54Vancouver, United States
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My self-summary
By this stage in life I think we all have had our share of self-introspection (at least I would hope so), and developing that understanding myself I see that there are two sides to my coin and both have value. I teasingly refer that I have Boy Scout morals with a dark side-- how does that sound? I am loyal to a fault, helpful, a friend to most all, self aware and expect the same.

I read an eclectic assortment of books and magazines; it's good to be well rounded. Other sedentary joys would include Movies, soda's & burgers and Cinetopia (talk about one stop shopping).

Physically, cycling, playing golf, and straping on a backpack now and then are fun ways to spend days. I'm active in all sorts of outdoor activities, but need to disclose I fully suck at anything with the word "ski" attached to it, but it doesn't take away from having fun.

I am an experienced traveler-- from International flights to extended road trips in a car. I should disclose that my idea of camping is actually backpacking to a lake THEN camping. Having participated in Cycle Oregon twice, and considering a few more, I'm selective about routes and would wait for a Steens ride if they didn't sell out so fast. My greatest adventure to date was my humanitarian trip to Morocco. A country that is the melting pot of European, Mediterranean, Persian, African and Arab influences gave me an opportunity to understand how little I knew about the world; and just how alike we all are. I assure you that a hardware store in Fes smells just the same as a local one in Vancouver, and has the three cronies that hang out there all day just like here.

Who am I looking for? Woman who is feminine (with a hint of tomboy), that has a sense of style and an adventurous side as well, is very attractive to me. She would acknowledge that some songs need to be heard at volume level 11 and not 10, and would be by my side as we rushed the stage at a U2 concert. Someone who has an opinion and is willing to listen to mine. She would have a history of lasting friendships, and has a track record of independence. I appreciate a woman who looks beyond the nicks, dents and scratches that life hands us, and realizes that those are the elements that make people unique, that give us character. Most of all I want someone in my life who can be open, sincere, can accept a compliment and has a positive view of themselves.

This one is important - I love roller coasters, yet I think Mr. Toads wild ride is one of the best rides at Disneyland.

The down and dirty on me - Loyal, Witty, and Healthy.
What I’m doing with my life
Starting from rubble I've climbed my way up the corporate ladder with the company, and currently am in sales, but have held many positions including leadership roles over my many years with them. I am fortunate the company is big enough I never stagnated doing just one job the entire time.

Beyond earning paychecks, there is work around my home and I am also back in school to finish my degree (what can I say, one thing led to another and here I am a student who also makes a decent living).

Planning any trip abroad; I'd really like to make it back to Morocco again, but then went onto REI's travel section and saw where one could go to Peru and do trail repair work on the trail to Machu Picchu-- how cool is that? Then again so would hanging out in Buenos Aires. I've been to NYC once and frankly, I could go back again in a heartbeat.
I’m really good at
Sadly, forgetting people's names at the instant they are introduced, putting together massive playlists on iTunes, and because I'm a guy-- tying in an obscure quote of a movie that fits perfectly with the moment.

Not that anything above is sexy, but this definitely needs to be on the not-sexy list, I'm the best dish washer I know.

To counter balance all this I've been told I'm a good kisser.
The first things people usually notice about me
in the first 10 seconds -- smile, eyes, and well... that I'm not overly tall (it's true, I know, hard to believe)

in the first 10 minutes -- that you are sitting across from a good guy; I listen, self-effacing, and that I have no problems answering questions.

in the first 10 days -- that I'm genuine and what I've presented here, is authentic. Truth be told, you'll see that I'm a Goof, and in most cases after 10 days you'll like that side of me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music - Hmmm, well I like Alternative style bands, classic rock, actually just about everything from AC/DC to Zero 7. Lately I've been into Thievery Corporation, The Brian Jonestown Massacre (how cool is that for a band name?) and I would highly recommend checking out Morcheeba's "Big Calm". I will say I'm not overly crazy about Country or Western, but I've been wrong before so I could be wrong now.

Food - who doesn't enjoy good food? I like it all, and I'm very adventuresome regarding different ethnic styles of dishes. Comfort food would be a classic Thanksgiving style meal (Huber's), or a good combo pizza. Pizza is a must for anyone, come on you can't be raised by wolves!

I'm going to throw a little TV in here, Anthony Bourdain travel series (he has a lot of variations), Globe Trekker, and my on going soap type shows: Grimm, Sherlock (BBC)/ Elementary (US), Person of Interest, Mr Robot, The Walking Dead, The Blacklist and Rectify (the filming is so lush).

I prefer to go to the movie theater vs renting DVD's, but sometimes the theater just doesn't work out, so I'm content with either. One of the recent movies I've seen in a theater was "Bridge of Spies". I have a theory called "The Jackie Gleason Phenomenon", you'll have to sit across from me to find out what it is, but Tom Hanks is at the core of that theory. I love movies like Baraka, Powaqqatsi, yet I will defend to my death that "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" is one of the funniest movies of all time. I like suspense movies but I could do without watching what I call splash & splatters.

I routinely read the comic strips Pearls Before Swine, Mutts, and I've got Calvin & Hobbes bookmarked for a daily dose of him as well.

I am all over the board regarding book choices from biographies to SciFi. If it's a good read I'll pick it up and pour though it. I've read "Eat, Pray, Love", hey-- I'm dating, and I figured this would be good to broaden my horizons. If I had to choose a favorite book it would be Heinlein's "Job: A Comedy Of Justice". I can't put my finger on why I'm attracted to this book, but it seems to pull at me. If I'm traveling though, I enjoy classics, "To Kill A Mocking Bird", "Brave New World" or better yet "Treasure Island". Travel books to me should be something quick, easy and familiar so I can allow my senses to absorb my new environment without too much competition. BTW, Powell's is Mecca.

This section is *under construction* as all things should be
Six things I could never do without
In no particular order:

Coffee (I'm becoming less of a bear without a cup in the morning)

My Apple stuff - Specifically, my iPod

Gore-Tex -- I really have a thing for Gore-Tex coats

My friends - I have the best friends.

Good Luggage - Ever busted luggage on trip? Then you know what I'm talking about.

I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why traffic backs up so early on I-5 NB.

If a rabbit can get sucked into the engines of a Concorde jet at full throttle from 295 feet away, what the hell were they doing in front of it anyway?

How I could possibly score Portland on my "What major city are you test?" I mean, COME ON! wtf?

Why we haven't been able to develop a translating collar for Dogs like Dug wore in the Pixar movie "Up"

When I drop my English Muffing it lands butter side down... is this a physics thing? Why does this defy statistical odds?

See, I think about the important stuff in life.
On a typical Friday night I am
Going in the direction my internal compass points me to.

Dining, having obscure discussions with friends, checking out the local scenes Portland has to offer-- which frankly has a lot.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm neat-neat, but I'm not clean-clean, I'm just clean. I'm a horrible duster, but I'm working on that.

I have Metallica & The Partridge Family on the same playlist on my iPod (try and connect the dots on that one, just try).

I swear more than I should.

Syzygy is one of my favorite words.

I like anything with the word "show" attached to it-- Car Shows, Boat Shows, RV shows (which impossibly so, is better than the boat shows), Yard and Garden Shows, Home Shows... I draw the line at Cat Shows, I've been to a Dog Show, yet I just can't see myself going to a Cat show-- hold on-- Nope, can't see it.
You should message me if
You think you understand WHY Mr. Toads ride is so fantastic.

Something, in all that I've written to this point, resonates in your minds eye to who you see yourself having a future with.You earnestly are looking for a good guy.

You do not adhere to the opinion "The person who cares the least in the relationship, wins." If you do, look somewhere else.
The two of us