33Kingston, Canada
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My self-summary
everything about me is a contradiction. I walk lightly and carry a heavy heart. eyes bursting, I've seen the world as it really is. not as I hoped it would be or how it should be. but the muck of it, the fumbling and failures of myself and fellow travellers.

I've jumped from planes and fucked on altars. I slept on benches in foreign countries, unable to call home. I have watched the sun rise over Pompeii and seen the bodies dried yet still drooling.

I have been scoffed at, proposed to, ridiculed and worshipped. I've had every conceivable insult thrown into my face, both naked and clothed. I have stood up to tasks that I thought might kill me. I have gotten drunk with the richest and the poorest people of this nation.

and friends...this makes me both amenable and bored. intoxicated by life yet seeking the next high. I dream of quiet nights, dew forming on gardens and babies softly breathing in their cribs. my only fault is that I want it all, and I want to keep living forever and dreaming my impossible dreams.

if you have read this and think, even for one second, you can keep pace with me in my wild dances through deserts and storms, then click. click now. click hello. I'm here, impatiently waiting for you to join me at the table and take your place among the stars.
What I’m doing with my life
schlepping mostly

oh wait. I forgot, I'm gaming the system.

yoga. running. fun. girl. sexy. petite. tea. blond. pilates. adventure. happy. cute. wine. positive. joke. curls. redhead. bubbly. epic. career. curvy. money. healthy. beer.
I’m really good at
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Vonnegut, Murakami, McCarthy (Blood Meridian and Suttree in particular), Ondaatje, Steinbeck, Fanon, La Femme Nikita, Park Chan Wook, Lars von Trier, GOT, The Walking Dead, Luther,
TV on the Radio, Bill Callahan, Jaar, Silver Jews, All jazz from 1959...kale, quinoa, steak, Nova Scotian baking, homemade Trinidadian hot sauce
I spend a lot of time thinking about
whether the upcoming renewed appreciation for civic engagement will ultimately be thwarted by the radical individualism brought on by technology.
On a typical Friday night I am
masturbating and eating gummy bears.
You should message me if
I put effort into my greeting to the world.
please do the same with your greeting to me.
The two of us