28London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
--IN ALL HONESTY-- I wrote up this bio over a year ago and a lots changed since then. Mainly that the novelty of having an online dating account to laugh about has since worn off.
I've also been in probably the healthiest relationships I've ever heard of for the best part of a year. Other changed include; I'm no longer studying, I rarely have free time, I don't live with seven other people anymore, I never have a chance to ride my BMX and I no longer take drugs on a regular basis - if ever.
I pretty much just keep this whole thing going to creep on other people, have others help my ego/self confidence by creeping on me in a "here's-what-you-could-have-won" kind of way.
Thanks for your interest ladies and gentlemen (yeah, they like a look too) it's been fun.

Oh and someone inboxed me the lyrics to "Hello" already.
Keep reading, it'll make sense soon.

I hate trying to sum up your personality in a brief statement, it's something I've had to a lot recently. I just gave up a career in graphic design to go back to school to study illustration, working part time as a cocktail maker. It's given me a lot of free time to do stuff but I mostly waste my time hanging out with the seven people I live with, talking about lame subjects like who started rockabilly, the best coffee in London (easily the bagel shop on brick lane), the differences between skinheads and racists, how to put a 2-way cassette on a bmx and the worst place to get a tattoo, in between quoting Bronson and Arnie. I'm a fucking solid chef and a dry wit, though a have a passion for akward situations, which is a gift and a curse.
What I’m doing with my life
Mostly at the moment I'm balancing finishing work at five in the morning and starting school at 10 with commuting across London, chain smoking and energy drinks.
I’m really good at
Aside from the obvious cooking, tattoos and cocktails, I'm also extremely good at validating pointless excuses, falling over, finding myself in inexplicable scenarios and making literally any situation totally awkward.
Six things I could never do without
Bill Cosby
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I totally considered putting the lyrics to Lionel Richies classic "Hello (is it me you're looking for)" as my self summary.
The two of us