31Milwaukee, United States
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My self-summary
First and foremost let me introduce myself, My name is Ron (Rocko) and I have a list of prerequisites that a person must meet before contacting me. Just like any high valued job and or business, D-1 school or elite entry level position regarding anything worth having or exceptional in life, only certain well rounded gifted people qualify to even know me. Here is my list of requirements and reasoning for it.
1. You must actually write me or contact me first because it is my opinion that society reflects the culture of dating, and whomever the dominant (collective culture) gendered members of society are at any given point are responsible to initiate the first approach or initiation of communication. With that being said yes it is true as your cult leaders such as Beyonce says “WOMEN RUN THE WORLD TODAY.” Yes You are progressive, assertive, dominant and in charge of everything else in your life, the head of education, your own independence as well as exceptional political pull and representation taken more seriously collectively than men are in today’s social climate. With that being said you should be more than capable of grabbing the bull by the horns in your own dating life and initiating communication with men (ANY MAN) that you see value in or fit for you, rather than waiting around for prince charming to make a move because you can’t have it both ways in the real world. Beggars can’t be choosers. Personally I am never thirsty or desperate for attention so I have decided to reframe from approaching or initiating communication so if I peak your interest the entire responsibility is on you if you are a GROWN woman than surely you can handle it. I refuse to have any woman walking this planet assume that I am thirsty or need anyone ever point blank period. This rule is nonnegotiable.

2. I am not interested in anyone with kids or any kind of offspring! As I didn’t take part in creating the seed therefore my name shouldn’t be screamed to cover the bills and responsibility of the offspring. If my name was the name being screamed in the bedroom during the procreation process then I would have no problem being with you but it wasn’t so therefore I am not interested in anyone with a kid/s.

3. As far I am concerned most women have a lot of animosity towards strong men with their balls intact as well as the neutered effeminate men of society which they created with 3rd wave feminism (the anti-male culture) yet claim that “all the good men are dead, taken, in jail or gay etc” which is not true. The only truth is that you yourself have mind f*cked yourselves into being eternally single by believing such nonsense and only allowing yourselves to be attracted to knuckle dragging Neanderthals. To me that sounds like a psychological problem that most women have developed and because it is self-inflicted wound and perpetuated by the media, I have ZERO empathy for such nonsensical thinking. Therefor e I will not tolerate ANY woman disrespecting me or treating me like a toddler for any reason trying to talk herself out of liking me (with the exception of breastfeeding JK lol). But seriously if you are interested in me you have to have known who your father was/is because I have learned over the years that women who grew up WITHOUT fathers have a strong tendency to hate men. I’m not the dramatic arguing type, I’ll simply discontinue contact with you if I think that you are crazy immediately. If I feel disrespected or if I sense that you are trying to break my balls in any way I’ll just conveniently lose your contact info.

4. NO DRUG/crackhead/heroine heads or alcoholics need to apply. 0 tolerance policy. I don’t mind a woman that drinks socially (BUT THAT’S A BLURRED LINE FOR MOST imo). If you need to drink everyday just to function in society then I prefer that we don’t know one another. Also if you do coke or hard drugs, for sure lose my number. I hate cigarettes and cannot kiss a female who smokes squares because it simply smells like fresh tar.

5. You need to be 100% disease free because I was always taught that “everything that glitters is not GOLD” and I am not some sleazy typical average Joe dude that needs p*ssy just to breathe. I control myself mentally, spiritually and physically at all times. I think a lot of people have diseases these days and assume that they will be overlooked because they have a Fat Azz or big tits, and unfortunately most dudes are desperate so they inspire this unacceptable behavior while wasting away because they stuck their d*ck in trash compactor wearing a hair hat (aka a dump site). With that being said before I have sexual relations with any female OF ANY COLOR she must be tested for everything including Ebola. I am a man of principle so I value my health so p*ssy is not worth going out like Easy-E did. (RIP) I rather live long and get quality, not quantity.

6. We are not “friends,” I am not looking for friends or friendships on a damn dating site. Attractive men and women should never be platonic in my opinion because we are biologically wired to think different and experience the world differently which is what makes us attracted to one another. Friendship kills attraction plain and simple. We are simply people exploring our options for a potential romantic/intimate connection/relationship. If anything we are associates until we agree on the terms and conditions of being an item. I don’t play that whole “this is my friend” game that women tend to play to hide their feelings for certain men. I firmly believe that you know who you are attracted to and who you are not based on the moment you 1st interact, IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE lol and it should NEVER be forced.

