33 Fairfax, United States
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My self-summary
Been gone from the online dating thing for a while. Dipping a toe back in. Lets see how this goes.

Hi, I'm Christina!

Self friends would probably describe me as having a sharp mind and a soft heart. I'll hold onto a good debate like a pit bull but let petty disagreements go easily. I'm quiet but funny, laid back but tenacious on the right topic. I guess I'm looking for many of those qualities in a partner.
What I’m doing with my life
I just started a new job. I'm really excited about it but still finding my footing. I'm also trying to expand my horizons socially. Most of my current social circle has either moved or started marrying and having kids so I'm in need of new cohorts. I've joined a few meetup groups and Mensa to see if I can meet some interesting people. BTW, I literally just got my welcome packet from Mensa and the membership card they gave me is blue and sparkly....that seems...odd. Shouldn't that demographic be LESS drawn to shiny objects? I don't know- hopefully it's not a bunch of snobby people and it will look good on a resume I guess.

I'm also back in school full time. My last job got me thinking about a career change and I'm now getting a certificate in Graphic Design at GMU and taking some classes for an IT certificate as well. I dream of becoming a designer and selling my soul to slave away on boring corporate logos and product websites for surprisingly hansom sums of cash. Not the type of artistic dreams most people have but having lived out in the real world for a while, it's surprising how soul-sucking being broke is and how many adventurous and mischievous things a steady revenue stream can lead too. And besides (I'll admit it) getting web page modules in perfect alignment and choosing the perfect typeface for a salad shooter brochure fulfill my inner nerdiness in ways I never thought possible....who knew?

Anyway, new jobs, new school, new career paths.....there's a lot of doing getting done...
I’m really good at
I take pride being able to a kick a friend's ass in a conversation while remaining funny and affectionate. I am irreverent but considerate and enjoy the fact that I usually confuse the hell out of people. I make awesome pancakes. I am always mentally re-arranging furniture in my mind.

I'm pretty good at photoshop. A recent birthday gift to a friend was a photo of Zardoz riding bareback on an owlbear through the forest in his red man-bikini wielding two six-shooters. We are both very odd people and there was photoshop and energy drinks involved when that idea happened. I framed an 8X10 print of it and he has it on his fireplace mantle now. Whenever I see it I am filled with a sense of pride and deep confusion about my own mental health.

Also, I have psychic powers! Without reading your profile I can predict that:

Your are laid back and like hiking, cooking, and traveling.

You describe yourself as a nerd or geek (but not too much of one- you know, the cool kind of geeky).

You have at least one or two of the following pictures: self portrait holding the camera out in front of you, self portrait taken in a mirror, you in a suit at a wedding, a cropped pic taken from a group photo (or you just used paint to scratch out the other people's faces), you either doing something athletic or you holding a child/fuzzy animal.

You do not have a picture showing off your abs because those guys never read profiles. (If by some miracle you are one of those guys and you're reading this, please, stop mass messaging "Hey cutie" to every girl on the site. We're just going to ignore it, that's why we all have a "replies selectively" rating).

Where was I? Ah yes, you also like Arrested Development and/or Game of Thrones.

You are now trying to come up with a girl profile cliche I've done on MY page (other than complain about guys' profiles now that I've pointed it out myself).
The first things people usually notice about me
The whole tall redhead thing probably springs to mind first.

(And yes, I'm a real redhead.....Why do guys ask that with the same creepy undertone as guys who ask if your boobs are real? Actually, don't tell me. I'm pretty sure I'm better off not knowing.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I was working my way through Sherlock Holmes for a while but have been interrupted by the discovery of John Green. He's one of those people that just makes you happy from knowing they exist. I am part of a book club that reads popular science which has been interesting. My favorites from it so far have been The Signal and the Noise and The Big Necessity (which is both utterly disgusting and fascinating at the same time). I'm told I simply must read Thinking Fast and Slow. I'll probably give it a whirl. I'm also a fan of LOTR and the Hobbit. Nerd stuff, you get the idea.

Movies: I don't like horror or chick flicks (also horrifying), other than that I'm pretty open. A list of things I have enjoyed (in no particular order): Princess Bride, Little Miss Sunshine, the Dark Knight, The Avengers, Life Aquatic, about 80% of Pixar movies, The Emporer's New Groove, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (also enjoyed the books), Die Hard, Pulp Fiction, and a plethora of others I'm not thinking of at the moment.

Music: eclectic (by which I mean I'm indecisive). Honestly I listen to music but have never paid too much attention to it. I just enter a few basics into Pandora and let it ride. If you're a music snob you will hate me.

TV: Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Community, Parenthood, Breaking Bad, The Office (before Steve Carell left), DIY shows, Chopped and other competitive cooking shows (although I don't really cook).

Food - favorites are sushi, pizza or a good steak although I'm learning to branch into new frontiers and recently had a very pleasant experience with Indian food.
The six things I could never do without
1. (insert joke about physical necessities here)
2. (inset joke about frivolous electronics here)
3. (the obligatory friends and family)
4. Mental stimulation
5. A sense of cautious hope
6. "You had to be there" moments that can only be shared, not explained.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The randomest crap you could possibly imagine. At the moment I'm mulling over the fact that I can't get spell check to recognize the word "randomest" and wondering if I should still use it.
On a typical Friday night I am
I try to get out on Friday nights but my schedule is pretty hectic,
4:00: wallow in self pity,
4:30: stare into the abyss,
5:00: solve world hunger, tell no one,
5:30: jazzercize,
6:30: dinner with me (I can't cancel that again),
7:00: wrestle with my self-loathing... I'm booked.

Of course, if I bump the loathing to 9, I could still be done in time to lay in bed, stare at the ceiling and slip slowly into madness...

So yeah, usually just hanging out with friends like everyone else on this site :)

(Points for knowing the movie reference)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When my dentist asks how often I floss......I lie.
You should message me if
If you find me charming and are not totally creepy.