33Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
I am a Brit who is far more David Mitchell than Tom Hiddleston.

Originally from Norwich, England, I moved to the US in 2002. I started out in Bakersfield, CA and then relocated to Oklahoma for reasons. Now I'm living in New York City, which has been a massive culture shock after living in the midwest for so long. I'm loving city life so far, though.

I have the conventional dry, snarky British sense of humour and have a strong tendency to use my hands when I talk. A lot. I've been told it's funny to watch, like I'm trying to swat a particularly evasive fly.

I have a dog who is my absolute best friend in the whole world. He's been with me since I arrived in the US and I can't imagine life without him. I also have a cat who is certifiably insane and I'm reasonably certain thinks he's a squirrel.

I like to read, although I don't do it anywhere near as often as I should. I've also spent far too much of my life playing MMOs (currently subscribed to Final Fantasy 14) although that's dropped off a lot since I moved to NYC. I just don't have the time any more.

I have long, luxurious hair that everyone seems to want to pet.

I act on the side, with the intention of turning that into my primary career. Hence my relocation. As a result, I spent several years of my life swinging swords at people while wearing funny outfits. Also, I had a unicorn fart in my face. It tasted like skittles.

I love hiking and camping, but haven't been able to do it in years. I've gotten back my tent now though, so this is about to start happening again. I am unreasonably excited about this.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently, adjusting to life in NYC. Trying to do absolutely everything at once, while finding new people to do those things with.

I work in the East Village as a Software Engineer and have very quickly come to love this area.
I’m really good at
making snarky comments that would make people without British accents seem like complete arseholes. I accept that I abuse this power.
The first things people usually notice about me
Either the hair or the accent. Followed by a request to either pet me, or to have me repeat various sentences. Please don't ever ask me to yell spells from Harry Potter at you.

Don't be that person. It got old super-fast.

I will basically say anything else you ask though. I am your circus monkey.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, Thud! being a favorite. Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series is one that I devour whenever a new one comes out.

I'm trying really hard to get around to reading the Song of Ice and Fire series, but they've been fairly hard going for some reason. So for now, I am one of those people that book readers seem to hate because I've only watched the Game of Thrones series instead of reading it.

Movie: The Blues Brothers. Favorite movie of all time - I'm a sucker for musicals in general, but this movie is just all around fantastic. Otherwise, I love The Princess Bride and have an unashamed love for Disney movies. Especially The Lion King. I will sing (badly) many, many Disney songs while driving without a care in the world.

Shows: Game of Thrones, as mentioned above. I'm a huge fan of Rick & Morty, Archer and Agents of SHIELD. My geeky weeaboo side comes out when it comes to One Piece - I have something of a fixation with pirates and that show has been a favourite of mine for many years now.

Food: Lamb vindaloo. Pretty much anything spicy for that matter - the stereotype about the English liking bland food is a lie, I tell you. Lies and slander!
Six things I could never do without
My dog. He is my rock and I would have gone completely insane moving here without him.

Greenery - trees, grass, I need it all. I've been very pleasantly surprised by how easy that is to find in the city.

Curry. Spicy food in general, but especially Indian curries. Partly since years of vindaloo have left me with only two functional taste buds.

It's not so much that I couldn't do without it - after all, I did for years - but holy hell have I missed being by water.

Some form of GPS. I'm reasonably certain that I would have accidentally wandered into an active volcano without one. Even though there aren't any around. I WOULD HAVE FOUND ONE.

My sonic toothbrush. Holy crap. Never going back.
On a typical Friday night I am
Exploring downtown Manhattan, which is currently involving getting horribly lost. You'd think that the clearly numbered streets would help. NOPE. I have a life-long inability to remember which one is East and which is West.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
More than 99% of the people I left behind when I moved, I miss my former roommate's dogs. I need more pointy noses in my life.
You should message me if
You're willing to help a strange foreigner explore the city.

You are open to non-monogamous relationships.

You're accepting of the fact that I'm still on the overweight side with the knowledge that I'm working hard on getting it under control.

On that note, if you're looking for someone to go running, hiking or camping with. Also a gym buddy (I've just signed up at NYSC so anyone who can go with me would be fantastic). My current goal is to train up to the point where I can run a 10k.
The two of us