36 Chicago, United States
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My self-summary
What I’m doing with my life
Always something new. Mixology school, first successful takeoff & landing, sailing, introductory Italian, Art History 101, swimming, yoga (love you, Moksha) . . . I love learning, academic and experiential. Most recent: History of Interior Design (auditor) & a course in Semiotics.

In my not-so-free time I'm employed in higher ed, which I highly recommend for the tuition benefits (but not so much the other compensation :) .
I’m really good at
Giving thoughtful presents & the perfect card.

Cultivating new interests (when I dive in, I go deep--sometimes "research" deep).

Strategizing/planning (details, details, details . . . I'm good at getting you in line).

Cuddling (don't message me if you are not advanced at snuggling).

Expressing myself in print (not making much of a case for myself here, I realize, but not interested in posturing as super 'quippy & cool'--feels a bit unapproachable to me).

Conversation. I find everyone interesting (note to poseurs & ego maniacs: you are fascinating, but I'll only read about you ;) .

Matchmaking: books & the people who will love them.


Loving and appreciating the people in my life; told I'm quite a good friend.

Overusing parentheses (and no longer feeling self-conscious about it).
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm not such a big person. But don't dare call me 'little'. In my mind's eye, I'm just as big as you are . . . unless you're 6 foot or above - you people do seem kinda tall up close.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Some books that live with me for convenient revisiting: The Sailor from Gibraltar (M. Duras); The English Patient (M. Ondaatje); Space Merchants (Pohl & Kornbluth); Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (P.K. Dick); The Awakening (K. Chopin); The Bell Jar & Ariel (S. Plath); The Moviegoer (W. Percy); & box loads more that require much heavy lifting when moving.

Don't spend much time watching television, but old favorites are as follows: Charlie Rose; Keeping Up Appearances (British humor--often superior); Twin Peaks; & BTVS.

Movies: Up for anything and enjoy most, though I'll say I'm happiest with indie films and local theaters. Did my 1st Music Box of Horrors in 2012--made it 18 hours straight (nope, didn't even 'rest my eyes'). For some reason, the imagery from 'The Beyond' is still stuck. Planning another attempt.

Radio: NPR junkie (Sound Opinion, Wait Wait, TAL, Prairie Home Companion--look, I'm a nerd of sorts, & happy that way), but my forever fav is RadioLab (you are men after my own heart, Jad & Robert). Also, I didn't know how much I loved Bob Edwards 'til he was taken from me. Ah, that voice . . . .

& now Garrison's taken too? : (

Music: Pretty open here, but my crush for the last few years is Joan As Policewoman. Fun fact: Didn't plan on it, but I have a favorite opera! Love Lyric's Next student tix.

& I take The New Yorker and Mental Floss (did you know octopuses can run?!?).
The six things I could never do without
Family; Friends; Words; Hugs & Kisses; Music; Art.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Is it time to go to the grocery???

How can I read all these books before I die? I can't choose!

Why is "Hip to Be Square" omitted from Huey Lewis & The News' greatest hits album?

Smudged my glasses again, already?
On a typical Friday night I am
Enjoying my after-yoga-blissed-out-glow.

Or, more likely right now, out crewing for an awesome (hopefully) charter group. If not that, then sunset people watching at my pool. Man, I love my pool :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Recently jumped ship into the Chicago River. Yeah . . . bad idea, but if you felt the way I do about your prescription sunglasses, you'd not hesitate a rescue either.

Closeted romantic. Still hope to meet someone and learn to take care of one another.

Listening to 87.7 MeTV FM makes me smile.

And . . . sometimes I still buy compact discs.
You should message me if
You have loved an animal (Cheeto Jesus does not count & is a disqualifier).

You live in Chicago or somewhere quite nearby.

You make mistakes.

You know how to apologize.

You agree: West Side Story? Most uncomfortable musical ever.

You find this kinda wonderful:

Note: Can't see 'Likes.' Drop a line.

New Note: Am a very non-judgemental person & wish all the best luck here. But, I am not interested in meeting anyone in an open relationship. You guys message me frequently, which is flattering, but I'm a wasted message -- sorry : (