41Traverse City, United States
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My self-summary
Open, honest, intelligent, inquisitive, insightful, smarmy, communicative, creative, quick witted, confident, playful, and down right fascinating!

I have no practice naming off my traits and quirks, but my friends will tell you I'm thoughtful and easy to be around, always curious and always embracing good people and good situations.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a student once again, needing some mental stimulation to change it up! I crave conversations that challenge my perceptions. I love to travel and immerse myself into fascinatingly different cultures.

My school work is kind of like the show Bones, only with a healthy dose of reality mixed in, and like I'm David Boreneaz, only more like when he was in Angel... he's probably taller, and better looking... but I'm freaking real dude! I'm currently studying forensic anthropology, archeology, philosophy, and biology, working to get a masters in facial reconstruction or parasitology or some random ass thing that pays me to be a nerd.

I currently work as a freelance photographer and as a projectionist; creativity keeps me happy. I like sculpting and painting so it's not uncommon to find me covered in weird and random stuff. On that note, are you the kind of person that can tell me I have something stuck on my face, instead of just letting me walk around I like a tool all day? It's also cool if you neglect to mention it because you're trying to be deviously clever.
I’m really good at
Making you smile :D
Going on adventures in the most unlikely of places
Saying something dark and witty when I first wake up
Thoughtful actions and strange little gifts
Analyzing without being overly analytical
Listening, perceiving, and being in the moment
Finding myself in unlikely situations
I have a wicked freaky memory for useless information
Finding humor in every situation

Art, though I'd like to take a moment to point out that my profile pictures don't represent my artistic ability or personality, unless you count vain looking mirror shots artistic. It's what I had, please don't judge
The first things people usually notice about me
My big freaking eyes O_o
If they stick around after that initial shock they usually find me quite charming and fancy!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: fiction and nonfiction, Ayn Rand, Enders Game, Choke, Perdito Street Station, Sunshine, Neverwhere, Replay. Gotta love the classics, and show off my nerdom with a grip of physics, history, and philosophy books.

Movies: My tastes are pretty diverse here, because I'm always exposed to new films. Old standbys: Goonies, Dune, 12 Monkeys, Indiana Jones, Dark City, Fight Club, Lost in Translation, Departures, Boondock Saints, Holy Motors, Moon, Princess Bride, Twin Peaks, Blade Runner, LotR, Real Genus, Amelie, Stand By Me, Heavenly Creatures, Alien, The Departed, City of Lost Children, Donnie Darko, Lord of the Flies. I also like historic movies, arthouse, documentary, and foreign film.

I'm all over the place with music, I have a wide variety that I draw upon as it fits my mood, lets chat about it.
Six things I could never do without
sight, sound, touch, taste, smell.... and coffee, well at least if they all happened at the same time, and I suppose if I lost taste and smell I'd lose coffee...I should really rethink this.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What the future holds....
Where to find the next best hot springs
What age I can use the word whippersnapper
What tastes yummy
The next far off destination
If I should bother wearing pants in the projection booth
How people can really think that the name Twitchthecat means I'm an animal loving meth addict (oh yes, that's happened).
How many licks does it actually take
On a typical Friday night I am
Out with friends exploring the city, dancing, scaling rooftops, making friends with strangers, working, teaching myself how to cook something for a total sucker under the guise of quality hangout time.
You should message me if
you're down with some good conversation with a likeable fella. If you like spontaneity and adventure but you also don't feel like you have to be endlessly running to be happy.
If you're qwirky and cool with that.
If you want to explore and create and see the world through a lens of wonder and excitement. ;D
The two of us