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My self-summary
Addendum to moniker: MusicmyPassion.....Real, beyond honest (maybe brutally at times, but with civility and respect), warm, engaging, spiritual, evolved, very witty, very attuned, emotionally and physically available, sensual,sexual, passionate, giving, loving, tough,pull no punches, I speak my mind, I always keep a promise and I make very, very few..If I'm wrong I admit it, if I change my mind you'll know, if I say something I mean it. I will never stay in something where 2 people are not on the same page, it's not possible to "make something work" either does or it doesn't... Very comfortable with who and what I am and what I'm looking for; the opinion of others matters less to me as time goes by, self-confident, self-assured (same thing?), I live only in truth and reality, in the "what is" I tell it like it is, I cut through the "stuff"...high degree of integrity, intuition and psychologically aware...pretty easy going,go with the flow, dedicated to those I love, true friend, kick-ass grandma, can be silly, loving, generous of spirit, down to earth, semi-free spirited, being an adult coupled with a very youthful spirit, attitude, in a good place. Have learned to bend with the winds and be grateful for all I do have rather than lament what I don't and know that life's twists and turns sometimes take you down a road where you might find something you didn't even know you were looking for... Being alone is wonderful I love my solitude.. would rather that than just be with anyone who doesn't float my boat..I don't go out just for the sake of it, I spend alot of time alone and quite content, you can't be with someone else in a healthy way until you are content sitting with yourself and liking it...not looking for someone to "complete" me, I'm whole already, looking for the elusive "kindred spirit" to share some space with, the "icing" on my already complete "cake", (your "cake" should be finished too, with healthy dollops of self-respect/worth/esteem and high integrity. But not arrogant! Say what you mean and mean what you say, or say nothing... I don't think like most, I relish in my individuality, something I read once I love: I'm like a strong cup of espresso, not for everyone,(fortunately), very selective and particular, seeking the "perfectly imperfect fit" for me..we all have stuff, but there's healthy stuff and not so healthy stuff,it takes 2 people's "stuff" fitting together nicely... I'll know when I know..I abhor bs, pretension, arrogance, rudeness, racism, anger issues, entitlement issues, homophobia and don't do well with ultra-conservatives. Rships should not be hard, or need too much work, if you have to "try hard" it's not happening, why would you want to be a part of something complicated or be thought of as a complication in someone's life? ugh... Do not want difficult at this stage of my life, seek easy, free flowin, people make things more complicated than they need to be, when it's right, you just know it and feel it, if it's not happening have the self love, respect (for yourself and the other person) and gumption to say so, and know that there's a reason for everything, if there's no match, someone is telling you there's something/someone more suitable for you elsewhere, even heartbreak has it's purpose...I seek something which enhances life, does not hinder it's growth, cause angst or drama, something deliciously fun, natural, passionate and the real deal, physical attraction is either there or it isn't, it's intangible,can't be explained or sought after, you either feel it or you don't, but it must be there intensely for me in order to have a healthy, complete rship..mutuality is always the key to a rship, people not on the same page can never be in the same book.... will never settle for less than what I want, desire and need, would rather be wanted than needed and and trust goes hand in hand with love...I believe love is not a noun, it's a verb. Things go the way they are meant to and it's all part of the journey..What is just is..
Some things I love and am passionate about: beach, mountains, music,music, music,(my job involves live music).. a true books, jeans, boots, thunderstorms, wine,eating at the bar, fireplaces, my grandchildren,my family, my wonderful, intimate friends, films of all kind, walking in city or country, falling into someone's arms laughing hysterically, (without alot of laughter and fun there is no rship), being snowed in, but summer is my favorite much more of course, but that's (more than) enough for now :-)
What I’m doing with my life
Grateful to just wake up breathing every morning..then there's work, what I do; involves music... Love movies, music, music, music, reading, being a grandmother, choosing who I spend time with wisely and sparingly, laughing myself silly, hoping it's still a long road ahead..
Continuing to evolve, feel more liberated everyday, opinions of others matter less to me all the time, grateful for where I am emotionally, spiritually, physically..
And I guess what I'm doing online (still after years on and off) is giving fate a bit of a nudge, but it's all in the stars, what's meant to be will be, and what isn't, just won't...and however it goes, is just part of the plan..
I’m really good at
Being true to myself without guilt, loving my sense of self and what I am...reading people, reading signs, engaging people, seeing lies/false people, listening, friends come to me for advice and my so-called "wisdom"..have an uncanny intuition,
My job in music, engaging, building rships with people; I'm as real as they come, being brutally honest,(but kind and respectful), having an abundance of integrity, looking at things pragmatically, being in a rship, I'm very good at knowing what works for me and what doesn't and have no problem voicing it and living it, really good at taking no bs and cutting through the nonsense.....and I cannot list everything else here..
