23Saint Paul, United States
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My self-summary
UPDATE: In a wonderful long-term relationship with a very nice Italian (Cris_92). ^_^ Trying to help a friend navigate the site and OKC won't let me disable my profile, but thank you for the messages.

Nutshell Time: (crack!) - Yeah, that was corny. :P

I frequently answer "yes" to non-yes or no questions, I play sports (volleyball captain, man) and I am a singer, an actress and a published poet...juxtapositions rock! I hail from Fargo but I'm going to school at UST in the Cities right now.

My Poetry (Go Hyperlinks!)

I'm a city dweller in a small town of 10,000, so I try to visit metropolises as often as I can to soak in just enough of the electric aura of city life to support my hibernation in Small Town, USA.

Music makes up a large portion of my life: 75.683%, to be exact. Without it, life would be a giant metronome of boredom that would maintain a constant beat, albeit lacking the accompaniment of melodies and lyrics.

I play tennis, volleyball, basketball, and golf.

I love to act and sing, as well as watch and take part in various forms of theatrics. I often sing along to the J. G. Wentworth "Need Cash Now" commercial. :P

I dabble a bit in graphic and web design and I am a published free verse poet.

I am a history buff who loves to travel.

I am an incredibly random person. It's a justified randomness as opposed to a crazy where-in-the-hell-did-you-come-up-with-that type of randomness. I enjoy using unintentional puns and sarcasm and I also enjoy quirky, witty and dark humor.

I am a big fan of people who have drive and life aspirations.

My goal is to rule the world by the time I'm 30. ;)
What I’m doing with my life
Founded a non-profit organization to support teens around the world when I was 13 and I'm trying to work on it more this summer. Philanthropy plays a huge role in my life.

Majoring in business management and vocal music performance (or musical theatre).

I've been the C.E.O. of a childcare referral service (nanny pimp) since I was nine and now I have to wear classy business attire to my internship everyday. Business attire makes me feel weird; if I had my way, jeans and band tees e'rday.
I’m really good at
I am a music nerd. I enjoy singing opera, classical, Southern gospel/spritual (Yeah, I'm agnostic, but fuck it), jazz, Broadway, and some contemporary music. Adele is also a favorite artist of mine whom I like to cover.

Piano and Sax
Rambling - Exhibit A ^^
Life, in general
Procrastination (It's an art-form)
Not being an airhead (Always a pro)
Writing Poetry
Grammar (Definitely)
Acting (I hope.)
Artful (if that's a word) and Tasteful Profanity (Carlin would be proud)
The first things people usually notice about me
"You look like Zooey Deschanel" is a common icebreaker for some reason.
I am very random and quirky.
I sing. A lot.
I use semi-colons a lot; I don't know why that came to be; probably because I have a fear of ending sentences with prepositions.
People don't know how to react when I use behemoth words.
I have also been told I have incredibly soft hands and feet.
That is all. <- I end stuff with that phrase a lot when I can't think of a better conclusive sentence.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like me [sic] some Kerouac, Steinbeck, Camus and Hemingway. I wish I had more time to read so I could expand my withering list because I love to read, as long as the book is a good read. Pun intended.
Conrad Stargard Series
On the Road
I Am Malala
In the Garden of Beasts
The Stranger
Grapes of Wrath
The Kite Runner
The Perks of Being A Wallflower

Broadway Shows (That's how I interpreted "Shows"):
How to Succeed in Business Les Miserables Chicago Phantom of the Opera Cabaret The Producers Memphis Hair Overall, Hair, Les Miserables, and How to Succeed in Business are my three prized favorites.

TV Shows:
My favorite show is the IT Crowd. It's so hard to find the show in the States, though. :/
The Mighty Boosh (Love Noel Fielding. He is the epitome of awesome.) Freaks and Geeks Pawn Stars (I'm a history nut.) Mythbusters Psych Big Bang Theory Burn Notice The Walking Dead The New Girl 2 Broke Girls House How I Met Your Mother Modern Family The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

Favorite directors include: Tarantino, the Coen Brothers, Burton, Allen, and Hitchcock.
All I Wanna Do Moonrise Kingdom Moulin Rouge Mulan Hair The Prestige Lincoln Big Fish Rocky Horror 500 Days of Summer Le Fabuleux Destin D’Amélie Poulain Fight Club Persepolis Love Actually Rear Window The Indiana Jones series Airplane Inglourious Basterds The Big Lebowski The Producers Annie Hall Pillow Talk Arsenic and Old Lace

My taste in music is very eclectic and bipolar, I might add. I like classic rock, folk, Southern Baptist gospel (Yes, I'm an atheist, but I love the groove and the feel of "authentic" gospel music), the blues, new wave, alternative rock, punk, jazz, classical, and Broadway music.
Manic Street Preachers The Fratellis The Libertines Babyshambles Dirty Pretty Things Pete Doherty Franz Ferdinand The Mars Volta Janis Joplin Jefferson Airplane Rolling Stones The Doors The Sex Pistols Die Toten Hosen No Doubt David BowieJimi Hendrix The Kinks A-ha Arctic Monkeys Simon & Garfunkel Bob Dylan Nick Drake Tom Petty The Smiths Prince Eric Whitacre Frank Sinatra Billie Holliday Aretha Franklin Ella Fitzgerald Ira Gershwin Stephen Sondheim Andrew Lloyd Webber Frederic Chopin Saint-Saens

Age of Empires 2, mahjong, chess, and Scrabble. And, yes, I still occasionally play Super Mario and Super Smash Bros like a boss (or a Boss Koopa, maybe? ;) ). :P

Dill soup
Papaya panna cotta
Six things I could never do without
1. Music
2. Something to write with and something to write on; you never know when a good idea for a poem will arise.
3. The Onion News Network :D
4. (I need an outlet for my warehouse of useless information.)
5. Friday nights with good friends
6. A jaunt to the city every now and then.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how incredibly awesome it would be to start a punk mariachi band called Die Toten Cucaracha (a.k.a. The Dead Cockroach).

How I should not have watched Inglourious Basterds before watching The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (had no idea what TBITSP was about at the time). XD That was an experience... It worked better watching them in reverse order as you'll really want to see Nazi's ruthlessly die after watching TBITSP. :P Both good movies.
On a typical Friday night I am
driving around Detroit Lakes or Fargo with my friends, watching movies, holding trivia nights (bit of a trivia fiend), chilling, going to concerts and making plans for the next Friday night.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
1. Nietzsche is a bad ass philosopher and I have a thing for guys who wear sweater vests and argyle, for some reason. I don't know how that came to be...

2. I am an atheist, but most of my friends are either Catholics or Protestants so it all works out. :) I am not self-righteous about my beliefs - I swing between the totem poles of atheism and agnosticism and I don't judge others based on their beliefs.

3. I'm a master at Dance Dance Revolution and I've never lost a battle. If that's not an indicator that I've attained the zenith of an ultra nerdom status I don't know what is...

4. I am a leftist Libertarian. The Democrats don't want me because they think I'm too conservative and the Republicans don't want me because they think I'm an anarchist.

That is all.
You should message me if
...You like the cut of my jib.
...You don't entirely hate me by now.
...You listen to Nick Drake or the Smiths or you watch the I.T. Crowd.
...You consider yourself to be intelligent and wish to debate or exchange witty banter.
...You're okay with the fact that I just used a set of 5 ellipses in a row and you know what an ellipsis is; added a semi-colon so I don't have to end the sentence with "is". Shit...
The two of us