29Dallas, United States
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My self-summary
Don't take life so seriously... it isn't permanent.

Nerdcore, Scitzotypal, Oddball, Special, 80% Awesome by volume.

I tend to repeat myself a lot.

If you instantly loose interest from my Profile pic you might as well move along because you can't handle me. Your loss! :p

Who am I? I don't rightly know how to say, I am a result of an amalgamation of many different sides. I'm the Squirrel, part Mad Hatter, part time Mad Scientist, The bad guy from spy movies, the March Hare, the White Rabbit, The soldier, Amateur Velociraptor Conniseur, the wolf, the tree, the rock, the shadowy lone figure walking the train tracks on a dark misty night under the full moon.

I am everyone and I am nobody, I am everything and I am nothing.

Man that was cheesy :P

If you couldn't tell I'm not your typical person. Many people claim to be weird or bizarre but I'm one of those individuals who rarely needs to tell people that, they usually figure it out on their own.

I also tend to say the same things over and over again.

Its quite likely you will never meet someone as messed up/special/different as me.
That being said I'm open and accepting, there is very little I will reject. But I also speak my mind.

Stupidity is one of those things... its not my fault that there just happens to be a LOT of it out there.

Granted I'm kind of forgetful... I can be redundant when I say things I already have. I tend to repeat myself.

I'm the type of person who will cook 2 burgers and toast 2 pieces of bread because I want a burger toasted AND un toasted. Then I will forget what I am doing while making them and end up with 2 burgers with toasted tops and plain bottoms.

My biggest asset is my brain. I have a good body and am quite capable at a little of everything. I've never mastered any one trade or trick but rather tried to absorb a little of everything.
I analyze everything, sometimes to a fault. I LOVE to think and will often share my thoughts with anyone or anything around me. I rarely meet strangers. IF your around me you may hear me tell you some origin of an item you never though about like sloppy Joe or Quaker oats, or you may find me explaining to you photosynthesis.

I am a spiritual person, I am Christian but my roots go deep into Navajo and I come from a long line of shamans within our culture. My spirit animal is the Squirrel- I never forget to play, relaxe, mate and eat... but I always remember that winter is coming and if I'm not prepared I will likely die.

Did I mention I repeat myself?

If you can't tell already by the way I talk, the fact I refer to myself as a squirrel and the pictures I'm a very big nature lover. I thoroughly enjoy the luxuries of civilization but they can never compare to the peace and fufifflment that comes from the wild outdoors.

As far as my Navajo Druidic heritage goes I would describe myself a shape shifter. I don't literally shift into different animals (my ancestors ate cactus and mushrooms, dressed in animal skins and terrified the locals) but rather shift my mind into different forms. I look at the world from different perspectives with different attitudes and understandings of the world.

My basis is a Squirrel, but as I have grown I've found within me different persona's that I can describe as animals which i "shift" into to overcome different situations. The Coyote is the Trickster, The Tree is the eternal guardian, the Rock is the unyielding base, et cetera, et cetera.

I'm bored, a bit lonely, and feel rather misunderstood. I can be hard to get used to. Some people are annoyed by me, others get worn out. Yet even more others absolutely love me, and just as many hate me.

Anyways drop me a line. I don't bite... unless you bite first.
What I’m doing with my life
I spent 7 years in the army, 3 of them in Iraq. Now I've been "retired" from "head injuries" and am a certified Chef!
I’m really good at
Tounge in cheek humor!

Creating things and thinking. I am a problem solver at heart, thats one of the reasons I did so well in the Corps of Engineers.

But creating things is my true passion, it doesn't matter what it is. The ability to take something and mix it with other things to make an entirely new thing is a beautiful concept that applies across all levels of thinking. I create worlds in Dungeons and Dragons, civilizations and people in stories, drawings, sculptures, shelves, friendships, ideas, inventions.... just about whatever I can.

Making fun out of ANYTHING really. I have a level 4 Fun detector.

Old School Archery
Solving problems nobody else cares to solve.
The first things people usually notice about me
My sense of humor most likely. It jumps from "goofy dumb puns" to "Obscure references" to "morbidly dry and sarcastic" faster than most people can comprehend. Needless to say I have a lot of jokes that receive only silence. If only I had been a movie comedian before the 1920's right? :P

I'm all over the place. I'm a Navajo shape shifter... I have different forms that I take, in a mental sense, through meditation. So every time you meet me you could be meeting a different facet of the "jewel" i like to think of myself as.