7. If you are interested in knowing me on a real level you will abide by these terms and conditions at all times without a rebuttal and you can ask me for my number and text me because I will not ask for yours under any circumstances. Even if I like you, you’ll find out when I respond to your message on here or text message via phone if you ask for my number. If I am not attracted to you, don’t take it personally I simply will say thanks for the message, no further inquiry needed because I’m cool at the end of the day.

8. Don’t message me telling me what you think about me in a negative way or that I am too rough on women or that I act like a cold blooded businessman because I AM A BUSINESS MAN and dating should in fact be handled more like a business. If it were people would be more successful and no one would even be on sites like this including YOU lol. Successful businessmen filter out lack luster/lagging parties before hiring them typically and fire them before things proceed, I would like to do the same with my dating life as I would filter anything else in my life using critical thinking skills and logic. God only gave a select few men critical thinking skills, obviously most men don’t think with the bigger head like I have evolved to do therefore I am *ELITE higher valued point blank period and no one could ever change that. In other words after reading this, if you aren’t interested in me, simply save your critique for someone else who cares because it’s obvious I don’t care AT ALLLLL ever.

9. I PREFER women who work out somewhat. You don’t need to be a gym rat but clearly I have some muscle on me here and there & plan on gaining more and ripping up more because my life is predicated on progress. If you are overweight and sloppy the only way that I will entertain you is if you have a real good personality, nice face and a big azz on you with it. I can only be real with my terms and conditions because I will not lower my standards to make others comfortable as I know no one would do that for me either. Also please do not be buffer than me because I am the man in this situation so I don’t want some chick with 20inch arms and a voice like Debo trying to match physical strength with me because I like feminine women point blank period. YES I LIKE BIG BUTTS and will refuse to lie, clearly I am intelligent but I am also shallow to some extent like every other human creature on this planet, the only difference is you people lie to yourselves and I don’t, which is why I am so confident being real with you here. We are all half hypocrites to some extent. No one is perfect not even me. Nonnegotiable.

10. Respect my opinion and I will respect yours but we don’t have to agree on life, this isn’t Barney or sesame street and you aren’t applying to be my best friend as I already have one of those, if you are lucky you are applying here to be my woman plain and simple or new associate in life.

If you meet the aforementioned pre-qualifications, and are not intimidated by the terms & conditions regarding the application process proceed forward. Simply send me your resume and cover letter aka your message explaining why you feel that you are a fit candidate for the position in an e-mail. Don’t just say “Hi” btw because that simply tells me that you have 0 personality and no soul wanting me to do all of the foot work which I will refuse immediately. Remember you are a woman and you run the modern world after all. Welcome to the former responsibility of what us men had to do to get with you throughout history. Thanks for your interest. Good luck.
Signed Ron the CEO.

ZO what morning show and the 5150 show
women who like to smile when I am around :]
What I’m doing with my life
Currently I am a social worker for teens in crisis. In general I am trying to gain new experiences in my life. I want to fulfill some more of my goals and step it up to the next level.
I work hard to play hard I'm ambitious and I try to stay up on my nutrition and fitness. Anything fun I'm with it. I have my own whip, crib, and career aka car, apt, and job, and no kids. I'm a soldier. Ask and find out anything else you want to know or keep it movin.
I’m really good at
writing, lifting, MMA fighting, my job and creating fun moments out of sheer nothingness.
The first things people usually notice about me
my confidence, arms, style, presence of powerful vibe.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
it's too many to really name off top. I like Mafia movies though thats for sure. Goodfellas & Scarface. I like Italian foods, spanish foods, and seafood.
Six things I could never do without
FREEDOM. Oxygen, money, vehicle, crib, job
I spend a lot of time thinking about
HONESTLY MONEY & the ambition to some day make 6 figures weekly. The Afterlife.
Also making day to day responsibilities more convenient.
On a typical Friday night I am
whatever I want to do at that time if I'm not at work.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
You should message me if
If I'm what you are looking for and you not afraid.
The two of us