46Halle, Germany
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My self-summary
If you know of any interesting places to visit (especially at or near my current or next planned holiday destination, see below in the "What I’m doing with my life"-section) or want to have a chat/drink with me please drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you!


Work in progress - just mail me if you are curious.
I´ll update the profile as soon as I get around to it :)

According to the Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs-Myers typology personality test ( I´m a Mastermind - INTJ (56% Introverte, 75% Intuitive, 12% Thinking, 44% Judging).
According to the David Keirsey & Marilyn Bates "Temperament sorter" ( I´m an Inspector - ISTJ (9% I to E, 53% N to S, 62% F to T, and 37% J to P).


Observations about OkC:

- there is a built-in limit of 20001 questions that can be answered. I put in a support ticket regarding this bug but got no answer... seems like support tickets here go into the wastebin like everywhere else...
- OkC periodically removes features... like profile personality tests, notes, star ratings and chat (all of which I miss very much) ;-(
- OkC´s math is pretty screwed up: someone had publicly answered 193 questions, but at the same time has answered 192 questions in total...
- Some OkC users are crazy... and OkC has some crazy rules, too... I had a pic with the slogan "It´s OK to be just friends. With benefits!" - and it was flagged inappropriate and removed! WTF?
And it seems some overweight American women are afraid of seeing non-frontal nudity on an adult dating site that is accessible only to 18+-people. Yeah, It might corrupt their innocence ;)
What I’m doing with my life
Croatia 2016 was fine as every year - spent a week at a resort near Umag, improved my diving skills (did the PADI "rescue diver" and "dive master"). Curiously enough, I did fewer dives than my girlfriend (who blew her first bubbles as a PADI OWD) - I´m still a bit envious!

South Africa was a new continent for me (well, aside a short stopover in Lybia in '05 when I flew in an IL-76). I spent 2 weeks in November 2015 there, starting by being greeted by cold weather and rainshowers in Cape town. The next day I climbed the Table mountain in near perfect conditions (no clouds, but very cold on the top, you could see your own breath). The next two days I couldn´t walk - I had to climb up (as planed) and (other than planned) down again, since the cable car wasn´t running. Jumped into the sea at Sandy bay (it was 2cm cold... brrrr) and had two excellent dives at Justins caves with perfect visibility, lots of underwater animals (langustes, crabs, jellyfish and some seals), but only 9°C water temperature.
Then I made my way eastwards along the south coast, visited Cape of Good Hope, Cape Agulhas, did a dive at Storm river mouth (silty water due to the river, but noticably warmer, and the only Sand shark sighting I had) and finally reached the most eastward point of my trip by diving Aliwal shoal, which was a perfect dive with visibility >25m and my first Catfish and potato cod sighting- yay!
My return trip took me inland, around Lesotho, back to Cape town, where I spent the last days exploring the city and having a talk with the squirrels at the Company gardens, this time in nicer, warmer weather.
Aside of the strange feeling I had when seeing the windows of every house barred, and barbed-wire-fencing aplenty, I liked the country... and I will definitely return to explore more of it!

This February/March 2015 I toured North Island of New Zealand, started out in Auckland, bought a tent and made my way up to Cape Reinga.
From there I slowly drove South, got a bit of local history and admired the longboat at the Waitangi treaty site, dipped my head under water for diving at the HMNZS Canterbury wreck (great dive, though the dive company´s boat missed the tide and couldn´t pass a bridge on the way to the dive site and we had to wait 2 hours until we were finally on our way), visited Rotorua with its hot water/mud-holes and had my first horseback ride (really cool, and I want to do it again (and properly leran to ride), but I still have the feeling the horse knew better than me what to do and where to go)!
After that I went via Lake Waikaremoana to Wellington, to visit friends at each place, and also to put the 4WD to good use (yay! but try finding a carwash that has a high pressure water hose to get rid of all the dirt in the wheelhubs...). I also had another visit to Zealandia and Te papa (both are nice to visit more than once).
Then I hit the road again, went via The 309 road (with the impressive, playful The Waterworks) to the north of Coromandel peninsula (of course I did the touristy thing and visited the hot water beach on the way up, too, but it was too overcrowded to my liking). I had planned on diving at the Coromandel, but the local dive operators were all fully booked, so I headed back to Auckland to spend the last couple of days exploring the area - the Volvo ocean race boats were in town, visited the hippos at the Zoo and burnt my feet at the black sand of Karekare beach.

November 2014 I visited Australia (again, I can´t get enough of it, and I love to explore it from coast to coast), this time I toured Western Australia . Started in Perth, drove up to Coral bay, then turned east and visited beautiful Karijini national park - Hammersley gorge was very nice, but the other gorges were great for walking and swimming, too, would have liked to climb if I had some gear with me ;). Then I headed South into the goldfields, down to Kalgoorlie-Boulder (the super pit is astonishing and huuuge!), then took Australia´s longest straight (146km straight road!) into the Nullarbor plain. The flatness was impressive, but not much to do - so I headed back West, climbed Cloucester tree (56m into the treetop of an Eucalyptus tree) and did a treetop walk (a bit less impressive, but nice nonetheless), visited as a contrast program a cave and went diving off Buselton jetty (saw a lot of small creatures, large schools of puffer fish, some Kormorans diving along). I also took a dive at the HMAS Swan - a very nice wreck dive from 6 to 30m, with very competent and nice guides from Busselton dive shed.

past ^----v future

Currently I´m in professional training in Germany, which will take another year - and then I´ll probably start to learn something new (I like knowledge!) - or move to another country, preferably where it´s a bit warmer...

