27 East Carondelet, United States
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My self-summary
To a rational being it is the same thing to act according to nature and according to reason. - Marcus Aurelius

INTP - "The Logician". Jungian psychoanalysis has no scientific foundation, yet this seems appropriate somehow, the same way a good cold reader can ring the cherries - "you're very shy, except in social situations".

I find generic liberalism (with a rhetoric consisting of nothing but words that end in -oly or -archy) as boring and banal and intellectually unconvincing as milquetoast American conservatism. That won't win me many friends here, I know. A philistine with gauged ears is no less a philistine than one draped in a Wal-Mart American flag shirt. Let us strive to be more interesting, please.

Most of the traits that Millennials believe to be chic are incredibly boring to me. "Polyamory", for example, has become an excuse for girls to vent their inner Brigham Young and collect a stable of studs. Everyone today hates labels; everyone collects them like stamps or some other asinine hobby.

Now, then.

I wear my baggage on my sleeve. There's a lot, and I won't hide it. At the same time, you have the right to lay yours on my shoulder. Absolute honesty and self-scrutiny are essential. Nothing else works.
What I’m doing with my life
Writing and working in a factory like a true member of the nineteenth century revolutionary industrial proletariat. Our twenty-first century radicals aren't interested in that.

At some point I intend to go to school for psychology. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that - psychology isn't a science, but I've wasted too much time to earn the prerequisite medical degree to become a psychiatrist.
I’m really good at
This space intentionally left blank. Individualism is not the greatest virtue.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This is long, and pretentious, and you don't really care.

Nietzsche. Bataille. Schopenhauer. Clive Barker. Poppy Z. Brite. History books. The Baron Julius Evola. Italian neo-Idealism. Carl Jung (I don't *mind* unscientific psychological constructs; it has more of a basis in reality than behaviorism). Martin Heidegger, and I have no shame in saying that much of my attraction to him lies precisely in his affiliation with National Socialism - which I do not subscribe to, and would admit to if I did.

My guilty pleasures are pulpy true crime paperbacks, of the sort your grandmother may have kept on the back of the toilet, as mine did. My real passion is philosophy: ponderous, heavy and violent.

'Dark City'.' La Cité des enfants perdus'. Surreal film (Buenel, Jodorowski, Jaromil Jireš). A million slashers ('The Burning', 'Sleepaway Camp') and Italian gialli - Fulci's 'Lo squartatore di New York' being my favorites. Violent alternative 80s thrillers - 'The Whites Of The Eye', 'Manhunter'. Body horror: 'Society', 'From Beyond', and anything else from Brian Yuzna. The 2012 remake of Bill Lustig's 1980 gorefest 'Maniac', starring Elijah Wood(!). Neo-noir - the Wachowski's first film 'Bound'.

I'm a horror nut, and very badly pretentious about it. I think it's because horror stands closest to the pure surrealism of early and silent cinema. Could be that I use these images as an ersatz for drugs, which I don't use.

I more or less don't watch television. Garth Marenghi's Darkplace is a favorite.

Metal, particularly traditional metal - guitar solos, wailing vocals, the works - and doom metal. Industrial. Alternative and gothic rock/metal. 90s alternative metal like The Melvins has been on my playlist pretty regularly of late. I love darkwave, as vague as the label is: from European dark dance music like Blutengel and :wumpscut: to ethereal Ren Faire stuff like Faith & the Muse. Christian Death, both pre-and-post-Rozz. A really laughable number of 80s -wave bands with the prefix 'The' in their names. Type O Negative and their soundalikes - Woods of Ypres being my favorite of these. Killing Joke. Anything Al Jorgunsen touches, especially his early stuff like 'With Sympathy' that he disowns and physically destroys when he finds it. I adore Marilyn Manson, and consider him the first post-modern public figure, sewed up out of all his influences like a rock and roll Frankenstein.

Music is important to me. I can't play anything worth a Goddamn, but I enjoy it. I can't seem to grasp anything solid in life; but the effervescent changes of chord and note have a way of making permanent what is endlessly in flux.

Orange chicken.

For being as dour as I am, and as little as I play video games, I have a strange soft spot for Harvest Moon.
The six things I could never do without
Cigarettes, cigarettes, cigarettes, cigarettes, cigarettes, boots.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How close I can get to becoming a Dostoyevsky character without stepping over the line.

Benedetto Croce. Julius Evola. Ernst Junger. The dissident alternative fascists of the 1930s. The German Non-Conformist Movement.
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing whatever strikes my fancy.
You should message me if
A Stauf toy is a toy for life.

If love now reigned as it hath been
And were rewarded as it hath sin,

Noble men then would sure ensearch
All ways whereby they might it reach,

But envy reigneth with such disdain
And causeth lovers outwardly to refrain,

Which puts them to more and more
Inwardly most grievous and sore.

The fault in whom I cannot set,
But let them tell which love doth get—

To lovers I put now sure this case:
Which of their loves doth get them grace?

And unto them which doth it know
Better than do I, I think it so.
- Henry VIII, 'If Love Now Reigned'

T-t-t-twistin' like a flame in a slow dance, baby
You're driving me crazy
Come on, little honey, come on now

Fire, smoke she is a-risin'
Fire, yeah smoke on the horizon
Fire, smoke she is a-risin'
Fire, oh smoke stack lightning, smoke stack lightning
- The Cult, "Fire Woman"