Greek nerds in the room.

I also spend a lot of time thinking about social justice, the role of government in our lives, economics and the politics that touch all our lives.

How I'm ever going to pay off that bitch Sallie.
On a typical Friday night I am
Since moving to Madison, most of my Friday nights are filled with friends and merriment in what we call "Game Night." [Yes, it deserves to be a proper noun!] It's a huge board game extravaganza and after the work week, we all sort of live for it! We play Catan, Arkham Horror, Carcassonne, Dominion, Game of Thrones LCG, Balderdash and notably hilarious Cards Against Humanity. You will belly-laugh until your face and abs cramp (and maybe pee a little) playing Cards Against with me and my friends! So you've been warned.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I suffer from, and undergo ongoing treatment for, depression. I've been in something of a remission for a year now, but periodic melancholy is not uncommon. I don't see any reason to hide this aspect of my personality, and besides, the best cure is good company.
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