28 Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
Compulsive learner
Teacher by spiritual contract
Experience whore

Will take the hard road if it adds value, meaning, lessons or experiences to my life.
Australian born (No I don't sound like Crocodile Dundee or Steve Irwin...but I do sound really hot from what I'm told!)
Permanent resident of the US
World citizen (Have visited about 12 countries)
Lover of cold showers
People watcher who will put you in the booth at a restaurant so I'm not distracted away from our conversation.
Trained massage therapist ;)
Asker of amazing questions
Has cake. Will eat cake. But will still have cake.
Rarely uses deodorant (check for yourself ladies, I don't smell!)
A person who hates 80% of the questions on OKC match calculator as they ask open ended questions and expect you to answer them with a multiple choice of yes or no
A man who shops without a list because I know what I want
A guy who will often walk into a shop just to see what is being sold at that time
When everybody else is getting triggered or freaking out, I'm the one who is the most chill

More on astrology...
Super calm when chaos reigns (Pisces rising)
Firey, fun and charismatic (Sun in Leo)
Loyal AF (Venus in Cancer)
What I’m doing with my life
Getting kicked out of places for being in bare feet.

Getting ready to go out faster than you!
My secret? I steam my shirt (on the rare occasion I wear one) IN the shower with me. And my hair is so well trained it never requires more than one run of my fingers through it to tell it what to do.

They say that your life and death are parentheses in eternity. By definition, a set of parentheses enhances everything outside with that which is inside.
I wonder in what ways the world will be changed after my death having had me on earth.

I've got some 30 qualifications (most non-academic) in a range of fields and have had well over fifty jobs. Largely these have been in performance/entertainment, construction and education industries.

To name a few I have:
- Been in films and on TV.
- Taught meditation to kids from youth justice.
- Setup new years eve fireworks shows.
- Driven 100ft long trucks.
- Been a public speaker/facilitator.

Currently I'm:
- Getting paid to travel
- Performing
- Writing

I love stimulating my mind and my body.

While having never gone to university as such I am always reading something or learning something new. I left behind some 500 books in Australia when I moved over here.

I will often stop to talk with random strangers just out of sheer curiosity.

I'm a lover of all things expressive too! You want a date with me, take me to a karaoke, contact impro, salsa, yoga, gymnastics, dance, 5 rhythms or any other sort of night and I'm yours!

I love dating because it is one of the few places left as adults where we can be insatiably and indefinitely curious about something exciting to us.
I’m really good at
- Bridging the gap between people and ideas. I believe that there is always a better way, a solution to every problem because where there's a will there's a way. When I do work with kids I love storytelling.
- Holding my breath for nearly four minutes (this allows for a swim distance of 75m/250ft) which comes in handy know, like, not drowning and stuff.
- Doing things differently, being different, avoiding conformity for social reasons and living a life of variety. I'm clear on what I want 95% of the time and if not then I do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. :)
- Writing.
- Observing the world and my thoughts.
- Writing about what I'm observing.
- Snuggling!
The first things people usually notice about me
That I'm tall.

And my eyes...not sure why exactly but that's what people comment on.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Ah yes, books! One might think looking at me that books are meant to be accumulated but not read. The book shelves are nearly over flowing...and I have several hundred books between three of them! I prefer non-fiction, modern psychology, and books on sexuality and personal and spiritual development.

Movies: As I work in films I do love a good action film like Bad Boys 2, Transformers and Batman. My inner child loves it when we watch comedies but particularly animated films like Finding Nemo and Wall-E. I do like films like the Matrix, Inception, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Samsara because they challenge you to think.
Hot Fuzz, Super Troopers, Snatch, Yes Man and Pay It Forward are on the list too.

Shows: I don't watch any TV but do like to spoil myself with a bit of theatre or comedy every now and again.

Music: My playlists are VERY broad. I use them to enhance or change my moods. Get my fired up or calm me down. Rock, pop, OSTs, electro-jazz can all be the theme songs to my life!

