59 Perth, Australia
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My self-summary
Global Anonymous Friends.
All kinds of natural relationships are welcome.
Going to the unique natural places, discovering, endeavouring and experiencing natural things and freedoms and in natural way.

That is very much all. A test of nature and freedom.
If there is nothing more important for you than the life itself. We could be compatible for some kind of relationship.
Else, sorry but we are not compatible.

This profile is under dynamic development, but you will get the most inportant things.

I am looking for one or more females for social and economic open partnership relationships. To actively collaborate, cooperate and share; social, economic & emotional living relationship.

You must be in legal and practical mature age up to 45,
You are By Nature 51% - 66% :
Physically, intellectually and sexually mature, healthy, energetic and active, and

You are socially friendly, communicative and (pack or group, or team or assembly) partnership oriented, and

You posses sufficient survival and living drive, abilities, instincts and skills (to learn, adjust to environments, search, find and get resources) and

You are not allergic or resistant to natural smell, looks, sound, feel, and test of; safe and healthy row products, plants, beings and other natural phisical body and things appearances. (blood, urine, venoms, garlic, ginger, bees, honey, sun, moon, stars, heat, cold, wind, water, rain, birds, fish, insects, mice ect...) and

You have natural motherhood instincts and desires for
babies, kids and youths pro-creation, protection and care.

You Must be skilled 51% - 66% in diverse:
Language(s), literacy, numeracy, maths, biology, physics ect... minimum at Hi School level 12.

What about me?
I am what I am and That's what I am.
Some people like me, some don't.
Challenging the known & Embracing the unknown; is my mostly preferred way to experience life directly, to learn and know from and for the things as they are, actually and factually.

Just for the public record all sorts of things,

I do not own anything physical or assets or financial entities or instruments of possible market value over $66, and prefer to keep it that way. I do not expect any material inheritance, gifts and/or donations to come from some where.

It is mostly about what we are not, what we don't have and what we going to do. What we are, have and do; in the real life is just to lead us to be what we are not, assist us to have what we don't, and to support what we are going to do.

Initiating and expending the horizons of multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-national and multi-ethnic open dynamic relationships beyond borders and conventional authoritarian, autocratic, pltoctatic and other static taboos.

I am here to invite you to journey in life jointly in collaborative coherent togetherness. I don't exploit others and don't let others to exploit me.

It is all about being more happy correlated, healthy and alive.
Opening and expending the horizons beyond borders. Identifying and unifying open-minded and talented people, open nations, cultures and intercountry coherence of coexistence.

It is all about balancing and harmonising the international relationship and intercountry coherence of necessitous and common interests.

It is all about procreation, propagation and intercountry expansion of the life itself in simple natural way.

It is all about being in the right natural bio-physical and socio-economic environment, at the right time and place, with the right people, doing the right things, in the right direction on the right way.

Open source and core relationships (global multi-racial, international multi-national families co-relationships and intercountry relations) based on 21 century values of open democratic socio-economic natural foundations is a demand of the present and future time, which are to insure not only economic, but also societal, multi-national, multi-cultural and multi-religious cohesion and integration.

I am a kind of open-minded life explorer. Non-traditionalist now getting actuate by the idea of naturally creating a truly open global family. ( Multi-racial, multi- ethnic, multi-national, multi-cultural and intercountry multi-relational . Let's say, An open family formation of one biological father and many biological mothers and kids globally distributed. Preferably 11 kids, biologically united brothers and sisters. )
I am looking to establish intercountry natural, but not racial or ethnic traditional and/or formal open relationships with mature healthy women around the world, interested to have kids and are in position to do so.

I am curios and I mostly like and love experiencing, observing, discovering and endeavouring unknown, unconventional, unique, different, unusual and different from common standard and formal norms things in life mostly of the time.
I never stop learning and experiencing new things. Taking risk, facing challenges, taking initiatives and much more.

It is all about initiating - A new young world beyond borders.
It is all about creating more and more multi-racial, multi- ethnic, multi-national, multi-cultural, and multi-relational open global families.

Bringing up baby in the 21st Century Australia

Australia “Baby Bonus” policy, paying women an initial A$3,000 per new child.

21 century family matters
The non-traditional, one-parent, multi-parent, stepfamily or blended family kind of families trends are the fastest growing type of family in Australia, America, Europe, Russia and now China and the new young world.
The whole nature of the family as an institution is changing now, The 21 century relationships comes in all sorts and kinds of open partnerships freedoms, cohabitating couples and parenting forms are altering the old social order in the world's fastest rising young power.

A break with the past.
Social pressure to marry is much smaller these days, and the marriages themselves seem to be shakier than ever.
The outlook for single parent adoption is encouraging as it becomes more widely accepted.

I am for a New Open Young World With No Borders,
an young world with no family dictatorships, ownerships, social racism, ethnic nationalism and cultural conservatism, fundamentalisms and extremisms,.

I am looking and seeking to;
enter into open multi-national, multi-cultural or multi-ethnicity partnership(s) with Open-Minded women globally, ready to have cross-gneration naturally conceived kids as result of it. As well adapting as many kids as possible all around the world for global open educational programs.

I'm not a women's libber, but I do believe women should have the right to social, economical, cultural, political and ideological equality the same as men.

