28Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
A self-summary sounds like this site is asking for an anthology, but that would be long, and I don't care to have everyone know me that well right off the bat. I figure I could start with a greatest hits and the rest of the profile can tell you more about me.

I have been to nearly 50 countries and over 35 national capitals; however, I have not been to Washington D.C. I hope to have traveled on all 7 continents before I turn 30. Because I figure most people will ask where I have gone I am going to list them.

USA - Canada - Iceland - Germany - Poland - Czech Republic - Austria - Slovakia - Hungary - Serbia - Romania - Croatia - Bosnia - Slovenia - Montenegro - Albania - Macedonia - Bulgaria - Turkey - Greece - Great Britain - Netherlands - France - Spain - Italy - Japan - South Korea - Vietnam - Cambodia - Thailand - Brazil - Argentina - Uruguay - Chile - Bolivia - Peru - Ecuador - Columbia - Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala - Belize - Mexico

I am a sports fan. I won't make you watch sports, but I like to think watching it with me and my friends can be enjoying even if you don't like sports normally.

My friends are amazing and are some of the most treasured parts of my life. My close relationship with my family is equally important.

I have recently taken to learn and play the board game Go. It is a lot of fun and would love to share it with people. It is a great way to relax and give your mind a mental stretch.

So there you have it. If you still wish to learn more keep reading.
What I’m doing with my life
I am working as a Pub Quizmaster. It is even more fun than it sounds, and has been a true treat for the past four and a half years to call this a profession. It is something I hope to continue doing for many years to come. Sadly, it doesn't pay as much as some would hope, but I have another job that keeps my bills paid.
I’m really good at
... social situations.
... planning trips.
... driving.
... making friends.
... public speaking.
... protecting what's important to me.
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't like this question so I am going to make up my own.

What is one thing you dislike about online dating?

I really dislike how few people on here seem willing to meet. I wish people understood why I am not that interested in talking for a week online before meeting. Why not just grab a walk around Greenlake with me? I am positive you will learn a lot more about me and make a better judgement that way then with us doing nothing but small talk.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Here is a taste of what I enjoy

My top Pandora stations are

--- Blue Brothers
--- Avicii
--- Imagine Dragons

Another musical interest I love is opera, I fell in love with it when I was less than 10 and haven't stopped loving it since.

I watch a wide variety of TV; however, if you are a fan of the show QI please message me because I am sure we will get along fine.

During my travels I have never turned away local food and to this day have yet to meet a food culture I didn't love and enjoy. Thankfully my time in Southeast Asia and Korea got me pretty good with spicy foods.
Six things I could never do without

---Calvin & Hobbes

---Passion for Travel / My Passport


---Good Food, Drink & Company

---Social Gatherings / Pub Quiz / Karaoke
I spend a lot of time thinking about
This is another question that I find pointless. So again here is another one I will answer.

What is a flaw of yours that you are currently working on trying to better.

I have a bad habit of talking too much. I am learning to breath it out when I realize I am talking too much. It helps, but by the time I realize it it is obvious to others already. Still I am working on it.
On a typical Friday night I am
Most Friday nights I am out with couch surfers staying with me or friends enjoying the start of the weekend. This can take the form of a movie, night club, board games, drinks at a bar, potluck dinner, and sometimes camping trips. The joy of not always knowing is something I thrive under.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have failed a class before and am not proud of it.

I was voted most talkative in High School.

I have one tattoo and will possible get a few more in my lifetime.

I am a horrendous speller and owe all my 'success' to spell checker.

At one point I wrote smut/erotica for several online magazines.

I am a little addicted to a flash game called Injustice. Play it a lot while waiting for a bus.

I really like the movie Stardust and Jersey Girl. They are by no means my favorite, but considering how many people seem to not like them I figure me liking them is a private thing.

One of my favorite things I have done with someone I was dating was where we took turns reading to each other.
You should message me if
Several of the following dates sound like a fun idea.

- A trip to the Science Center Aquarium, or Zoo
- A photo scavenger hunt in downtown Seattle
- Pub Quiz, Karaoke, and a few games of pool
- A day tour of Benaroya Hall or SAM
- Evening of jazz, music, and cocktails
- Local Band Roulette (Grab The Stranger and first local show)
- An afternoon at the UW Driving Range
- Take a Walking Tour of Seattle
- Silly Photo booth Hunt around Seattle
- Prepare and actually go on a picnic
- A night at Gameworks


Please have a look at the questions I have answered. I take the time to explain my choices and I think that even more than my profile reading those will give people a good understanding of who I am and what I am looking for.

Hope to hear from you soon.
The two of us