29 San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
**San Francisco!**

Primal like werewolf but in control like a monk. A crazy, weed smoking, Alaskan werewolf monk who spends most of his time traveling, working, writing and making music. The books I'm writing are horror / scifi / fantasy. The music I make by genre is philosophically minded death metal, emotionally bitter angry rap, and nihilistic post industrial folk. Above all the sounds I may make music out of I'm the most proud of my poetry.

Spiritually I'm very much linked with my ethnicities ancient cultures. I am 66% European (mostly Irish and Scottish) and 34% Alaska Native (Athabascan, Inuit and Eyak). I am Pragmatically focus on science, paganistic ancestor worship and animism. To me everything is alive. Living the best to honor my family is important to me. Honor, honesty, and improving the lives of the people I love.

Huge history lover. I rarely get a chance to read just fiction. Always historical fiction or just history, anthropology or biographies.


I'm a pleaser, a protector, a care giver and a healer. I need love as much as I fear it. I lived a hard life filled with injury. Bodily injury surviving a violent youth in a gang filled environment. Been stabbed, shot at, had my jaw broken with brass knuckles. I bare my scars with a nostalgic detachment for I have proven to be unkillable. Surviving the chaotic warrior lifestyle of my youth makes me understanding of almost everything; Except dishonesty. I hate lying and liars and have hurt and been hurt by lies and I have very little tolerance for it.

I've seen lots of world and love my underground art, music and culture. I'm hard not to get along with, unless maybe you're a homophobe, racist or rapist. Then you can fuck off. If not you should totally come be my friend.

I want a healthy relationship with a fulfilling life partner. One free of jealously and fear and repression. One where I can hide nothing and support my love ones dreams and ambitious. I want to work hard to be successful and happy in my career, my art and at home with my family. I want to maximize my potential and help the people I care about maximize theirs. Love should be liberating and rewarding. That's what I want and that's what I am willing to work towards with the right woman.
What I’m doing with my life
For my day job I work on boats so I work half the year and the other half I have off to do whatever I wish. For my souls satisfaction I am a writer and musician. I play guitar, bass, I sing and I write all the music and lyrics for a blackened death metal band and am working my second album. I split creative duties of a post industrial folk band with an LA dj with whom we are about to record our first full length album. I write long and intense poems that are starting to evolve into angry chaotic rap (if I can take the spoken word style and learn to flow it to agressive but classically influenced beats) but I am shy about it as it's a new medium for me. I am also working on two books; one is a dystopian scifi the other is a modern horror about Ragnarok.

I like traveling and have been to Bolivia, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Ireland, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and the Philippines. I like humor, comedy, involving myself in real life action and adventure, art. You can find me at shows rallying, telling stories and making friends with strangers or maybe I am sitting in a park watching the clouds.

*Currently somewhere in the Pacific*
I’m really good at
Making things that make sounds make noise.

Whipping a crowd into an angry mob.

Kicking apples off the heads of midgets.

Finding magical people, places, things and stuff.

Writing awesome back stories for my D&D characters.

Quickly understanding the inner depths of a person non-judgmentally.


The first things people usually notice about me
My intensity!

My complete lack of awkwardness.

My vibrant love of story telling.

I bare my teeth at people I don't like like a gorilla.

I float like a butterfly, fall like a giraffe.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Musashi, Taiko, Gates of Fire, The Red Lion, The Satanic Bible, The Mysterious Stranger, The Circus of Dr. Lao, The Havamal, The Art of Shen Ku, The Lord of the Rings, Shōgun, The Book of Five Rings.

Movies: Apocalypse Now, Yojimbo, Sanjiro, Dreams, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Sympathy for Mr. vengeance, The Watchmen, Bladerunner, Inglorious Basterds, 300, The Departed, Total Recall, Robocop, Aliens, Predator, The Neverending Story, Labyrinth, Bram Stroker's Dracula, Get Him to the Greek, TMNT, A Clockwork Orange, My Way, The Shining, Blue Velvet, Phallus in Wonderland, Hellraiser, Battle Royal, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Zoolander, Star Wars 4-6, The Front Line, John Carpenter's The Thing, The Little Mermaid, Rosemary's Baby, Escape from New York, Escape from LA, The Dark Knight, Batman, Godzilla Vs. Biollante, Kung Fu Hustle, The Seventh Seal, Willow, Lord of the Rings, Das Boot, 21 Jump Street, The Last Unicorn, The Yellow Sea, The 13th Warrior, Kingdom of Heaven, Braveheart, V for Vendetta, Gangs of New York, 4 Brothers, Good Fellas, Troy, 12 Monkeys, Liar Lair, Sin City, The Pianist, Downfall, Nan King: The City of Life and Death, Heavy Metal, Ghostbusters, Dawn of the Dead, Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight,

