33Chicago, United States
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My self-summary
I am just a fellow with a username... a username that hearkens back to a simpler time - a time when New and York were just two words in a tongue twister. (And they made you pronounce "New" with a liquid "u", which I still think was a bit much...) Now I live (un-uniquely) in New York, still liking to think I am one of the uniquer YewNorkers – GODdammit - it even twists my fingers.

But - seriously now... I am an actor. <------- that was a joke.

But it's true.

I am an actor and singer and former professional poker player. I also formerly had the username "DowntoFCUK", but thought it too informal. Now I just AM but am only telling you now.
What I’m doing with my life
Performing A Midsummer Night's Dream for real money.
I’m really good at
well let's first dispense with the "really". That would be a good starting point. Now that that's settled, let's go with singing, acting, scrabble, conversing, poker (it was my job before the U.S. DOJ FCUKed me in the ass), and um... being the brunt of a joke I guess.
The first things people usually notice about me
people usually don't see me. If I ever let someone get close enough they'd probably notice my eyes (they're green I think) and then the huge bags underneath them. hooooooot.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
god I hate this question. So many fucking things.

Books - I don't read books much anymore and I hate myself for it. My favorite's probably still To Kill a Mockingbird. Others I've loved - The Man in the High Castle, Catch 22, Frankenstein, etc.

Movies - I've always said my favorite movie is My Cousin Vinny. It's kinda silly but I do love it. What was more awesome was when I took acting classes with Austin Pendleton - the guy who played the stuttering public defender. Other movies - ugh so many. Recently saw My Life as a Dog. That was great and THERE WAS A BORDER TERRIER IN IT! My parents have a Border named Dodger and I love him more than anything in the world. Other movies...
Rushmore, The Searchers, Raging Bull, E.T., The Graduate, Fargo, Wall-E, The Third Man, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Wizard of Oz, Milk, The Dark Knight, An Education, Happy-Go-Lucky, The Black Swan, Last of the Mohicans, Annie Hall, etc. etc. etc. these are just some I happened to think of.

Shows: Seinfeld (still favorite sitcom), The Wire (favorite drama). Mad Men, Game of Thrones is pretty awesome through 5 episodes, Arrested Development, 24 (guilty pleasure), LOST (guilty pleasure), Boardwalk Empire is pretty good through most of season 1, Freaks and Geeks, The Office (both versions - I don't discriminate).

Music - Ella, Sarah Vaughan, Sinatra, Bing Crosby, etc. I like "oldies", i.e. 60's 70's motown and rock. The Beatles. I like great musical theater songs from great composers. I also like newer music - I just need to be introduced to it. I think I am naturally suspicious of anything "new", which is really stupid I know. So introduce me to some shit yeah? Just so you know I know some newER music... I like Ben Folds' stuff. Someone introduced me to Neutral Milk Hotel - I like them. The Decemberists - I like them. I went through a Regina Spektor phase, which I think I'm kind of embarrassed about. Neko Case is really good and I'm not embarrassed about saying that. And others.

Food: I fucking love food. I love seafood, I love burgers, steak, pizza, INDIAN FOOD, sushi, a lot of other things.
Six things I could never do without
my friends,
my family,
my (parent's) dog,
sex (that's a lie - I can do without it – I just don't want to)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
On a typical Friday night I am
playing board games with friends or playing scrabble with myself. What, I'm just being honest.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I dislike ricotta cheese. This is only the second time I've admitted that in polite company.
You should message me if
you're a more attractive girl than logic would dictate I deserve. Umm you should also be smart.
The two of us