31Bloomington, United States
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My self-summary
You know, I should update this some day. Maybe. I made this years ago. I'm in school to be a space lawyer now so that's my main commitment for the next many years. Below this is the profile I wrote years ago.

People love to make assumptions about me. I love to surprise them. I've worked very hard to become a person that I really like, and I don't fit into many stereotypes. I'm a fish swimming upstream. I'm a soul searcher who makes my own way in life and I value individualism and finding the truth out for myself. I'm the type that comes to the fork in the road, and might just sit down and have a picnic if I don't have anywhere to be. I smell the flowers, and I think about things that I don't need to think about. I see things most people don't see. Not in the schizophrenic way, haha! I just pick up on patterns and idiosyncrasies that most people don't realize they are ignoring. Patience is absolutely a virtue and the tortoise wins the race. The softest substance will eventually overcome the hardest, as my Tai Chi teacher explained to me. Life is about growth and change and beauty, you must be ready for it. I have had a lot of unique experiences, but I choose to learn and to be a positive person. They have given me a strength and insight that I am very thankful for. I'm open minded but logical. I just try to take life as it comes, and make a witty joke if I can.

I used to play a lot of video games, and party a lot but I barely do either anymore. I'm more focused on work now than I have ever been. I have lived a lot of different ways, and worked probably a hundred different jobs. I have been a model, a very well paid credit card marketer, a lumberjack (ok more like assistant park manager, but we liked to call ourselves lumberjacks), quality control inspector for a majority of the nation's cream corn supply, everything in a restaurant, metal recycling, demolition assistant, and successfully self-sustained unemployed by being a driver for hire, bargain hunter and reseller, running and promoting parties and music shows, etc. Not to mention countless other, far less interesting positions as a temporary worker when times were tough and I needed to get the bills paid. Now I have a decent setup at a job I enjoy and get paid pretty well for. I would like to make enough good investments that I don't have to "work" anymore, but just spend my time on whatever projects I want to be involved in, mostly music.
What I’m doing with my life
Staying up way too late. Paying bills, playing the drums, looking for inspiration, being a band manager, and trying to figure out how to beat the system.
I’m really good at
Living outside the box. Defying expectations. Being an honest and forthright human being. Rolling with the punches.
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair, my eyes, sense of humor, or being that guy from that band (even if its not the band I'm in)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like a lot of different music. To illustrate the diversity I am talking about, my favorite bands are Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, Phil Ochs, and Death. I like Black Sabbath, Three Six Mafia, Cream, iwrestledabearonce, Devo, Immortal Technique, Pet Shop Boys, and Woodie Guthrie. I will usually like anything artistic or interesting, not a top 40 fan much though sometimes a decent tune makes it up there.

I read a decent amount, but usually more random articles about science or current events than books. I tend to accumulate a lot of random knowledge. I have read books before though.

I love food. I love to cook. I like Chinese, Italian, and Mexican and I like to try interesting unusual things too.
Six things I could never do without
I'm not too prissy. Air, water, food, hope, freedom, and I guess my hair. I'm pretty attached.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Anything and everything. Time travel, music, contingency plans in case of zombie apocalypse or other more mundane situations, philosophy, what I'm going to do when I get rich and how I'm going to do it, and the human condition.
On a typical Friday night I am
Either working or hanging out.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't have a lot of secrets, I'm a pretty open person. So if you're wondering, just ask.
You should message me if
You're not the type of person so shortsighted to think you can judge a person by a few pictures and words on a page but are enticed at all and want to know more. If you don't play games, because I don't. If you want a real guy to take you on a date, or just hang out. If you're not insane in the 'not fun' kind of way. I'm pretty nice and very honest, so there's no harm in asking if you want to know, or just saying hi if you want to chat. Holler!
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