47 Middletown, United States
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My self-summary
Hey- A fairly simple, yet not-so simple-minded guy here - a bit of an onion, as in the further you get to know me, the more good things you'll discover.

Out on the street, I see genuine smiles everywhere and bits of sadness in need of a smile, so I smile. A few things that've been mirrored back to me are: Some can't quite figure me out, yet somehow know that what they perceive is good. Some think I'm some sort of teacher and appreciate my wide open mind while others think I'm complicated. Some find me intriguing while others just move on, sticking to their own traditions, and that's fine. Some see themselves in me and lend me their brilliantly unique and quirky books to read, while others try to make me think in a more mainstream-ey manner (fat chance). Some believe they have me pegged, but wiser ones wonder just what on earth I might be up to.

I'm perfect in my imperfecrtion. I'm good, and can be and do better-er. That said, I do my best to dwell in and accept the present moment.

I once heard what I think is a pertinent little gem: "Getting together with someone doesn't mean you have to give anything up.. you do whatever you were going to do in life anyway, you just do it .. together". Nice, eh?
What I’m doing with my life
Studying/contemplating the nature of the universe, meditating, growing a little of my own food, hiking, flyfishing occasionally, finding balance between letting the ole' mind ramble and shutting it up, and generally doing my best to be a good & kind person toward and for everyone. For work, I'm an architect and home-doctor (fix and remodel parts of homes with my hands). Also, for fun, music (6-string and bass guitar) and various events with diverse and close friends.
I’m really good at
-Earning Trust. Oh, if I had a nickel for every time someone has said "I can't believe I'm telling you this, but...", I'd feed everyone on this planet.
-listening / understanding
-Being Genuine
-Cooking delicious chicken wings
-Negotiating crowds
-Figuring stuff out
The first things people usually notice about me
'He looks "normal", but there's something kinda special/different about him'. Then, there's 'nice guy' (True, but it's best to not let that translate into 'pushover'). Usually, people just smile back.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I mostly read super-geeky universal non-fiction science and philosophy stuff: Various wisdom traditions, metaphysics, modern physics like relativity, quantum mechanics, string theory, dark matter/energy, etc.- you know, light reading. Online articles and especially vids get most of my viewing time. The complexities of our reptilian brain stems with their paleomammilian 'circuitry' and resultant behaviors also fascinate me, as does how the whole brain works. Neuroplasticity and epigenetics are so cool.

The following movies had my interest for awhile: The Matrix, Waking Life, Idiocracy, War, Inc., Star Wars and Willow. Truth: A guy thing: When The Hunt For Red October is on, I have to drop what I'm doing and watch it until the last line, every time looking forward to where Alec Baldwin imitates Sean Connery, saying "Most things in here don't react too well to bullets". Similar reaction to Undercover Brother. Random indie foreign flics can be pretty cool too, especially if in French, in which I would like to finally become fluent. Mostly into stuff on Gaiam TV, though.

Music: Genres of Folk (Trad. American, Celtic, '60's, contemporary), bluesy groove, funk, some rock still ...anything with depth, really. Not into rap, but it seems like modern-day folk music to me. Trad. Country like Johnny Cash and Bluegrass are fun to play.

Food: Omnivorous, but now regard vegetables as the main course with starch & meat being sides. In addition to the kick-ass wings I cook I like non-fancy dishes with lots of leafy greens, Thai, Indian, etc... Evermore becoming organic/raw/natural with what I ingest.
The six things I could never do without
Knowing that the universe is unfolding exactly as it should
-work to do (sense of purpose - being of service to fellow humans)
-my pineal gland really does prosper with sunshine
-time in nature
-time with people
-time alone
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How does the universe really work? Oh, and there's almost always some tune in my head.
On a typical Friday night I am
At a folk-music gathering, at another event, or resting up for an active weekend.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
is that there might be private things which I'm not willing to admit here.
You should message me if
Above, in 'I'm looking for', I would have preferred to click on 'Women who like Men' instead of 'Girls who like Guys'. Distinct difference- do message me if you usually think of yourself as a 'woman', rather than a 'girl', even if 'girl' or gurl' or 'girrrrl' is part of your profile name here. Also if:
..a good deal of I wrote resonates with you're a genuine person who does your best to live in peaceful accord with your own inner senses. can be intelligently light and subtle around the deepest of conversational topics.
..any agenda you might have for your life has room for me, meaning ME, not some ideal you have already conceived. are not in desperate NEED of a partner; instead, desirous of a good man.'ve somehow already discovered that I'm cuddly, and that appeals.