64 Annapolis, United States
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The first things people usually notice about me
Honestly, I haven't a clue. And I'm not going to take a survey. If we meet and you'd like to tell me, feel free. If it's complimentary, I'll update this answer. If it's not complimentary, I may still update this answer (but I will probably lie).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love good writing. I have what some might view as an addiction to The New Yorker. But I can stop anytime. Really. I can.

Some favorite writers: D. F. Wallace, Martin Amis, both Sedaris's, Patti Smith's "Just Kids", Elmore Leonard, Raymond Chandler, Ian McEwan, Kate Atkinson, Hunter Thompson, Tom Wolfe (especially the non-fiction) and many more.

Genres: mysteries, especially lately
Scandinavian. Enjoyed the Larsson trilogy and Mankell as well. Good fiction and good essays.

There is currently a stack of 19 books on my bedside table (this should probably be under "Most private thing I'm willing to admit.) 11 are non-fiction, 8 fiction...seems the right mix.

Music: A pretty eclectic mix. In no particular order Dylan, Ella Fitzgerald, Velvet Underground (r.i.p. Lou Read) Patti Smith (she gets extra points for two categories...if she only had a reality show), pretty much everything Cole Porter wrote, esp when Ella sang them. Lucinda Williams, The Kinks, Neil Young, The Beatles, of course (but honestly only Rubber Soul, Revolver and The White Album), Elvis C., Johnny C., Hank W. Sr., The Fugee's, Vivaldi (at least until someone decided it was perfect background music for pretentious, upscale malls), Coltrane and T. Monk. Talking Heads, Bob Marley, Brian Wilson, Jimi.

Movies: almost anything by Tarentino (especially Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bills-really Uma Thurman should never work with any other director), the Coen brothers (esp. No Country for Old Men-note to self: add Cormac McCarthy to best author list, because the movie was a great example of fidelity to a great book; and the fabulous Fargo). Scorsese for everything from Mean Streets to Goodfellas to Raging Bull.

Just read that list and realized how violent they all are. A little balance is in order. Lost in Translation, I Am Love (great passion, a wonderful score and a luminescent Tilda Swinton), Almodovar (pretty much everything), Woody Allen (early stuff but really liked Vicki, Christina and Midnight in Paris).

TV: The Daily Show, Colbert, Anthony Bourdain, Julia Child (the great unrequited love of my life), Breaking Bad, Louie, Veep, Girls.
The six things I could never do without
I'd prefer that this question were "what are the six things that you would rather not live without?" because otherwise it is just mundane. Like air, potable water, food, a good toupee. So, sorry OKC, but I'm going with my version. (I'm kidding about the toupee. Please see the OKC question re: desire to have hair pulled during sex. If things get frisky, feel free to go at it. Within reason.)


GOOD food

Air conditioning. If I'm still on OKC in October, you can expect this answer to change. To something like assisted suicide. Actually, that is a bit at odds with the intent of the question. Let's just change it to my next answer:

Good Vodka. In October, strike "good.". Replace with "A lot of cheap".

Love, passion and great sex (I know, I know. These are three different things. Just trying to play by the rules and keep it kind of close to six things. Don't want to get OKC upset. So they don't start charging us. Like the NY Times did a few months ago. I still don't know what I did to piss them off.

Work that engages and stimulates me.

My daughters. No matter what they will remain on the list after October. Probably. They are teenagers.

And just so you know I'm modern, progressive, cool and still remarkably youthful, my IPhone.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Good architecture/good design and what it is that makes the good stuff good. Income inequality. Is there a relationship between the two?

Why do so many people complete the profile statement about the most private thing they are willing to admit with some variation of "gasp! Not here!" The question is what are they WILLING to admit. These are all perfectly acceptable answers: "I eat Cheerios with a fork" or "I eat spaghettios out of the can with chopsticks" or "I find Tan Mom incredibly compelling"

Why do so many of the people who dodge the private thing question go on to share that they like anal sex or have a ballon popping fetish or masturbate daily. (Not that there is anything wrong with any of that.) And is this really a clever ploy to get someone to go out with them, to have a shot at, not just batshit crazy sex, but finding the answer to the question "what the hell could be more private than everything else you've already shared on your profile???" ("Well, I'm an empty nester. Got lots of free time for dating ever since I murdered the whole family. Maybe you'd like to come by for a nightcap. Place is still a little messy, but what the heck. I've got a nice bottle of Chardonnay. And a box of balloons.") My apologies if you have a balloon fetish. I don't mean
to mock you or anyone who enjoys anal sex or who has the time and energy for daily masturbation. That is all good. But if you've
weaseled out of the most private thing question, there are three
perfectly good answers for you. If none apply, feel free to use any of mine. Really. Nobody but you or me will ever know.
On a typical Friday night I am
Eating spaghettios with chopsticks.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It's a toss up between:

1) I really do find Tan Mom compelling.

2) I always separate my recyclables from my other trash, but sometimes I just toss it all in the same bin outside. And I know this is really not the proper way to do single stream recycling.
You should message me if
If you have any good dirt on Tan Mom and you'd be willing to share over a drink. If your friends say you remind them of Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle. If you want to visit museums and galleries and hunt out good architecture. If you can forgive me for lying about the spaghettios thing. If you can forgive me for the recycling thing...that one is kinda true. I will try to do better.