The first things people usually notice about me
I've been told an 'aura", my smile, my honesty, my humor, my genuine nature, my self-confidence, my laugh, my spirituality, my ability to relate, to "get it", my warmth, my emotions, my style, how they can't believe my age...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Too many books to mention, read all the time.. fiction; novels about life, relationships, real stuff all go through, loss, the journey,happiness,the ties that bind; Jodi Piccoult, Luanne Rice, many more.. Historical fiction, Philippa Gregory,...also spiritual books, books on Buddhism; Lama Surya Das, Pema Chodron, Mark Nepo, Sera Beak's The Red Book,autobiogs, Clapton, Rick Springfield, tried really hard at Keith's Life, couldn't get through it....Movies, too many favorites to mention; a few are Pay it Forward, The Sound of Music, Love Actually, Under the Tuscan Sun;foreign films.. watch alot of old &W movies, nothing like Grant and Lombard TV: sitcoms, comedies, Seinfeld, Will and
Grace, 2 1/2 Men, Mike and Molly,King of Queens, Hot in Cleveland, Happily Divorced, etc... medical dramas; Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice..anything musical, yes, an American idol fan...hey, it's got Steven Tyler! Music..Ah, my passion, a melomaniac... could never list everything here, it's the soundtrack to my life, I don't just listen, I feel music in my soul......all from Bocelli to Idol, Bennett to Winehouse, Sinatra to even some Gaga (phenomenal voice)...The Canadian Tenors to Alabama Shakes, and yes, the Bee Gees to Audioslave.... and everything in between..60's all the way up to current indi-alt...Favs; Jackson Browne, David Grey, Elvis Costello, Mark Knopfler, Clapton,Ray Lamontange, Lindsey Buckingham, all the regular classic stuff, Eagles,CSN, Zeppelin, Mac, Motown, smooth R&B, what we used to call soul music, country, some rap (I can appreciate the poetry, but don't like the violent, angry rap) and even some gospel, (Mavis Staples rocks).... Singer songwriter types, Adele,Sia, Nicole Atkins, Tori Amos,Lissie, Neko Case, Mary J. Blige, Ryan Adams,Amos Lee, Citizen Cope, Eddie Vedder, Kings of Leon, Augustana,..Keane, Petty, Shins, Arcade Fire,Mumford and Sons......lots of new indi-alt stuff; Scars on 45, Kooks, Spoon, Airborne Toxic Event, The National, also, Wilco , Calexico, Nils Lofgren, Bruce, new favs, Black Keys, Alabama Shakes, etc, etc, etc..Food: of course love it..Wine, dark chocolate and a burnt pretzel freak..
Six things I could never do without
Hard to only mention 6..well, other than the obvious, food and kids, grandkids and their hugs.. family/friends, music, the truth, music, my inner voice/sense of self, love, touch, delicious, hysterical laughter, did I mention music? Great emotional and physical intimacy, great banter, my health (emotional and physical), my jeans,my cowboy boots, my individuality and freedom, my ability to always live in truth, with integrity and be a realist, and oh so much more... well, that's alot more than 6...guess I don't always follow the rules, as I believe there are none in this kind of thing..
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Where I've been, what's ahead, the next chapter, waking up everyday grateful that I did, everyday's a new gift, my grandchildrens' futures, wondering whether I'll share the rest of the journey with my awesome, adorably funny "perfect fit" or alone, (that's ok too)..I think about my family and friends and how blessed I am to love and be loved so many people,past and present, believe what will be will be and that's OK
On a typical Friday night I am
There's no "typical", it depends on any one particular Fri. night..
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I love my Snuggie...and real private things are reserved for those I choose to reveal them to.
You should message me if
If what I wrote resonates, You are: the real deal, utterly honest, evolved, strong sense of self, self respect and true grit, not needy, kind, casual/classy, independent, possess gentle strength, great wit, silly, have a youthful spirit with the wisdom that comes with maturity, not arrogant or pompous in anyway, if you do not define success by career or wealth, but by personal growth and how you live your life with integrity. Prefer the bitter truth to sweet lies, have a passion for music, films, beach, mountains, city, country, are not a slick talker, show off or define yourself by what you do, what you drive, what you own, have things in a healthy perspective, see things a bit off beat, emotionally healthy and available (physical too),loving, available!! generous of spirit, sensual, passionate, spiritual, open to a real rship, and are really looking for one, Someone who is truly free of old rship/marriage, etc, doesn't matter whether you're only separated or divorced for many years but must be far enough out of it emotionally and ready for a new chapter. generally if you "get it"...and if you know what that means, then you probably "get it"...Not looking for perfection,there's no such thing.. just the imperfectly perfect fit for me...Of course all of the aforementioned does not mean there's a match, so if you are self-esteem challenged and cannot accept a polite thank you, but no thank you when there's not a mutual desire to connect, please pass me by :-) Also,I know this is long, but it is not meant for everyone and not interested in those who write me and tell me to shorten it, in that case clearly I am not for you and you are not for me and that's OK..and please, do not write me if you are married, seeing someone or "available", (if you've read the profile you'd see I'm here for a partner for me, /not "available" as a "side dish" clearly if you write, you haven't read it, you've just looked at the photos.. and an "other woman" hook up is not what I seek...why do these people pick single women, not women in their same situation? Right wing conservatives, trump supporters, please do not message me.....
The two of us