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My self-summary
After a long time here, so long I can't remember how long, I decided I should fill in some details. I will update this occasionally, or whenever some really cool stuff happens.

OK, the Grand Canyon was pretty cool. In February I went with a friend from San Diego to Farmington, NM and back. On the way back we stopped at the Grand Canyon. We saw one deer, several elk, and the Canyon. It was a cold windy day, but a clear blue sky.

I grew up in Texas, but have lived in Michigan since 1988. I got a degree in electrical engineering, but spent four years in the Army in Arizona as a supply officer and platoon leader. After the Army I moved to Texas, after a short stay in San Francisco. I moved to Michigan with my job, temporarily at first, but decided to stay.

I spent 28 years writing and installing financial software for several banks around the country.

Although I spent many years in the software/tech business, I don't twitter, facebook, or text, I don't have cable TV, my cell phone is just a phone, and my home phone is a yellow wall phone with a rotary dial.
What I’m doing with my life
I took an early retirement deal and haven't made up my mind what to do next.

I did get the outside of my old house renovated. Now I'm working out what to do with the inside. I'm think of doing each room in a different time period, from an 1840's kitchen to an ultra-modern bathroom. The house was built in 1840.

I've spend a lot of time traveling: family in Texas, friends in North Carolina, Arizona, California, a couple of cruises. I've been to the UK twice, and Italy once.

My last trip was to Phoenix, San Diego, and Farmington, New Mexico. Picked up a lot of petrified wood in the New Mexico desert.

Wherever I go, if there's a hill or mountain nearby, I'll want to get to the top. But not extreme mountain/rock climbing. Mainly for the walk and the view from the top.

I've walked up Quandary Peak in Colorado, Helvellyn in England, Cuyamaca Peak near San Diego, something in Phoenix I can't remember the name of, Mount Scenery on Saba Island.

I'm back from San Diego now, for a couple weeks. In mid-June I'll go back to San Diego, then to Texas to see family.

Back from Texas, leave for Colorado tomorrow for a few days, for a short family reunion.
I'M Back from Colorado, was at a YMCA camp near Granby. I walked up Ninemile Mountain there, and saw a bear near the top. He chased me for a few steps, then he ran away. You can see the bear here:

Week after next I'm off on a western trip, San Diego and Phoenix.

San Diego is done. Phoenix tomorrow, 9/25.

Back in Michigan now, to San Diego and/or Texas for Thanksgiving, Christmas.

I did go to Texas for Thanksgiving, saw the work being done to run the Keystone pipeline from Canada to Houston through my parents place in east Texas. A 120 foot wide path of total destruction of all trees and plants in the way. All the trees that were knocked down were piled up and burned. By people wearing shirts saying "Environmental Systems."

Then to San Diego for an early Christmas with friends, and now in Texas again for real Christmas and New Year's. 82 degrees in Dallas in December.


Now on a San Diego/Texas/Phoenix trip.
San Diego for a friend's 7-year old's birthday.
In Texas now to see family.
Phoenix for a friend's Super Bowl party.
I’m really good at
Reading books. I used to spend unreasonable amouts of time in Borders, but that's all over now. I need to go to John King's in Detroit.

I have more books than I have shelves. I would buy more shelves, but when I have the money, I'd rather buy books.

Writing software, before I retired.
The first things people usually notice about me
I am not freakishly tall.

That means I'm more energy-efficient and require less maintenance than most other guys. I also fit better in airline seats.

The beard and mustache are optional. I will shave for the right woman. Or any woman.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: All of Nevil Shute's books,
Mark Twain, Charles Dickens,
The Count of Monte Cristo,
Larry McMurtry, Edgar Allan Poe, TS Eliot,
US history, Roman history, electrical engineering, math, architecture, computer science,
Ray Bradbury, Arthur Clarke,
Carolyn Chute, Pat Conroy,
Sherlock Holmes, The Name of the Rose,
John Steinbeck, Ken Follett, Tracy Kidder

Movies: To Kill A Mockingbird, It's A Wonderful Life, Gladiator, Braveheart, The Wizard Of Oz, On the Beach

Music: Leo Kottke, Loreena McKennitt, Big Country, Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler, Moody Blues, Bob Dylan, Shawn Colvin, Neil Young, Judy Collins, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bruce Hornsby, Emmylou Harris, Enya, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Beethoven, Natalie Merchant, Warren Zevon, Jimi Hendrix, Clannad, Four Tops, Leonard Cohen, Thomas Newman (movie music), Aaron Copland, Tom Rush, Lucinda Williams, Fleetwood Mac, Johnny Cash, Rod Stewart, Dolly Parton, Neil Diamond, Simon & Garfunkel (together and separately), Georgia Satellites, Doc Watson, Ravi Shankar, Sarah McLachlan, KD Lang, Bruce Springsteen

Food: shrimp, fish, Mexican, Italian, chili, Toll House chocolate chip cookies.

Sometimes I eat bacon when I'm alone.

Shows: Phantom of the Opera (the musical), House, CSI, Law and Order, Jeopardy.

Live shows, like The Ark in Ann Arbor.

Art: Fritz Eichenberg, Agnes Miller Parker, other wood engravers

I like the books and movies with the good endings. Where the good guys win, bad guys lose, good surprises.
Six things I could never do without
books, John King Books in Detroit
black cherry ice cream with chocolate Magic Shell on top
Southwest Airlines
I spend a lot of time thinking about
That a half a century isn't as long as it used to be.

The Goldbach Conjecture.

What to do with the interior of my house.

The trouble with libraries is they want their books back.

Going sailing in San Diego.
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching Kitchen Nightmares, if it's not reruns, CSI, Bluebloods.

Reading books with pages made of paper.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am an exceedingly private person.
You should message me if
If you have a touch, or more, of gray hair, laugh lines, a nice smile, a soft voice, a tender touch.

If you like walking up mountains.

Or if you're tall, young, fit, wealthy and want a shorter, older, bald on top, grey on the sides guy to show you off around town. A sense of humor is also desirable.
The two of us