25 De Soto, United States
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My self-summary
I am a 21 yr old bi guy who is living life and loving it! I am not bi-curious but bi-sexual! Ive done and experienced many things I would have never thought I would and this has lead me to believe I have no grounds for saying whom I might fall in love with male or female! Though as the days pass admittedly I feel as if I'm 70%-30% that being men-women. I do realize how silly attributing percentages to such a complex situations is I merely do iit for presentation purposes. Im actually pretty fiscally conservative in nature but socially liberal. Extremely accepting while Ive worked on many campaigns for state and public conservatives and libertarians most my friends are self proclaimed socialist and I couldn't fathom allowing our political differences to come between our friendships though. After all its that uniquely different person or way of going about things in which we learn the most. I enjoy meeting new ppl who arent like me. Why would I wanna date someone just like myself?!?! I love adventures and doing things on a limb! There are two things in life I will never be so open minded about and thats love and loyalty! Nothing is more important to me and within those two is the ability to have successful meaningful relationships! Largly Im attracted to boys and girls of the same stature and age but that doesn't mean I cant nor will I never be attracted to anything else. I love music, arts, and fashion! Life is what you make it! So fake it till u make it if u must! I had at a time been engaged to my high school sweet heart. My parents loved her after 3 years her fam had joined the church and she had managed to become my best and closes confidant. Yup I was hell bent on doing the American dream white picket fence in the second wealthiest county in the nation Joco ks. Was playing a loyal loving faithful fiancé, active member in local church and ready to blindly cast my conservative vote when the polls called for it. The truth was I wasnt sexual attracted to my fiancé regardless of attempts to force myself to feel otherwise, though I did love her as my best friend and wanted her happiness. therefore i maintained faithful despite our ever so failing love life. Thank what God there is she managed to hack my email fb accounts Etc and came across some old messages between my first bf whom i dated while we had been on a six month break. The break had been brought upon us in my x fiances loving last attempts to help me hit rock bottom and seek whole heartedly treatment and help for a heroine addiction which plagued my senior year in hs and destroyed my achedemia life ruining my desire to takeb advantage of my scholarships and reducing 3 years of 4.0s to nothing but # on paper. Though despite being 100% faithful loving caring i wasnt sexual attracted to my very pretty fiancé despite failed attempts. Her intuition and apparant knowledge of my lack of sexual interest paired with emails questioning my sexual disposition she freaked out. Called of the marriage rightfully so but also was so disgusted in me I lost my best friend of 3years who I went thru toughest moments fighting addiction next to. I now recognize whether attempting to make everyone else happy or not I was so selfish in my actions. My reasoning for all this is to merely attempt and illustrate that despite my brief nearly 22 years of life I've managed to experience so very much and have spent the last two years capitalizing on the idea of capturing new perspectives not often experienced by most ppl. Resulting in pastb9 months hotel hoping thru Kansas Missouri and Oklahoma and at times backpacking thru unfamiliar lands penniless and without luxuries of housing or food pantrys. I honestly lived as prince well above reality but likewise came to a real understanding of what meant to sleep on the cold concrete as ones hip bone grinds against its cement counter part. The utterly pure and honest untainted perspective of my ventures I wouldn't trade sell nor do differently. 22 years in the making come nov 14th engaged,6 months later broken up, been out since December 2011 nearly a year. Meaning year ago to date I lost my pastor a icon and actual father figure, uncle merely years older who I knew as a brother growing up, my uncles wife who was a close friend, my longest lasting best guy friends of 19 years and his wife the first girl I had real relationship and slept with becuz I after years admitted to myself and others that just like sue smith crushing on johny on the elementary play ground when she was a little girl free from sexual drive or thought possessing purity I to had crushed on members of the same sex during my youth before being drivin by sexual desire and thus separating notions of anything but heterosexual behavior is a lustful sexual perversion desires of lust nothing more. Nov and dec shall serve for moments to achieve fiscal stability including procurement of new transportation and necessary savings. Then after 3 years waiting for federal accreditation and one year put off by soul searching I intend to implement my lessons hard learned, common sense picked up along the way, and all the wide array of other experiences to successfully complete school thru Paul Mitchell so in Op ks and start practicing as a stylist! Sry for extremity and length of what u have written kudos on actual completion. Couldn't justify putting any words of meaning into this box without mentioning all I have.
What I’m doing with my life
Still trying figure it out. Been living that gypsy dream being that lone troubadour thru out my travels. As for nov dec focus fiscal responsibilities in order to finally after 3 years waiting on school accreditation and a year spent on my part searching for perspective written off by or inexperienced thru common life I am to enroll and attend Paul Mitchell and within 18 months became a practicing stylist then idk continue my education thru achedemia or thru life experiences. With my life I will be constantly learned taking as little as possible for granted or until experienced otherwise. Always in hailing the life around me not to over look simplicity and understanding and recognizing the precious moments of life as they are. not the many failed impure attempts to reconstruct those moments moments or years later after their passing.
I’m really good at
-Getting to kno ppl
-texting without looking
- conveying true interest in others
-though not admittedly rather mechanically inclined
-PROBLEM SOLVING, to a fault possible resulting in need to solve all problems realistically speaking missing the point of just offering condolences to a loved one expressing problems at times but mistaken as I may the act is selfless
-telling the truth, often times I find myself in situations where the truth may exalt, put on pedal stole, make look good, ppl to whom I might care for very little or vice versa yet regardless of personal vendetta I bring the truth to light and put petty things aside for truth.
- showing love and affection, holding someone as if its only us regardless if the world is burning down before us
-extremely and even embarrassingly faithful. Cheating isn't my thing I don't necessary believe once a cheater always I just can't justify the barbaric knuckle dragging behavior. Maybe there are exceptions few and far between more not that are in my opinion. I up hold enough self respect to end a relationship before starting another or just simple attempting to get laid.
The first things people usually notice about me
The first physical thing ppl would notice about me is my hair. I have a pure white spot in the front of my hair. This leads most ppl to wonder why the hell I would dye my hair in such a odd manner. Fortunately for me I did not dye the white hair. It is 100% natural have had is for as long as I can remember.
Besides appearance people usually notice that I am a socialite, am not afraid to start a convo, and am a bit eccentric. They also notice I am 99.99% positive. Though I do have my problems and life is not always daffodils and sunshine it is often better to make it appear as so!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite books; LOTR Trilogy, House of Leaves, All the books In the Game of Throne Series most books written by the eccentric Glenn Beck

Favorite Movies; Blow, Brick, Lord of War, LOTR movies, Requiem For a Dream, Crash, The Butterfly Effect, Thank You For Smoking, V for Vendetta, and so so many more
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Politics and what its going to take to be successful. My future. My plan is to go to Paul Mitchell school of cosmetology once they are finally a accredited school. This should literally be any day and then I will be able to get their FASPA # apply for grants etc etc. Then after finishing their programs I would like to become a stylist for a Paul Mitchell saloon specifically where I go called Pinkie Couture in OP. While being a practicing stylist and cosmetologist I will also be going to school part time. The end goad of which to receive either my MBA or a Masters in Fashion Marketing. Then I am hoping to combine my degree with my experience as a licensed practicing cosmetologist and work on the Corporate side of Paul Mitchell maybe Aveda..
On a typical Friday night I am
Checking out the Missie's, Chateau, or living life sporadically and going where ever the road of life takes me!
You should message me if
You truly understand the difference between being opinionated and being overly critical! Know that life is what you make it, and that everyone has a past and their own demons but what should define them is the present!