40Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
Self summary is not easy but here's what I'm going to do to give you a bit of a handle on who I am.

25 random facts about me:

1) I volunteer at a museum
2) Cooked my first full Thanksgiving dinner at 21
3) I've seen sunset on Pike's Peak
4) Attended a parochial boarding school
5) I've kayaked on the Hudson River
6) Taught Sunday school
7) Conversed with Paul Volker about the war in Iraq
8) I've been complemented by Richard Holbrooke
9) Taught workshops at Burning Man
10) I'm an avid cheese enthusiast/addict
11) I own and have read books by Shel Silverstien, Roman Dirge and Steven Hawking.
12) I've participated in Tibetan Buddhist tsoks
13) Worked for a foreign consulate
14) Played an instrument in a performance for a US President in high school.
15) I've attended an Olympic opening ceremony.
16) Three of my direct ancestors were Civil War veterans.
17) I love watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.
18) I have eaten fugu.
19)I've given a man his last kiss.
20) Think dogs are awesome.
21) Driven an RV
22) I've met all of the members of the King family except 2 and worked with one of them.
23) I love getting platzas at Russian or Turkish bathouses.
24) Dated at least one person with an Erdos #
25)I've been a reporter for a public radio and television station.

Now its your turn. . .
What I’m doing with my life
Following my bliss at the moment. Organizing, socializing, volunteering. Rearranging my living room. Considering adding TaiChi to my excercise regimen.
I’m really good at
I loosen tongues. I don't do it on purpose. It just happens. Its usually fun for all concerned but it can also be a little unnerving for some.

My friends also tell me I'm pretty intuitive.

This makes me a pretty good matchmaker (not that I go around matching people up). I just haven't be able to get the benefit from my own matchmaking skills.

I've cooked meals that have brought vegetarians back to flesh consumption.

I'm good with kids and animals.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes and my laughter. I have a strange sense of humor and I laugh a lot when in good company. A friend of mine and I went to the Museum of Sex and we had most over most of the people in there cracking up at our observations. People we'd never seen before and probably won't see again were stopping to share all sorts of sexual anecdotes with us. We had a great time.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm not sure whether knowing what books I've read or music I listen to will really tell you anything important about me. On the other hand we are what we consume be it food, news or entertainment. If you decide you want to get to know me better, I'll be glad to answer this question.

My preferences are very broad. I'm a journalist by training, a writer and was an English Minor is school so I have several favs. I recently finished almost all of Octavia Butler's books and the Game of Thrones Series. George R. R. Martin is great. Sci Fi / history geek.

I'm a cook, so my tastes in food are broad it's easier for me to talk about the few foods I dislike than the ones I love. I'm partial to Asian food and cheese. Don't know how people eat eggs though they smell like brimstone.

I'm from a very musical family so my musical preferences are pretty broad and vary depending on my mood.
Six things I could never do without
I've done without a lot of things in my lifetime for short periods of time. Let me explain:

When I was 5, I thought I couldn't live without big juicy peaches and Christopher Reeve. Christopher Reeve is gone but I'm still here. R.I.P Superman

I used to eat sushi every week, thought I couldn't live in a city without a sushi bar. I haven't had sushi in months and I'm not dead yet.

I can get by without a lot but abstemiousness ain't really my thang. I guess I'd have to say I really can't do without my five senses and companionship.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to finish the novels I've been working on.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
See 19 on the list.
You should message me if
You believe that movies are a boring first date or have a combination of any three of the following:

Aren't intimidated by my list and want to know more about anything on the list.

Have body ink or a bike "I like to go fast." - Ricky Bobby

You don't think a first date entitles you entry into my home, or she parts. (Seriously some men are really angry, or disappointed if they aren't granted access to both after a cup of coffee, or glass of wine.)

Are taller than 3 smurfs high
(you don't have to be tall but I like to at least look a man in the

Are bald or have short hair (bald is sexy). Not into guys with hair like Rapunzel for the literary impaired that's shoulder length or longer.

Are a history buff or like museums

Like Southern women
The two of us