31Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a chill guy who likes making people happy, seeking someone upon whom I might focus my happiness-making efforts.

I have a wonderful career programming video games. It's something that I've worked hard to achieve and that has paid off splendidly, making it one of the most satisfying things in my life. I find that I look for something similar in others - not that they have accomplished great things, necessarily, but that they have important goals in life and the drive to push towards them, and that the satisfaction of achieving them brings them fulfillment.

I'm definitely the nerdy type, if you hadn't guessed. I get math jokes. Hopefully that's okay with you.

I'll bet you a whole dollar that you've never met anyone with my first name.

I don't travel nearly as much as I would like to. Like, at all. Part of it is that it seems kind of depressing to do it alone, so I'd love to meet someone that I could go explore the world with a bit (eventually - "let's go to a foreign country" is probably not first date material, I don't think).

And yeah I've got a great sense of humor, and confidence, and kindness and all that - didn't you read my CV?
What I’m doing with my life
Working as a programmer is kind of like being employed as a wizard. I spend my days writing in an arcane script understood by few, and when I press a magical button on my computer, strange and exciting things spring forth and take shape - often not the things I was hoping for, specifically, but the unexpected outcomes always keep things interesting. People I work with don't entirely understand what I do, but they know that if they have a problem, I can usually solve it for them. My opinions hold an unusual amount of sway in discussions, even if it's in an area where I really have no business making decisions.

So I spend my days making games, becoming a better programmer-wizard, and seeing where life takes me.
I’m really good at
Making cats purr, being patient with kids...and adults, cycling in LA traffic without dying (much), seeing another person's point of view, taking criticism, making people laugh.

I'd like to think I'm good at writing, a bit of sketching, and maybe even singing, but don't hold me to any of those.

I'm not even going to put "video games" cause what the heck
The first things people usually notice about me
I've gotten comments about my hair a few times. It's long, thick, and luxurious.

That is, when they're not being overwhelmed by the pungent musk of my Sex Panther cologne. 60% of the time, it works every time.
Six things I could never do without
I could do without pretty much everything if it really came down to it, aside from silly things like oxygen and proteins and whatnot. I'm pretty anti-materialistic.

Maybe someday it would be nice to add "you" to this list ~*fucken wink*~
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Though I'm officially a programmer, I end up working on game design a fair amount as well. This means spending a lot of time thinking about how a game or some particular part of one can be made more enjoyable, or in a broader sense, what enjoyment means to different people and what sort of things our minds find satisfying. Particularly on mobile platforms, a lot of games these days are starting to resemble Skinner boxes that reward players with flashy effects and bigger numbers just for pressing a button every day. I try to figure out what it is about these experiences that we find compelling, and how to blend that with deeper mechanics that make players engage their minds and become more involved with and attached to the game.
On a typical Friday night I am
I'd love to put down "catching a movie" or "hitting the bars with guys from work" because those things technically happen on occasion but honestly I'm probably chilling at home, unwinding from the week, maybe playing a video game (shock).

Perhaps someday I can change this to "spending it with you" ~*fucken wink as hell*~
You should message me if
You'd like to share a bit of life with someone, hopefully enriching us both in the process. And if you're looking to trust someone. Trust is sexy.

Also, if you like guys with long hair. My hair is pretty much off the chain. And if you're swooning at all of my alluring ~*winks*~ then you pretty much have no choice.
The two of us