I just wish it was a VALUABLE jewel :P
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't understand these blocks anyways... can you REALLY get a good shapshot of your personality by listing the things you like? Or want people to know/think you like?

I don't feel like listing everything but I'll add as it comes to me

I'm a huge fan of anything to do with Alice in Wonderland and all related media. Being scitzotypal myself I kind of wish I had an imaginary wonderland to retreat to when I'm emotionally pained :P

I'm a sci fi and fantasy nerd. I like comic book culture but I've never collected comic books. Wikipedia is awesome for that kind of thing.

Some other interests-
NOT listing everything I ever found interesting on a section of a dating profile that most people don't read anyways.
Sword of Truth
The Hunger Games (books)
Dr. Who
Anything related to Alice in Wonderland-
American Mcgees Alice, Alice Madness Returns, Through the Looking Glass, Looking Glass Wars etc

Things I don't like-

Making lists
Excessively negative people
Talking about the squirrel in third person
lack of irony
half damp towels from the dryer

Music- I jump all over the place from Blue Man Group to Mozart. If your a halfway intelligent individual and you like music I don't... its probably because I haven't been introduced to it yet. I love music as a medium my only real exception is I can't get into country... even if im originally from Texas.
Six things I could never do without
Zippos- Clockwork mechanism and the ability to make fire. whats not to like?

Hunting (not like animal hunting, the persuit of something you desire)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Absolutely everything.
I analyze everything and anything, I'm constantly thinking and taking in information as well as spouting it out. I can't look at any object and think of it as just a name. I try to take in every detail, every bit of knowledge and information I can. If it interests me I process it and if not it comes shooting out of my left toenail back into space.

I also end up thinking about sex a lot. But then again I AM a male... at least I'm honest right?

I'll tell you what though, when you have a brain like mine and you think about sex as much as I do you come up with some pretty creative ideas ;)

Half of me loves romance, chocolates and roses (for women) and to woo a lady like a true gentleman. Chivalry isn't dead.

The other half of me... "Isn't a hearts and flowers type of guy"
On a typical Friday night I am
I don't like to make plans ahead of time because then the word "Premeditated" gets thrown around in court.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I love oral but no woman has ever been able to finish me with her mouth.

Which is probably a good thing, because I produce a lot...

Private enough for ya?

Also I'm a Wererabbit.
You should message me if
I don't have my whole life to give you, there's so much on a day to day basis that requires my attention.

If your looking for a companion to spend a few hours with here and there to explore life, adventure , and strike sparks then go ahead and message me!

The rest is just icing, none of it is a requirement :p

Intelligent people, Gamers, DnD players, Philosophers, Writers, Women with Accents or Lisps, Shy people, Succubus, red heads, cosplayers, and crazy people to the front. ;)

Or if you are "Alice" looking for someone to create her own private wonderland for her and fill her life with adventure, imagination, wonders and love. I'd love to find my Alice...

This portion is on most sites the "describe who your looking for" but its odd... this site takes a different approach. If you have already gotten this far you already should have messaged me :P If you are looking for more specific information on my preferences (not requirements) then read below :P

tl;dr - If you have red, or bright colored hair (blue, pink, purple etc) are a cosplayer, intelligent, busty, lonely, want a relationship thats not going to fly off the handle, want a gentleman, or have an accent. I'm not shallow but I am looking for a woman for company of all types :)

Alternatively if you like ropes in the bedroom and the idea of "fighting" for who gets control of the ropes appeals to you >.>

If you need me to come to your place, ravish you senseless, and leave without saying a word.

I want to know the woman I meet is going to take care of me, take care of all my needs, make me feel like a man and admire me for who I am. Also one willing to wear the costumes I buy her (or let her buy them if she wants, I kind of like spoiling women)

I have a preference for green eyes, red hair and curvy women although its whats the INSIDE that counts. I want a woman who will appreciate me being a gentleman- opening doors for her, helping her with her coat, bringing her flowers, offering my hand to help her up a step.
I love voluptuous women as well as those who can go in the woods and get dirty during the day, then go home, shower and dress up elegantly at night.

My last wife was excellent at cleaning, managing the budget, and cooking but she really wasn't capable of admiring me, loving me, or keeping me happy in the bedroom. I made the mistake once of thinking love would only bring us through but now I know that my needs as a man are important despite the fact most women feel that men concerned about that are douches.
The two of us