36Rio Rancho, United States
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My self-summary
New and improved. Now, with 20% more fuck.

I like complete nonsense as well as meaningful things, and I'm often confused about which one I'm experiencing at any given time. To me, the world is full of beauty and absurdity. People are too, and I like it all.

With me, you can discuss anything you like, and I'll do the same.
What I’m doing with my life
This is kind of a deep topic when you think about it, huh? Oh! I know. I'll list some stuff I do these days.

I work a lot and it sorta' destroys my soul, but I play often and that helps.

I'm somewhat big on computer technical stuff. This involves lots of math and conceiving complicated, logical constructs on the fly, which most of you probably don't give a shit about, and that's cool.

I suck at playing guitar, and I play mine a lot.

I like taking pictures and videos and hoarding them on my hard drives.

I do plenty of other stuff. If we talk, it'll probably come up. As far as all the life-doing, much of that is up in the air, and it's wonderful, weightless feeling.
The first things people usually notice about me
"What the FUCK is he doing!? Oh...Hey! Can we play too?"
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't read a lot of stories. I'm not against them-It just takes so much time! It's not like I don't read. I mean, I AM using a computer. I have read the Harry Potter series however. Most of the stuff I read that's from an actual book is probably non-fiction.

Movies are the shit. This is how I like to get my stories. I don't feel it makes me less intelligent-It's just a preference. My favorite genre is probably supernatural horror, or some campy 80's stuff. Sci-Fi is pretty cool too. Hmmm, let me revise all that. I'm able to like pretty much all kinds of movies. Here's some title favorites: Donnie Darko, Akira, Silent Hill, Boogie Nights, Heathers, Shaolin Soccer, The House Of Yes.

Ok, here it is. Porn. God help me. I know it's wrong, but there's something for everyone! It's not an unrealistic expectation. It's an ideal scenario.

I feel the same about music as I do with movies. So, I'll just give you some random examples from my current playlist: Juno Reactor, Awolnation, Utada Hikaru, The Black Keys, Rihanna, Massive Attack, Outasight, Solar Quest, Wolfsheim, Pixies
Six things I could never do without
*Exhausting Mental Stimulation
*Leg-Shuddering Orgasms
*A Sense of Wonder
You should message me if want to. I already think you're amazing. The rest is some bullshit we dreamed up.
The two of us