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My self-summary
Hi, I'm Roman.
Yet another software guy on the West coast?
I do check off some of the stereotypes for that - a bit of a beer snob (but patient about it, I mean, my roommate loves Olympia), like to read, and enjoy board games. Wear shorts and a t-shirt to work (when it's warm), and play D&D once a week with my friends.

I also lift weights (full gym in my garage), rock-climb from time to time and own a bow (in case you're wondering, just for target practice). Also taking some aerial classes (think trapeze etc).
Currently planning to take a few pole-dancing classes because apart from dancing that's the hardest thing I can imagine, me having 0 grace and all.

You might notice that I'm fluent in Russian, in fact I immigrated to Canada for high school and managed to attend 7 schools before graduating (2 in the US, 1 in Canada, the rest in Moscow). Did some internships in Toronto, New York, Seattle and San Francisco before settling in Seattle for full-time.

Just for fun, here's my Kickstarter profile.
Not sure whether it says anything about me...
What I’m doing with my life
Going to work, drinking tea, going to the gym, drinking tea...

OK, OK, there's more.
Recently I remembered how much I like cycling so I'm thinking of picking that up again for long distances.
Update: completed STP 2015, 120 miles day 1 + 86 miles day 2.

As for work, I'm a senior engineer on a small team exploring customer recommendations based on semantic interests. Instead of saying "this guy got a cereal bar, let's recommend him more", we try to understand whether there's a "hiking" interest that we can provide some more relevant recommendations for.

Travel deserves special mention here, I feel like it says a lot about a person.
I traveled a lot as a child with my parents and now that I have time off again am picking it back up.
Went to Germany for Oktoberfest 2014 (Munchen-Berlin-Dusseldorf-Koln-Bonn), Spain 2015 (Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid) and planning more.
On the list:
1) Ice climbing (short weekend trip).
2) Sledding with huskies either in Alaska or Northern Europe in winter.
3) Northern Europe (possibly joined with Iceland).
4) Swiss Alps, apparently the canyoning there is great. Also the paragliding.
5) Peru.
6) Something in a desert.

After going on a trip with some friends I realized that there's a certain level of compatibility required to avoid the desire to strangle everyone half-way through.
When in a new country, I'm usually not too excited by the usual tourist-y sights. I come for food, events and some more active pursuits.

Here's a rough list of my objectives:
1) Climb all the towers
2) Eat all the food, drink all the drinks
3) See all the culturally relevant live shows
4) Do something active

Science museums are always near the top of the list, of course.

On my recent Germany trip I'm really sad that I didn't get to bike along the Rhein from Dusseldorf to Bonn (~5 hours), definitely something I'd plan for on a future visit. Also, failed to see a punk show while in Dusseldorf (was canceled), another future point.
In Spain, definitely did not spend enough time swimming (15 min) and it would be nice to do a longer hike/bike ride through some Madrid parks. A definite bucket list item is attending a concert at the royal palace where the Stradivari quartet makes an appearance.

Bonus: some stuff I might do in the near future:
1) Get a motorcycle (again).
2) Learn how to fly (it would be a plane in this case, sorry). This is more of a "next few years" thing.
I’m really good at
While it's not a frequent role, I'm a good listener, although definitely suffer from the stereotypical "solution machine" syndrome a bit.
I've received compliments on my massage skills so maybe that counts as well.
I'm a flexible leader, in the sense that I frequently step up (particularly at work, where some of my coworkers are a bit more timid) but have no problem handing control over to someone else (often the case in my group of friends).
The first things people usually notice about me
If you see me on the street, I'm probably walking fast. Really fast.

I'm really damn excited about pretty much everything. That, combined with my extreme confidence, can intimidate quieter people and I've been told to reserve my enthusiasm in order to avoid scaring those who don't know me too well. Working on it...

It also seems like I have an approachable vibe, people always ask me for directions (bad idea) or to spot them at the gym...
Old ladies love to strike up conversations on buses/trains and I don't mind.
(It could also be because I'm the only one not wearing headphones and/or playing with my phone)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Mostly sci-fi and fantasy, when in a reading mood I can go through 2-3 books a week and staying up until 4am on a work night is a recurring problem.
Asimov, Bradbury, Goodkind and Pratchett are among old favorites, Jim Butcher and Pat Rothfuss more recent ones.

All over the place. Apart from all the superhero movies that we all watch with friends, I love going to film festivals, checking out obscure titles and periodically getting burned by some 3-hour disaster of a movie. Most recently this was Hard to Be a God at SIFF, loved the book, movie was a mess even for a native Russian speaker.
My current recommendation would be Witching and Bitching, it might not be a good film but damn it, it's a hilarious one!
Watched Before Night Falls to see Johnny Depp cross-dress.

Following the general theme, sci-fi/fantasy shows get my attention although not many of them are good enough to keep watching.
Can you guess whether I love Firefly?

I'm not a huge anime buff but will watch series based on recommendations from friends. Code Geass and FMA are at the top of my watched-list.

Mostly metal/rock/punk. Maiden, Metallica and Dream Theater are all-time favorites.
I don't go to too many shows but it's really a product of company and the band playing. While in Dusseldorf I was 100% on board with seeing some local punk bands at a venue the size of a shoe-box (AK47 in case you're familiar).

I enjoy most food so picking favorites is not easy.
On weekdays the burrito truck at Boren/Republican is a common destination for lunch. (Almost) never say no to sushi, dim sum or really anything my friends want to have (although I am often the most adventurous eater in the group).
Cooking for myself is easier, usually nothing fancy. Chicken, steaks and huge salads are dinner staples. I will often go out to the apartment patio and grill some stuff for dinner.
Six things I could never do without
In no particular order of course
1) Friends and family
2) My computer and internet
3) Books
4) Exercise and some associated equipment
5) Sleep (apart from needing it for silly things like survivial)
6) At the risk of sounding cheesy, I really do like a challenge and get bored without them.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Politics/recent events, recent developments in science/tech, the usual stuff. I can actually find pretty much anything interesting and while I won't go out and research random topics, I'm always happy to discuss things that I previously knew nothing about.

Copyright and patent reform. The current state and direction of legislation is really bothering me...and the problem is that this is not only happening in the US, but in Europe as well. The world was clearly not ready for the internet...
On a typical Friday night I am
At this point, Friday is a reliable "get off work early" day so I'll usually head home for a solid workout, followed by a filling dinner and some relaxation time.
On occasion I go out, maybe 1 in 3 Fridays.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm really not a private person so it's really "what's the most entertaining but also slightly risque thing you're willing to reveal?"

I have a very not-secret desire to expand my horizons in kink. Mostly interested in rope although I haven't been very active in the "scene". Would be cool to find some practice partners.
(Apparently this freaks some people out so I should mention that this portion is completely optional and my enjoyment of a relationship will not be reduced if my partner isn't interested)

I joined OKC back in the time when you could award people trophies and suggest edits to their profiles, the quizzes and blogs were also much more visible.
Years of student life and moving every 4 months really didn't help, 2014 is the first year since 2009 when I don't have to pack up all my stuff and move somewhere else.
You should message me if
I don't want to waste anyone's time, I'm on OKC to find potential dates. If we exchanged a few messages and seem to get along please don't be surprised if I suggest to meet up.

That said, if you're into some of the stuff I mentioned and need a lifting partner or want to join my friends and I for a board game night, let me know.

(Also, if you want to work out at a gym but have no idea where to start, give me a shout. I provide free, although definitely not professional, advice)

P.S. Also accepting applications for role of "travel buddy". Apparently none of my friends are interested in a week-long Alaska trip in the winter...need better friends...
The two of us