43Stockholm, Sweden
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My self-summary
"Easy going" is a word I see a lot here. Is that what you're supposed to be? I mean, I'm easy to deal with (some may disagree, but obviously they shouldn't be trusted. They clearly have no idea what they're talking about. Come to think of it, THEY must be the difficult ones!).

But ok, I'm a pessimist. No point in denying that. That doesn't mean I sit around and brood all day. I just hope for the best and expect the worst. Seems sensible to me.

I have few friends, but they're all the best kind. Haven't really gone out of my way to find more, since I'm pretty content with the ones I have. Not that I mind making new acquaintances, I'm just a bit picky when it comes to who I choose to hang with.

I have two kids from a previous relationship, who stay with me a few days a week. When they're with me I do the whole parent thing. When they're not, I enjoy being quite not so grown up (atleast by the standards I used to describe grown ups when I was younger...I think a better word for me today is "boring").
(...that was probably phrased incredibly bad. I'm not saying I'm boring. If you think you're boring yourself you're doing something very wrong in life).
(...so, to be perfectly clear, I consider myself quite non-boring, and can find myself laughing at how much fun I am, when I'm alone).
(...that also came out wrong. I am in no way crazy, and have never been in any form of insane asylum or other kind of treatment facility for the mentally challanged).

Also, I try to excercise regularly. The only sport I've found interesting is martial arts. Which is of course a common word for several types of sports. So far I've done wrestling, karate and thai-boxing. That's not to say I'm afraid to put on a pair of skates or skis (as long as I'm not expected to go down from a high hill. Cause that stuff freaks me out).
Wouldn't mind some ping pong or badminton once in a while either.

....is this enough for a self-summary? Am I summed up yet? Most likely not, but I assume whoever is reading this is running out of eyesight by now, so I'd better stop.

I should also mention, as seen in my picture, that I seem to have misplaced most of my hair. So if you're looking for someone who knows where their hair is, I'm not for you. Because I just can't keep track of it.
What I’m doing with my life
Doing my best to live it. I don't have any large scale goals I'm trying to achieve, except be healthy, make a living, and just enjoy not being dead until the day I can't help it anymore.

When I was younger I had dreams of becoming a pop star. You know, the old fashioned way, which did not involve embarrassing yourself on TV. I still dabble from time to time, but I'm no longer foolish enough to hope anything will ever come out of it.
I’m really good at
Seeing humour in absurd situations (such as impending doom and whatnot).
Making people laugh. If they think I'm funny. Which, when I think of it, wouldn't require much if they already think I'm funny. But I'll stick with it anyway.
Cooking. Or so I've been told recently. Not that I see how following a recipe would qualify, but appearently it does (or I've been horribly mislead by people who just don't know better).
Constructing sentences with words in not one, but two languages. With synonyms, so it sometimes actually is interesting to read. "You should write a book" has been said more than once.
To me, that is (and many others too throughout history, no doubt, but this profile is about none of them, and all of me).
And I would, if it wouldn't require some amount of research.
I'm also very good at being lazy, so...no book.

Once upon a time I was good at drawing. I don't know if that sort of thing disappears, but I haven't done it in years (atleast not the way I'm speaking of when I claim to have been good at it).
The first things people usually notice about me
I usually don't ask people what the first thing they noticed about me was. People I've known for years won't remember. People I just met would think I'm weird (which I am, but they don't need to know).
...of course, as I type this, I realize that people who call themselves weird are usually quite normal, and also a bit boring. So scratch that. I'm normal!!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
TV-shows: South Park. The walking dead. Fringe. X-Files. Supernatural. Buffy/Angel.
Books: Stephen King. Douglas Adams. Isaac Asimov. Not that I read all that much anymore. I'm good at it though. Consider it a part of the list of things I'm good at. But I won't put it there now (because I'm also good at being lazy, see?).
Movies: Any genre works for me, though I definately prefer movies that contain creatures with pointy teeth or people with laser guns.
Music: Pop. Rock. Other genres as well, I guess, but Opera and any music that refuses to stay on the same note for more than half a second (like jazz on speed) is out.

Funny people/groups: Jon Lajoie, Monty Python, Kids down the hall, The lonely island, Ricky Gervais. Oh, and South Park, of course.
Six things I could never do without
Things? As in items? Most of the electrically driven toys in my possession, I guess. And my hands. Life would be SO dull without hands. Or so I assume. I haven't really tried it, to be honest.
Other than that laughing, excercise and intimacy would probably be on that list.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I would handle myself with that cool superpower I will never ever have. Or who I would rescue first in the coming zombie apocalypse. Or why my money for some reason always disappears, even though I make enough of it.
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually staying at home, with or without kids. I sometimes "go out", depending on what company is available. Movies and video games can definately be a part of it. Wouldn't mind board games with the right company either.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I...don't really understand the question. Once admitted in a public forum, it doesn't really feel all that private anymore, does it?
You should message me if
If you completely crack up when watching South Park. If that pile of clothes in the bedroom can just as well stay a pile an extra day. If you think muscly legs are SOOO hot. If you think Bryan Singers X-Men movies was SOOO much better than that crap Brett Ratner spewed out.
The two of us