29Rovaniemi, Finland
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My self-summary
Hi. My name is Mannu. I am odd creature from north, and i'm raised in place where was nothing. Surprised how things turned, but now this odd one has found it way to the bigger city.

I'm way over talktive person, and that is the reason of me being here. Wanting to meet new peoples from all around the world and communicate.

Also I suck at writing self-summaries. Sorry for that.
Im looking for new peoples and maybe something more. Or just friends who would like to enjoy game or two with me. Or chatting.
What I’m doing with my life
Life is going smoothly, days are filled with normal things. Reading books, watching movies, playing games with friends and trying to tame two beasts I have. I thought they were cats. Not sure anymore.
I think I already mentioned games, but I will mention it again. And take it part. Proud owner of PS3 and PC. And yes, I like playing those. A lot. And then there is Charping.
The first things people usually notice about me
Some told me that first they notice that i'm quiet and almost shy. And I am. But after that is forgotten, peoples notices that I can talk and be friendly to everyone. Sense of humor is with me, but it just shifts in my way. My character is what makes peoples notice me. Not what I look like.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite books? Now we are talking about something dangerous. Short list. Lord of the rings trilogy, Harry Potter, Artemis Folw, Musashi. Then others i don't know in englis, but Dean koontz's books i love, and Sue Harrisson's books. Jean Untinen-Auel's saga about earth childrens is loved too. Stephen King and some other random books.

Movies, they go by category. Horror, fantasy, action, historical, documentaries. Thrillers even. But I say no for comedy and romance. Hell no. Not in my lifetime.

I realized that I could keep on doing nice lists here, but that would be boring, leaving nothing to discover? So lets shorten a bit with music. I like almost all kinda music. No rap or hiphop though.

Food - One of my passion. I like cooking, and new recipes. Spices are though out, but chinese and japanese food is now in top of my intrest list.
Though i have nothing against vegetables, I could not survive if they took meat out of me. Best food ever is good slice of meat, with salt and onions and butter, served with new potatoes. ~<3
Six things I could never do without
Books - I love reading, and life would be more boring without them.
Computer - My way of communicating peoples. And finding new stuff
My glasses - I am blind as a bat without them.
Notebook - For the randoms ideas and things i want to remember later. I will never leave my home without notebook. I rather leave my phone home than notebook.
Meat - I am human, carnivore. I respect others choises, but I will eat meat. Always.
My family - They are always there.
On a typical Friday night I am
at home, either with friends or with my cats, playing something together.
Sometimes fighting diablo and wandering in Tamriel. Fighting for the Horde or just some AOE and Overwatch.or we kill zombies in Navesgaze. Either that or I am taming dinosaurs in ARK.
And some times we gather a small group and start our adventure in Fantasy world, while I try being GM.
You should message me if
If you even smiled a bit while reading this.
Or if you just felt like 'hey, I should try to write.' Or just if you feel like getting to know one odd creature from north.
Or you should write me if you like games and want to play something. Or if Charp is close to your heart.
The two of us