48 North Hollywood, United States
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My self-summary
Warning: do not take the fonts in this biased and shallow description of our selves too seriously. Well, I don't. And you've been warned.

Those who truly appreciate honesty and humor will have a friend in me. You big dummies. :-)

I apologize for the long bio, but I promise this will save us some valuable time upfront. Read on, it's colorful... 😂

I'm an independent, non-patriotic, progressive individual who loves hard, lives to learn, is always thirsty for knowledge, even if it's random and seemingly useless. This eternal, incurable wanderlust explains how I've grown and progressed to be an atheist, a polyamorist, a non-conformist and a bunch of other non-societal normal "ist" terms I truly hate labeling myself under, but will agree to do so in order to keep things easier for the reader here.

I don't pursue traditional, possessive, dysfunctional relationships in life.

I've been jumping off cliffs, figuratively speaking, and will probably continue to do so for ever. Because I can. I'm a free bird, no baggage, not married, no kids, very little debt, no assets, no liabilities, hardly any monthly bills at all, no mortgage, no financing or donating money away to banks more than I have to. This is your cue that although you may end up changing the world one day, you won't be able to change me.

I have very little time for and interest in the mundane, and whatever is left over of it in me only diminishes more and more every day. This is now very obvious also in regards to pop culture and consumerism. Unless you're doin something for the planet or to help the needy, I don't care about which school you paid to go get your obligatory higher training, professional accomplishments or how much money you make or need. If you care about all that, that's great. Our relationship would probably be based in the carnal realm and not much else, lol.

All I care to offer and gain is freedom with those I love, and an open mind. That's it. The end. Those (99.99%) who still require comitment, exclusivity, and possessiveness, don't waste your time. Are you relationship hungry? Then open wide and say "ahhhhhh..."
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to squeeze in a few more hours to my day. Story of my life...
I’m really good at
1) Pushing you off the cliff while still being liked
2) Communicating and looking at things from different angles, like the ones outside of the box (angles outside of a box?)
3) Handling stress and getting mad at those who don't handle it very well. Yup.
4) I will beat anyone on push-ups. Sometimes without using my arms.
5) Eating well and taking very good care of my health.
The first things people usually notice about me
In person I apparently look to be in my early 30's. Not kidding. That's what I hear. I drink from the magic potion of youth. Not one grey hair on this boy cuz I pull out those 2 or 3 that pop up from time to time.

Ah, I'm originally from Rio, Brazil. At times, my slight accent and raspy voice have been known to catch people by surprise.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Too many, too much, will tell you later...
The six things I could never do without
The first 6 strings of my 7-string guitars.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
1) How to victor over metaphoric gravity and geographic immobility, AKA living with very little attachment and liabilities. Also, how to stop bad-mouthing myself behind my own back after I leave the room.
On a typical Friday night I am
Staying up late, you know whatting...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
1) Serious girth.

2) I am not monogamous but I'm in a 6-yr LTR of love with an amazing girl (whom you must be at least open to meet), and my goal here is NOT to replace her or to make her secondary. It's a poly-mono relationship (see the book "More Than Two"). She's naturally monogamous and extremely open-minded, so you must be kind to her, OK with respect to her place, and not expect to be in a competition for the place of primary in my life. It's not about that and if you do require to be in a hierarchical structure in which you must satisfy the feeling of being the number one lover, we should probably keep it platonic, lol.

3) I'm open to wild, crazy occasional sex with the right friends, but I must really f'ing trust you're not giving me a disease.

I am only entertaining relationships of 100% trust and total openness because I fear STDs and because I prefer to have total intimacy with my lovers. The more I get to know and like you and trust you, the better a "friend" I become. I also don't expect you to drop what you're doing, break up your other relationships and become exclusive to me. That's not up to me. But if you have significant others, I'd like the possibility of meeting them to be real.

Lastly, I don't typically date around my age group as much anymore because unfortunately, with some fortunate exceptions, of course, I'm usually not physically attracted to most of the older girls in my generation, is all. It doesn't mean we can't be good friends, but sexually, at this stage in my life, I am mostly attracted to women younger than me. You may think that's shallow, but don't be butt hurt, lol. For those of you who still don't know this, in order for you to have intercourse with a male, his penis needs to be erect. And usually that doesn't just magically happen or stay up for very long if he's not into you physically. I said "usually". Please don't take it personal, mother nature must have had her reasons to make things the way they are.
You should message me if
... you'd like. You should know it by now. Also, if you're gonna respond with one sentences, or "cool" alternate spellings like "frek out", "2nite", "qik", etc, please don't bother. Be open-minded for real, and we'll be friends for a long time if you'd like. I don't simply cancel my existing relationships just because someone new entered my life. The few people in my life are amazing and not replaceable. You can be one of them too.