65 Wakefield, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
A hopeless romantic throwback to the 60's and 70's, Well maybe not hopeless totally. Lonely, caring, loving and loyal, a now retired nurse so poor! Well, not exactly destitute ..... all will become clear! I love music of most kinds but really enjoy live bands! By revealing that we have an annual pilgrimage to get an ear bashing from the mighty "Quo" might not improve my case! I really enjoy a good old natter and "debate", my favourite venue for this pastime being a peaceful typical comfy pub especially when out floating!
Have been "geocaching" for a while now and its great ! Takes me to places I had no idea existed and gets me out for much needed exercise but with an interesting purpose! Go have a look at geocaching dot com and see just how many are near you!
As mentioned, I'm now free of the labours of the good old NHS and a pensioner! Makes me sound old methinks but I really don't feel it. Those in the know about NHS pensions will be aware of the initial lumps sum it provides. Well, my lump sum is now floating in a marina at Brundall near Norwich. Yes, on the Norfolk Broads. Wonderful but bloody expensive. Boats are described as being a hole in water that you just chuck your money in. Never a truer word was spoken!
Thing is I need someone to help hold the ropes every now and again! The rewards for this can be blissful in the peace and tranquility of just slowly floating along, cosy riverside pubs, historic towns, Kingfishers and otters, did I mention peace and tranquility? even candy floss and donkeys if so inclined!


I got fed up with the 380 mile round trip to float so , not only have I downsized my ship but also moved her much closer to home. Now on the canals and have a mooring just 75 yards from a pub!
Assistance with ropes and stuff still very welcome of course.
What I’m doing with my life
Hoping to add friends and accomplices!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Clancy, Le Carre, Henning Mankell, you get the idea?