56Wernersville, United States
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My self-summary
Hello There!,
I'm True_Lover48
I am a very understanding and kind
I like to listen and I like to be heard. To cuddle and be affectionate.
I am very lovable and compassionate. I love tolaugh and make other people laugh.
I am Loving, Affectionate, and True

It's very important to be able to get to know someone at a reasonable pace so it can develop into a strong trusting friendship. The foundation that can last a lifetime.

A relationship between a man and woman shouldn't be forced although I do believe in nurturing.

When I'm with the right person I strongly believe that everything will fall into place the way it should and at the right pace.

I'm definitely not into head games but I like to have humorous fun.
I refuse to go through life without a sense of humor.Otherwise it's possible to crack in this seemingly ridiculous world we live in.
I used to be more serious but I am learning to let some things go since I can't change the whole world.

I would love to go to a local show or event. Even though it has been decades since I have been involved in any activities as it is only because of not having someone to enjoy those things with being fairly new to my area and having moved away from friends. I don't know anyone but friendship is very important to me so I hope to meet more people and make new friends.

The right person for me is someone who understands and is easy to talk to. Understands teenagers and accepts the fact that my life isn't perfect and easy but that's okay because this is life.

We are supposed to have fun.

I have always believed that patience is a virtue and I hope that the man of my dreams shares this belief with me.

The right guy is someone who is kind,passionate and loving and happy and positive about life.Someone who is patient and understanding., Loves to have fun and believes that can be doing just about anything as long as it's with the right person.

"Life is too short to dwell on whats wrong with it.Focus on the positive,expect the best and forget the rest"

Things I'd like to do and places I'd like to see again sometime or for the first time in my lifetime are;
* Sightseeing in the country
* Sightseeing to notorious places where there are light houses(I love light houses)
* Visits to Harbors (Love the harbor)
* Boating
* New York City
* Poconos
* California coastline
* Florida
* New places and [[events
What I’m doing with my life
*Right now I'm looking for work.
*Looking at online universities and planning to get a degree in web graphic design. (Yes I'm 50 and I'm doing this. LOL)
*Readjusting to life after moving to a new area.
*Surviving much.
*Working on getting into shape through exercise and diet.
*Hoping to find a way to meet people and form new friendships.
*Looking forward to good times ahead.
*Looking forward to spending time with someone special.
I’m really good at
*Writing song lyrics and poetry.But I haven't ever published any.
*Listening to what someone else has to say.Because if I want to be with you, that means I'm interested in what you have to say as well.
*Being friendly while pulling my hair out.LOL j/k
*Talking once we get to know one another better and other wise I'm quiet.
*Dreaming of what it will be like to have someone hold me in his arms(well what else am I to do while I'm waiting for you to ask me out?) Hey I'm in a new area where I know no-one and I have no Idea what is happening around here. (What do people do around here for fun?)
*Giving advice
*Caring (wish I could do more to help people)
*Not knowing when to stop writing.(no that's not one is it?)
The first things people usually notice about me
*I'm very nice.
*I'm to the point.
*I'm easy to talk to.
* I'm looking for what is real.
*I find humor in a lot of things.
*Oh yeah and my extremely long brown hair and my deep brown eyes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
*I don't read novels but I like to read stuff of interest and variety.
*I like magazines but there are enough in the waiting room to keep me occupied.
*I like to read the bible but I'm not a fanatic.

Movies-I love movies.
Action, Adventure,Comedy,Thrillers,Romance.
I like all of Adam Sandler Movies.Eugene Levy Movies
Suspense/thrillers...Da Vinci Code,I am Legend , Conair, all Nicholas Cage movies and Will Smith Movies and Tom Hanks.
Also Reese Witherspoon Movies and Helen Hunt, Tea leoni and much more.

I like all kinds of Music.. Pop,Rock,Oldies, Alternative, Christian,Some Country and more.

I like Lobster tail as a special dinner,Fillet Mignon,Shrimp, Crab Legs, Cheese Burgers and Cheese steaks,French Fries, Salad,Chicken, Gourmet food and everyday all American food.But I wouldn't judge you by which restaurant you take me to.

Cookies and Coffee are my weakness so I better lay off them until I finish getting in shape.
Six things I could never do without
At least six things and more.....After My Lord Jesus Christ

1) First of all I can't live without my kids because they are my pride and joy,
2)a Positive outlook since negative breeds negative and positive breeds positive.
3)Money But the love of it is rooted in evil.The government reins on it's power.
4) Hope If I had none then life would be useless.
5)Understanding If I didn't have the understanding of others and could not understand life then I would be powerless over most of what life has to offer.
6)Love Shared with another.
Love with a purpose.Love without judging Love with your whole heart. Love with preservation Love with understanding
Love with kindness Lovewithout jealousy Love with dignity
Lovewith hopingLove without failingLove in truth. LoveNot with infidelity But Love with patience LoveWith all you've got and all you are. Share with honesty and know with a certainty that two souls may intertwine and the "truth" will uphold you forevermore.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
*What God want to teach me today?
*What it would be like to actually be in a real relationship with someone.
*What it will be like when I get my bachelors degree in Web Graphics design.
*What is will be like when I have my own business.
*Finding a Job.
On a typical Friday night I am
Taking it easy and realizing that another week has gone by.
Spending time with my kids, Watching TV or playing games on facebook or On facebook playing games, Doing some research, Blogging, Listening to my Youtube channel,Bible study or Resting.
Not much else to do.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a little bit older than I look
You should message me if
*You are a Christian man between 45 and 52
*You'd like to get to know me on this sight for a while
*You are patient
*You believe in prayer first before everything
*You would like to call me on the phone after we get to know each other for a while here.
* you would like to ask me out for coffee or any other nonalcoholic beverage and after we have gotten to know each other here and have had a few phone conversations
* It's okay with you if we are just friends for a while and don't expect a commitment until we are sure it is God's will
The two of us