40Indianapolis, United States
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My self-summary
My self-summary... You know, we spend our entire lives trying to figure out who we are, is this space really enough to do that quest justice?

If you can't tell already, I'm not normal. I look at the world from a strange vantage point. I suppose you'd say that I love to study human nature; it's been a lifelong study. I enjoy observational humor and wordplay a lot. (Honestly, I think that the Marx Brothers are comedic geniuses. But, then again, I also think South Park is genius social satire.)

I love new experiences, for the most part. I tend to deal with the world on my own terms, but end up having some wild times. I've taught overseas for two years, hitchhiked through northern Japan, had a drink with pro wrestlers, subtitled Japanese animation, and worked in quite a few fields before I ended up where I am now. My true passion lies in stories though. I love stories, and will eagerly devour new and interesting ones, whether that be through print or screen.

Though I tend to act a bit differently from time to time, anyone who's near to me knows that I don't try to be anything that I'm not. I simply am who I am. Of course, this happens to mean that I'm incredibly geeky, a bit bookwormish, and a hopeless dreamer with a twisted sense of humor.

In fact, I'd probably describe my humor as what would happen if South Park and Monty Python fused into a single sense of humor. In fact, many times I vault over the line of good taste without realizing it. It still gets laughs, mind you, but it does make for some awkward pauses at times.

I'm a geek and a nerd. You can find me with my nose in a book or a video game quite often. As most people could tell you, I can geek out quite often and have been known to ramble on about little known facts (nerding out) often as well.

What am I looking for? Well, I'm looking for people who take the time to understand who I really am, deep down underneath the surface level stuff that you see in public. I'm looking for people to game with, to watch movies with, to hold deep meaningful conversations with, and generally, to enjoy life with. Someone who will drag me off on adventures and force me outside of my comfort zone. Perhaps you'll be a friend. Perhaps you'll be a lover. Maybe we'll find that we're kindred spirits, forging our way through life by our own rules. You never know until you try to find out.

I will also say that I am polyamorous (if you aren't familiar with it, look it up). With my... limitations... I know that I can never be everything for someone else, nor do I expect someone to be everything for me. I also don't believe on limiting the amount of people who I can love and care about. The line between friend and lover can be quite blurred at times, so why not keep the option to explore the feelings if the feelings develop?
What I’m doing with my life
Aside from the daily grind? Well, I have a fairly good idea for a story that I'm trying to get started; just need to get a few characters right first. I've also been growing a bit of a longer beard.
I’m really good at
Writing is probably my greatest skill. The spoken word isn't my forte, but the written word is where my thoughts truly are able to be expressed. Though most of my writing is stream-of-consciousness writing about my life, my mind is full of stories and characters fighting to get out. When I can clear my mind of stress and clutter, the strongest story begins to come out. At that point, I am but a conduit for the characters and the story, and quite often, both take directions that I hadn't anticipated.

I'm also fairly good at cooking, and make one of the best pots of turkey chili that you're likely to have. (It's a three-alarm disguised as a two-alarm.)

I also have some (what I think are) interesting ideas about temporal theory and time travel.

I have other talents that I'm quite good at, but you'll have to discover those for yourself. We have to leave some things to the imagination, don't we?
The first things people usually notice about me
More than likely, whatever facial hair I'm sporting that day (especially as I now have a longish beard). Or maybe it's my eyes. I used to get told that I could win Best Eyes in Indiana. It could even be my glasses, as they are a cool shade of metallic blue. Depending on my mood, it could even my my goofy grin.

Most recently, if I'm in a dressy kind of mood, you'll find me in a bow tie. (Tie it myself; a clip-on would be cheating!)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books.. I love a good book. Just as long as it's a good book, I'll read it. My favorite authors would have to be Terry Pratchett, Jim Butcher, Douglas Adams, Brian Lumley, George R. R. Martin, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, and Frank Peretti. I read tons of books. In fact, I devour them. Always have, always will.

Movies... I collect movies and I love watching them, good or bad. As for my favorite movies, I'd probably say that The Seven Samurai, One Crazy Summer, They Live, Evil Dead 2 and Frailty all rank high up there. And for a wonderfully bad movie that doesn't even take itself seriously? Cheerleader Ninjas. But let's be honest, trying to get me to pick a favorite movie is like asking me what my favorite part of living in Japan was; there's no favorite, just a ton of fun times.