Shows: Adventure Time, Dr. Who, Star Trek, South Park, Red Dwarf, Archer, The Walking Dead, Fresh Prince, Family Guy, American Dad, Big Bang Theory, Lie to Me, Doll House, Firefly, metalocalypse, Flash Forward, Super Jail, Sherlock, Arrested Developement, Pirates of Darkwater, The Venture Brothers, Community, Twilight Zone, Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, Brooklyn 99, Broad City (Ilana is my celebrity crush)

Video games!: Morrowind, Oblivion Skyrim, Mass Effect (changed my life actually), Legacy of Kain, FFVII, Fallout III, Shadowrun (SNES), Doom, Half Life, Portal, Deadpool, Kings Quest, Battle Field > COD, God of War, Castlevania, Legend of Zelda, Smash Brothers.

Food? Anything that keeps me aliiiiiive.

Music: this could become quite the list so I will stick to the ones I couldn't live with out... GWAR, ICP, TŸR, Iced Earth, Decapitated, 2ne1, Wagner, Cannibal Corpse, Emperor, Opeth, Twiztid, Immortal Technique, f(x), Tool, Immolation, Combichrist, Amon Amarth, Deicide, Die Antwoord, Anaal Nathrakh, Simon and Garfunkel, Windir, KMFDM, Holtz, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Of The Wand And The Moon, Sol Invictus, Origin, Malevolent Creation, God Dethroned, Beethoven, Tech Nine, Vader, Unleashed, 4minute, Danzig, Oingo Boingo, Death, Cynic, Mr. Bungle, Cypress Hill, Björk, Belphegor, Dirt Nasty, Pig Destroyer, Wintersun, Arkona, Faith and the Muse, Mindless Self Indulgence, Demons and Wizards, Chopin.
The six things I could never do without
Blast beats.

My passport.

Inappropriate jokes.

Animals of all types. (Seriously, give me all the cats, dogs, reptiles and spiders.)

My spirit guides.

Unyielding passion
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Domination of augmenting realities

Making beats, guitar riffs, songs and lyrics in my head all day long.

Running around destroying imaginary enemies.

All these passions I am immersed in and how to contribute to the fields of creativity I love.

When I will finally be turned into a cyborg.
On a typical Friday night I am
Consuming the mana of everything around me and gaining enough energy from it that I explode into a whirlwind of overwhelming and unforgiving charisma.

Dancing like where the wild things are.

Pretending the world takes place in the Mad Max universe.

Sometimes I get worked up about human rights. Gay rights, transgender rights, women's rights, racial equality, indigenous issues. If you tell me that you don't think people deserve equal rights then I'll most likely yell at you.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a Star Trek tattoo.

My wiener is actually a H.R. Geiger xenomorph double jaw.

I have a degree in therapeutic massage.

Love beer hate hops.

One time I met Jason Mamoa and was smart enough to be wearing my tusks I got from a wild Hawaiian boar I killed on the big island. He was proud of me.

I'm generally distrusting of people who identify as purely straight.
You should message me if
You're a real person looking to becoming more yourself.

You're a musician and want to jam.

You're a nerd and want to clash creatively on a wide variety of subjects.

You're a nomad and want to rally like a renegade.

You want to read and give me feed back on a Super Ghouls 'N Ghost fan fiction I started writing because I'm shy about sharing my incomplete serious works.

You want to be the other half of an extreme rap duo and make songs about aliens, wizards, cyborgs and angsty social injustice.

You are comfortably possessed of an extreme pragmatism and a healthy cynicism.

You want to make a badass new friend and take it from there.