So, I am for initiating and developing an “open multi-family”, one or many open relationships at many locations and making and adapting many kids. Preferably distributed on each continent.

All kinds of people and interesting parties are welcome to participate in the global project.

Like a scorpio man,
I am open venture adventure optimist-enthusiast, and
I choose to soar to the highest heights for a living unknown by the vast majority of others.
I seek to live more free, more healthy, happy, independent and lucky. Not to be a kept domesticated, isolated, ruled, humbled and dulled.

Ok girl(s), guess what …..
I want to Invite to take the calculated risk;
to dream and to build, to fall and to succeed in life.

I am here to invite you to journey in life jointly in collaborative coherent togetherness.

I am a dreamer, and I go for it usually big.
I am dreaming of global travelling, making money and living globally at it best places in time.

Being at the right place at the right time: Discovering, exploring, endeavouring and having fun as it comes.

Prospecting for natural gold, diamonds, rocks, gemstones, arts and everything of natural and cultural value. Making and broadcasting real time reality shows online, creating social videos reality networks and much more ….

I am utopian, and I want to have many relationships and many kids, some my some not, globally distributed and locally connected. So, I go for global relationships open democracy, independence and freedom.

Throughout my life, my mates, “friends” and foes have offered me advice, And though they meant the best for me, it often wasn’t good for me.
They’d always say my plans were just too.... big, unusual and crazy, and every time I listened, well…I let them steal my dreams.
I guess they feared – in case I failed – I really shouldn’t try.
And so I never spread my wings globally and never learned to fly globally free.
But they’re just folks who only see the world the way it seems,
and I'm no longer going to let those people steal my dreams

A global multi-relationships model very much as:
Open global social family of partners, friends and associates without borders boundary and ownership.

I am temperamental and hot-bladed, but
not by any meaning sexual athlete, and my thing is not big.

I am attracted by the youngness and beauty of the opposite sex, but I don't go for artificial love, porn, extremes and sexual competitions.

I am multi-lover, and
I love to be in love with many women mostly of the time.

I am extravagance oriented man, and
experimental within the natural and ethical formatives.

I like to be nobody and contented with.
I am for sure not reach and not shame of it.
I own nothing and prefer to keep it that way.

I guest that the chimpanzee exists in my genes and genomes;
with some modifications and a few added human features,

motion priorities: breath, move, sleep, rest
sensory priorities: see, touch, feel, hear, test, smell
survival priorities: learn, adapt, procreate, expend
procreational priorities: physical, intellectual, spiritual

Ok, by nature I am mostly,
dynamic, to some degree restless, love to travel
not territorial,
pack oriented,
not aggressive,
temperamental, with tendency to anger,
mostly stubborn,

mostly not persisting, (monkey mind )
creative by nature
talkative person, not a very good listener

Innate Tendencies
The chimpanzee exists in my mind; with some modifications and a few added features,
tendency to respect the integrity of the other, to cooperate and share
tendency to recognise some common humanity in the other
tendency toward tolerance and peaceful coexistence
to form cooperative social units with mostly altruistic features

I value a sense of humour and sense in other people
I don't like to be sad and bored.
I love to meet new people and love to travel.
I like observing, thinking, dreaming and analysing

It is an open project, and other people, partners and orgs are welcome to join it.

It looks like complicated, but the ideas behind are very simple.
If more and more people in the planet have kids as result of multi national and/or multi ethnic relationship. There will be less and less, wars, hatters, exploitation’s and other problems base on blood superiority, nationalism, racism and other discriminations of this kind.
(The things are simple, when more and more people from different nations make babies, trade and make other socio-economic humanitarian agreements, they do not kill each other, they don't make wars and conflicts)
The kids and the parents have more opportunities and freedoms to travel, study, live and work on them preference. So, they can be a multiple citizen of two or more nations. Very mush at it is in Europe in the European Union and in the upcoming Eurasia Union, or to some degree in US (but only inside the United States of America).
What I’m doing with my life
Challenging the known & Embracing the unknown
I’m really good at
I am not good at nothing.
That is what I am very good at.
The first things people usually notice about me
My appearance I gest, the rest is subject to the ways individuals prefer to use their perception and judgment.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favouritism of any kind is not my forte
The six things I could never do without
Clean air
Drinkable water
Nutritious food
Constant motion
Sleep and rest
Liveable energies
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Many things.
I love to understand nature, people and things.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That, Mostly everything is subject to change, and

I mostly know that I don't know anything for sure, and

I am mostly utopian kind of man that believe in a good deeds, and

I am mostly conditioned to go for freedoms from all sorts of things, and

I am mostly open to constant learning and knowing, and

I am mostly oriented for open, simple partnerships within the natural-freedoms, and

I mostly like to apply an open democratic approach to anything and everything, and

I mostly hate any dictatorships, totalitarianisms, extremisms and fundamentalisms of any kinds.
You should message me if
Only and only if you have a matured desire for entering into Non-Autoritarian Open Relationship and passionate to have, raise and educate Kids now, and/or if you are committed to helping others to have, raise and educate Kids globally.

So, to have, to raise, and to educate Kids, are the key words here and the necessary conditions for contacting me.