TV shows... Well, I love a good story. Give me a decent show with a well written story and I'll be happy. But if a show can actually surprise me, and I can't guess the twists, then it usually gets me as a fan. My favorite show? Supernatural, hands down. The story arc keeps me intrigued, and the writing is still quality after so many years. Surprising. And Rick & Morty is quite possibly the greatest sci-fi cartoon of all time.

Music... I tend to listen to music while I work on projects at work. Basically, I listen to Pandora. My Pandora station began as a Village People station, but through the past few years that I have listened, it has become so much more. The music varies from Minibosses to NOFX to Reel Big Fish to Black Sabbath to Frank Sinatra to Offspring to Peter Gabriel, to Op Ivy to AC/DC to Louis Armstrong. It's a bit random, but tons of fun to jam out to.

Foods... I enjoy cooking. So long as it isn't cooked fish, I'll eat it, or at least try it (and I'm always looking for a new meat to add to the ever growing list of meats that I've tried). And let's be honest; even if it's fish, if it's done as to where it doesn't taste overly fishy, I may just enjoy it. Most weeks, I end up having ingredients and recipes shipped to me, and I prepare them. I find it's a good way to not only widen my cooking abilities, but to try new foods as well.
Six things I could never do without
Ok. I'm going to forgo the "food, love, family" route here, as those are rather generic choices, and I think we want to delve a little deeper than that.

1 - Stories - I thrive on stories in any format, be it books, movies, TV, or video games.
2 - A notebook/pen - I never know when ideas are going to pop into my head, so I like to keep something around to jot them down for later exploration.
3 - Skim Milk - I don't know why, it just tends to be my drink of choice when I'm at home.
4 - My cell phone - Mostly because I listen to music with it, and that tends to keep me sane during the workday.
5 - My CPAP machine - I never knew what glorious sleep I was missing out on until I strapped that mask on.
6 - My fortress of solitude - Really, this is just my apartment. But it's really nice having a place all to myself with no social contact needed.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Though I think a lot on a lot of random subjects (temporal physics, the state of the world, social institutions and practices), a lot of my time is actually spent in an introspective state. Know thyself, right?

I do a lot of writing about what it's like to live with autism, while trying to make it as a "normal" person in the everyday world. It's been known to raise some interesting questions, like this fun metaphysical quandary (that has no real answer):

Is the autism just another part of who I am, or does it prevent me from being the person I truly am? Nobody can answer that question but myself, but it can't be answered, because it's impossible to tell where the autism stops and I begin.
On a typical Friday night I am
Depends on the week. I may be out in search of adventure, I may be in enjoying a bit of this and that.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm on the autism spectrum, closer to Asperger Syndrome than "classic autism," but it still colors every aspect of my life. People can't tell, unless I tell them, mostly because I've spent the past twenty years studying social behavior and adapting my own to pass in "neurotypical" society. It makes me a bit socially awkward, and I say the wrong things at the wrong times occasionally. But I try to be a better man with every passing day.

But do not misunderstand, just because I am on the autism spectrum doesn't mean that I'm cold or unfeeling. Though you may not always see it, my passions are almost always running hot. I crave human contact and affection, just like everyone else. Perhaps I crave it even more-so, as I constantly feel like I'm on the outside of society, trying to fit into the social circles, but being incredibly clumsy at doing so. (In fact, most people who have dated me will tell you that I can be almost overly-affectionate at times.)

I can be an unintentional jerk during bad days, but I try to make up for that by being overly romantic on the good ones.

That being said, around 90-95% of my ex's will refer to me as "one of the good ex's." (Seriously, I was at a New Year's Party that had three of my ex's there, and I was constantly being referred to as "one of the good ex's.")

And my favorite quote of all time sums up a lot of my feelings: "Happiness? A good meal, a good cigar, and a good woman - or a bad woman. It depends on how much happiness you can handle." - George Burns
You should message me if
You should message me for any reason, really. If you have an oddball question for me, feel free. I'm an open book. If you'd like to see what it'd be like to hang out (or even date), please feel free. If nothing else, you may get a new friend out of the deal.

If you want to throw down in some games, or discuss crazy science theories, I'm your guy for that too! (If we go with multiverse theory, there's a reality out there where I'm a mad scientist. Then again, there would also be a reality where I'm Batman.)

I'll also say, you should message me if you're interested (or if I've visited your profile and you're interested). With the whole Aspie thing, me messaging first happens rarely. But I will say, I'm working on that; I'd much rather be Han than Greedo. And please forgive my awkwardness with small talk at times. It's a learned skill, and one that I'm afraid I may never fully master.
The two of us