Once a year I travel to faraway destinations for a few weeks - in the last years I visited a cuple of times Australia (the country is simply too large to explore on one trip) and New Zealand, I was to Koh Phangan, Thailand and the Republic South Africa... now I´m looking for ideas and places to go next - do you want to join me or have suggestions for places to visit? I usually travel during the "shoulder seasons" in Spring and Autumn... and I prefer locations where I can go diving, but it´s not a "must have"!

So far I have on my "travel bucket list":
- New Zaland: diving at the Coromandel and Poor knights island, skydiving... and getting a residency permit and a job ;)
- Australia: diving at the West coast (Exmouth Navy pier, Ningaloo reef and surroundings) and another visit to the Great barrier reef (planned for 2020), the "Whispering wall" (SA), re-visit of Kangaroo Island (SA), Kings gorge (NT), Litchfield national park (NT).

Around Whitsunday I´m headed to Croatia nearly every year to meet friends for a reunion and relaxation at the beach, also enjoying the local cuisine... mmmh, Pršut, Paški sir and a glass of red wine...

Other than that, reading - I can totally immerse myself into a good book or the Internet (the largest book of all), so much that I ignore everything around me - and yes, that might include you, unless you´d be standing there in full latex dress and a whip :D

And since you´re reading this: I´m looking for
- activity partners / friends: jogging, climbing (I have only indoor experience but would like to expand), diving, going to English movies, sailing, enjoying a good discussion (the most interesting one I had for a long time was with my brother about the different ways to separate the water from a pot of noodles... so yes, I like nerdy stuff and technology) ...
- short- or long-term-partners (up to marriage/children)
- casual sex: ONS, FwB... only safe, sane and consensual. While I might try nearly everything at least once, I do know my limits. Or as Dan Savage would put it: GGG
I’m really good at
everything I set my mind to!

Doing everything else before I get down to do the important things I don´t like to do - really, I do, but I typically get my work done in the last moment, I just need a bit pressure before I start an unpleasant task (like filling out these boxes...)
The first things people usually notice about me
My accent - since I have recently moved to Halle(Saale), Germany, and they totally like the Austrian accent I still have (and intend to keep)

My smile - I do have it even if I have to deal with a difficult "customer" at 5 in the morning and they have paged me out of bed unnecessarily; well, at that time it might be a bit strained ;)

That I walk with a speed others use for jogging (I do slow down if I don´t have a destination to get to or if I´m taking a romantic stroll around the countryside with someone)

A nice tan all over during summertime

More into listening than talking, initially quite shy

Dry, sometimes black humor sprinkled with a bit of sarcasm - I give as well as I can take.

If you´d like to add to this list feel free to do so after you´ve met me :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I´ve read and liked nearly all from Karl May, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes and others by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, "The Jungle book" by Rudyard Kipling, Paulo Coelho, Umberto Eco, J. R. R. Tolkien; Master and Commander, Harry Potter; books about strange maps and mapmaking, "Measure of All Things" by Ken Alder, science history,... but basically every book I get my hands on and that captivates me after reading a few pages - recently these were some detective stories placed in France, Germany and Venice

Movies: anything starring Hugh Grant, Bill Murray, Robin Williams, Alfred Dorfer, Josef Hader, Roland Düringer or by the members of Monty Python, As good as it gets, Ice age, Luxo Jr., Lost in translation, The Breakfast Club, Flight of the navigator, Master and Commander, Harry Potter, LOTR, ...

Shows: Penn & Teller, ScienceBusters, Amateur Transplants ... oh, you mean Broadway shows? Well, only Cats comes to my mind

Series: Star Trek - TNG, Burn Notice, The IT crowd, House, MD, BBC-Documentaries (especially those with Brian Cox), ...
Six things I could never do without
Assuming that the things in Maslow's "hierarchy of needs" have been taken care of (and yes, friendship and family is already included there):

- a good knife or multi-tool like a Leatherman
- challenges
- books
- the internet
- sex, be it vanilla or kinky
- hot showers (especially in the morning to wake me up)
- warm weather and sun
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to meet someone - since I´m very shy and hesitant to make the first step. Also I´m pretty bad at picking up subtle "hints" - I prefer partners who tell me that they like me and what they would like me to do. Unfortunately I haven´t found a way to change this, yet. But I´ll continue thinking about it...

G: Das größte Sexualorgan ist das menschliche Gehirn... glauben viele net, is aber so.
P: Das heißt: Sex findet - nicht nur beim Oralverkehr - im wesentlichen im Kopf statt?
G: Ja.
(ScienceBusters: Univ.-Lektor Werner Gruber / Martin Puntigam)
On a typical Friday night I am
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Bi-curious/heteroflexible switch, meaning I´d be willing to explore a same-sex-relationship (but prefer women) and change between being dominant or submissive, depending on our mood (lately more dominant, but that might change again...)
Other than that I´m a bit into BDSM (especially the bondage-part of it), latex and oral sex.

If you consider getting into a relationship with me: that´s sorta my package. If you consider me as just a "normal" activity partner I won´t bother you with this part of my personality.

Update: currently *not* looking for male partners for sex-related activity
You should message me if
you made it this far and
want to know more about me,
want to meet me, or you
would just like someone to talk/write to...

If you know where to find more like this:
Thanks to benthor for providing me with this:

I´ll answer as soon as I can, promise!

Hint: If I seem to be stalking your profile or liked your profile, it probably means that I'd love to hear from you - I´m just too shy to drop you a line if you don´t show a little bit of interest (like doing the same things mentioned above). Thanks!

Cheers, Tom

Please *do not* write me if your profile is full of religious remarks and mentions one god or another every second word!

Also, I will not pay your oil field workers, your rent or your airline tickets... these are your responsibilities, not mine, so don´t bother asking.
The two of us