30Lancaster, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a fairly care-free kind of person. I try to have fun at whatever I'm doing. I can feel like a different person depending on my mood. I could wake up one morning and feel like life sucks, and wake up the next day and feel like the greatest thing in the world. It really makes life interesting.

I procrastinate like any other Computer Science person, but I always make sure to get something done before it needs to be done. I don't enjoy forgetting to do something important.

I think often about everything. Give me a few minutes to myself, like when I'm driving somewhere or standing in the shower, and you can bet a million dollars that I'm thinking about something.

If something gets me excited, you'll know. I've very loud when I'm excited, and I don't mean this to be an 'in bed' thing, even though my thoughts can be 'in the gutter' at times. If you know me, you know I'm a loud and excitable person.

I am imaginative, ridiculous, and teasable.
What I’m doing with my life
I graduated Millersville University with a BS in computer science. My job is an Associate Software Test Engineer at Bosch Security Systems. Its very close to were I live so I don't have to drive far. I'm currently living in my own apartment (single bedroom, no roommates).

I'm just enjoying being an internet nerd, playing random board games, hanging out with friends, playing video games, karaoke various nights of the week, and having parties every once and a while. I am also working out at Planet Fitness. I think its a great thing to do.

I hope to move out west, California, at some point, probably when I have enough money to do so. My best friend, KLond, lives out there. I probably wouldn't move out to Cali until I feel ready.
I’m really good at
Computers. I know way too much about computer stuff. I usually end up fixing someone's computer or my own. I often like to download stuff. I'm a pack rat when it comes to music, videos, and games. I'm also knowledgeable about different applications for doing pretty much anything.

Also, I saw this under the OkCupid test tube:
65,511 online now
and, the first thing I thought was, "It is close to going over the 2 byte limit." Lol. I'm dumb. :-P
The first things people usually notice about me
My outrageousness. Either I look like a person that isn't any different from anyone else, or I am loud and people notice me.

Or, I'll have something different about me that isn't usual. I had spiked hair for about 2 years in high school. I dyed my hair black for a bit, too. For a little while, I wore goggles on my head. I like to stand out every once and a while. Now, I wear male bell-bottoms and a fedora on the weekends. :-)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Well, I like anime. If you don't know what anime is, then google it. I've watched a bunch of anime.

I don't really read books... like at all. I wish I did read, but its just something that escapes me in my daily life.

I've watched many movies, but I mainly like the ones that make you think. They make you change how your view of life. I believe they call them 'mind-fuck films' for obvious reasons.

Food is food. I have preferences but I can eat just about anything. I enjoy going to restaurants and ordering food I've never tried before.

Music is also many different kinds. If it isn't ghetto rap or hardcore country, then I probably think its alright. I mostly like techno related music, industrial, dance, stuff like that, but I definitely like songs and bands that aren't in that vain. Favorite bands include: Orgy, Zeromancer, Korn, Rammstein, Justice, Daft Punk, etc.
Six things I could never do without
1) Fun. Without that, whats the point of life?

2) Good health. Life would suck without it.

3) Friends. They keep me going.

4) Conscious thought. Need this to not be animals.

5) My mom. She's really easy going and has done more things for me than I can imagine.

6) Luck. Life is like a giant game of chance. You never know what to expect.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything. People attempt to follow my line of thinking, but they usually can't understand me. I never have 1 thing on my mind. I always gotta keep 2 steps ahead of myself.
On a typical Friday night I am
Probably calling some people to see what they are doing, drinking, playing video games, or chillin' on the internet. It's something to do. Lancaster is really boring 99% of the time.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I get mad at things I like. An example of this is when someone thinks I'm young. I get it alot, like alot. Everyone thinks I look young. I've had people ask, "What grade are you in?" and I'm like, "I graduated college." Lol. I'll get mad about it, but inside my mind, I enjoy looking like a cute, young guy. It'll be great to look younger once I'm older.
You should message me if
You think that I'm worth messaging. If you aren't too shy, ask me some questions you are pondering about. I'll give ya the best answer I can.

Also, if you like this, then you at least can understand why I love randomness so much: Amazing video
Another video!?!?
Note: If you look anything like this girl, you get bonus points. The first girl... not the second one. Lol.

Also, another video. Bonus points if you think it is funny:
This is a true rendition.

Yeah... more videos. I like putting them here. But, this song... is nearly perfect. I absolutely love it! Please watch:
Fantastic cover song
The two of us