52Columbia, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a square, somewhat geeky, responsible person wondering if I'll continue to sit here alone.

I have a good, secure desk job and can afford more toys than I have time to play with. I get outside when I can.

I have a few good friends, but no one really close, and that's getting lonely. I know I don't play the smooth-talk, quick-impression game well, but most folks I'm around for a while warm up to me pretty quickly.

I'm a decent person, but I know I have my flaws. Let's be clear... these flaws NOT substance addictions, unemployability, arrests, lunacy, negative impulse control, etc.- I'm definitely sane, sober, sensible, and solvent. I can be oblivious at times, and am quickly frustratrated by fools, foolishness, and bureaucracy. And I work at a large government bureaucracy... go figure. My friends know I respond well to a whack up aside the head when I need one... and I usually quickly recognize that I deserved the whack. I'm fairly intelligent and sensible, and like sensibility in others. And I've observed that sense and schooling aren't neccessarily correlated.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm cruising along working and playing outside as I have time. I'm making enough to pay the bills and then some, and have a few more toys than I have time to play with.

My recreational addiction is whitewater kayaking. It's the outdoors that I like rather than the adrenaline rush. I occasionally do some light hiking and want to get more serious and eventually do some backpacking. I started to get my bikes out again and discovered that I still know how to ride. The engine is quite a bit out of tune, however. I like neat out-of-the way places, old places and ruins, odd critters, and sometimes just sitting watching the scenery. I stay local, because there are too many neat places within a day's drive that I haven't seen.

Sometimes the playing is in or around the garage with tools. I always have projects for vehicles or house, including a major remodeling project. I'm a dilettante, rather than a serious mechanic or carpenter; tools are just another class of toy.

The cats (yes, confirmed cat guy... well-behaved dogs are OK, but the twice-a-day-every-day minimum maintenance limits weekend trips) and kayaking pals are good company, but there's a definite hole in my life.

I'm not at all ambitious for career advancement; I'm pretty high up already and making decent money. The next step up means major hassles, less security, and not enough additional money to matter. The next step also is too much "management" and not enough "doer" for my tastes. I'm a good performer, but if I could afford to walk away tomorrow and become a recreational bum, I would.

I don't know what the meaning of life is, but I'm pretty sure it's not anything like work, job title, or making the most money. Seems to me the purpose of work is to afford a satisfying life, and I'm doing OK on the "affording" part. As for the "satisfying" part, well, that explains why I'm on this site.
I’m really good at
I'm an analyst by trade and tendency. Throw me a problem, and I'm likely to find a solution if one exists... or to show the futility. I do drive spreadsheets pretty well. I like rigorous, logical (but effective and practical) thought. Wow, that sounds dull and square.

I like fixing and building things, working on my old pickup and home projects. I always liked the satisfaction of doing something useful, and my desk job has precious little of that. I like to think that I know when to not pick up a tool and let the experts handle it. Pay someone else to cuss and bust their knuckles, and to FINISH it. Ooops, did I just hint that one of my skills is procrastination? And I probably should try on my own less.

Sometimes I just like to plop and be mellow... preferably outside and away from the crowds. Watching the sun set over the Potomac, boating or walking an isolated little stream... small scale is fine by me.
The first things people usually notice about me
In a room of people, I'm usually not a "noticable" person. I'm definitely not a smooth, flashy, conversation starter in the center of a group. I'm told I come off initially as quiet and aloof before folks get to know me, but I usually earn their friendship with decency, sense, competence, and some occasional geeky humor.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Oh, wow... these aren't how I usually choose to spend my time.
But if I'm stuck indoors... The last fiction I really read was the "Master and Commander" series. I got addicted to Tom Clancy for a while, and liked Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke way back. In non-fiction, I go through water and outdoor safety topics, railroad books (big boys' toys?), military history and reference, and occasional odd stuff like a steel production text.

Movies... well, a day outdoors is better than any movie or TV show. But Deliverance, Sweeney Todd, Red Dawn, Pale Rider, and Frozen will do if I'm stuck inside. And is the Firefly series ever going to resume?

My music has classical (Beethoven opera on an open road in a zippy convertible is an interesting- and potentially dangerous- combination), and the not-ancient stuff ranges from Orbison (yeah, still pretty old) maybe into the 90s. CCR is about the "country" limit of my taste, with Metallica on the hard end. Boston for good acoustic rock, and add Journey, Rush, Benatar, Joel, Beatles, Moody Blues, AC/DC, and a bunch more. Oooo... that list is really dated. Don't ask me about the artists, history, etc; music is something I listen to cover silence rather than an end in itself. And it gets turned off when I have people to talk to.

I'm not really adventurous on food; I've found things I like and usually stick with them. Food is ancilliary to whatever else I'm doing; it's the people I'm with that count. I like good, simple thin-crust pizza, shrimp & scallops, Americanized Tex-Mex, and basic decent Chinese. I'm not sure I know what "good" Mexican or Chinese is. Add good sausages and occasional steak to the list. I'll eat out with friends or on a road trip, but the friends are the main attraction, not the food.
Six things I could never do without
--Water- got to be playing on or in it.
--Cats- great companions. Have to appreciate their independence and individual personalities. Dogs have masters, cats have staff.
--Financial security- I have a secure, well-paying, if dull job. The risks of self-employment or working for a start-up scare the crap out of me. I like not stressing over affording moderate creature comforts. But note that this is not "as much as I can possibly make". "Enough" really is enough- the goal of work is to afford a life.
--Reliable vehicle(s)- yeah, I would like a zero-polluting way of getting around, but show me a way that gets me to work, then play, then home, and will carry my kayaks or tow my boat.
--Time for Fun. I don't know the meaning of life, but I'm pretty sure it is not work or conspicuous consumption. I have fun being outdoors, hiking, kayaking, or sitting with a good view... just let me do that. And it would be really great to share that fun with someone.

Still thinking about #6...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Lots of different things. Some are practical and responsible- what home projects should I work on this weekend- and some are really geeky- why aren't water-injected-turbo-compound engines made.

I often wonder if this site is a worthwhile use of my time. Is anyone actually looking, and for a real and imperfect human? Or have folks confused completing a profile with active looking, and if looking, are only interested in the "perfect match" that does not exist? Hmmm... and do I resemble these remarks?

Sometimes, I want to just stop thinking. After work, I try to find the "brain-off" switch and have some mellow fun, or just vegetate. But note that "brain-off" does not equate to "get smashed".
On a typical Friday night I am
Loading up the vehicle for tomorrow's outdoor adventure, starting tomorrow's home project, or vegetating so I have the energy for tomorow's activity. Friday night is preparation for the weekend.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm far more insecure, anxious, and self-critical than I have any rational reason to be.
You should message me if
You're a decent person, sensible, like to be outdoors, don't mind getting dirty or icky, and don't judge people by an immediate coolness rating. You won't mind being a bit of light for a worn-down soul. Oh, and you might eventually want to meet, rather than just exchange digital bits. I don't see "likes", so at least a little message, please.
The two of us