Food: Curious about vegan and vegetarianism and consider myself about 80% vegetarian.
I avoid fake, overly marketed foods. I listen to my body and give it what it needs but not what it wants. I'm quite proud of the range of food I now eat compared to when i was a kid and also that I have removed my addictions to some foods.
I also fast from time to time.
The six things I could never do without
- My van. It's my life!

- New people in my life to create awesomeness with each day.

- Eye contact and a smile. I love sharing a smile with people.

- The internet. While I can only be in one place at a time this provides me with unlimited connections to others and family back home.

- Stillness. I like to meditate in the most unconventional ways i can find and just disconnect from a majority of the thoughts and feelings...or just watch them!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
whether life would not have been any different on this planet had I not been here.

how short is "short term dating" actually, why anyone wouldn't want to date someone "long term" if they were happy to go there in the first place. (Can we have "long term casual sex" category OKC team? Or an "infrequent long term dating" category"? )

why some women just never understand how stunning they look to men.

why some men struggle to speak their mind with confidence.

why people give up on or never even realise on their dreams.

why women believe that men will kill them and that men fear that women will laugh at them. (Ref: Margaret Atwood)
On a typical Friday night I am
I don't do 9-5 let alone Monday to Friday. Often I have to ask people what day it is. I'm going to rewrite the question. ;)

What do I do to let my hair down?
I love watching a good movie, playing a few board games with friends or connecting with new people. Exploring/hiking (LA is AMAZING for that!), gym(weights or gymnastics...), also surfing is a new addition to the list!

Sex and connection is always good and am a bit of a chameleon in that sense. I've spent time in many different communities including but not limited to polyamory, bdsm, kink, swinging, speed dating, sensuality, spirituality, cuddle circles and am usually just very upfront these days about my desires and needs at the time. I've explored many different toys, positions, tricks, ways to orgasm and roles to play in the bedroom.
Usually I'm most comfortable just creating an experience together that is unique for us and that meets our current needs. I can swing many different ways although I don't dabble with men sexually, however am comfortable with them in my space in a sensual way.

I also love romance! But am not a fan of it when it comes from monogamic co-dependent intentions.
I'm probably more "sexperienced" than you however if you're reading the sex part so in depth then perhaps you know more than me in some areas! Either way I'm always open to learn and teach if you're willing to share!

Don't be bashful around the sexuality questions and what I desire...we all do it and we are all here for it in some way or another!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I watched all 38+ hours of bonus footage for the Matrix series instead of studying during year 12 and am proud of the fact my marks suffered for the good cause of following my dreams of getting into film. :)

Oh and I'm officially NFA. No Fixed Address. If you ask me on our first date where I live. I'll tell you it's around the corner. You'll say, really? That close? And I'll say yeah it's parked near the...blahdiblah.

I live in a van!

Ask me anything you like!
You should message me if
you are the kind of woman who:
- is curious
- is playful
- is confident with her sexuality.
- is going places. Metaphorically or geographically.
- has bothered to put more than two lines of content in each info box on your profile
- is open-minded, honest and knows what she wants.
- has noticed that I'm "non-monogamous". This means that I'm a knight who is not looking for a queen, but will of course visit any fair maiden who waves her handkerchief from the window of the tallest tower in her kingdom.
- you can snuggle like a pro!
- can write something more than just "hi, how are you?" Pardon my French but fuck the small talk! ;)
^^ I, of course, hold myself to these standards for myself too! ^^

And for those of you who have had a big day and are drawing a mental blank as to what to say, please try some of these message prompts:
- Your profile really caught my attention because...
- What I'm curious about you is...
- What I found interesting/awesome was...
- I thought you might like to check out...
- I see us doing/going on ... for our first date.
- I've always wanted to do ... and thought you might like to do it with me because...
- I had you in a sexual fantasy of mine and really wanted to share to
see if you thought we might be compatible...

Looking forward to our first shared smile! :)