30Goleta, United States
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My self-summary
Let's see. To start off, I'll say that I'm a weird person, but not creepy weird, very shy at first, but I do try to get over that, and enjoy using proper grammar, though sometimes I fail miserably at it. I think that love is the most important thing(it's cheesy, I know) and I think that one night stands, or just hooking up with someone you're not actually interested in, is just gross, but if you've done it before, I'm not gonna hate you forever and think so much worse of you, or anything. I also think that cheating on someone is repulsive, and yeah I think sometimes people deserve a second chance, but really, to me it's one of the worst things one can do to anyone.

I am a complete nerd when it comes to music, and not just cause I played in marching band, or still play trombone, but because I know a decent amount of music theory, and chords and stuff. I want to be a professional musician, but I think I want to teach music as my main profession. I also really like singing in choirs. I don't know a whole lot about the vocal techniques and stuff, so my voice isn't as good as it could be, but I've got a pretty decent ear when it comes to intonation, and I'm not bad at reading, which, sadly, most people in the choirs I join can't do too well, if at all

I like video games of all kinds, but the ones I play the most are usually first-person shooters and RPGs, but I love me a puzzle game, or platformer. Right now I when I play games at home, I usually play, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, and I still like to play, Team Fortress Classic, so if you play them or want to, let me know.

Although you may not be able to tell from my profile, I actually do have well thought out and well put conversations/debates with my friends, they're just usually about completely, uh, dumb topics. But not always. And my vocabulary is usually pretty broad, I just have moments when I can't think of a word or how to spell it.

Also, I've had this profile for a while, and don't update it often, so some of the stuff might not necessarily still be true or, more likely, there's stuff that I haven't added, so the best way to figure me out is just to message me on here or AIM me, fatmike482, I like talking to random people.

Another Also, this thing is kind of neat

I am very intellectual, totally awesome, and completely modest
What I’m doing with my life
Music, I love it, and I hope to make a living playing/writing/teaching or any combination of the three. Well, actually I want to accidentally create the cure for everything and not have to worry about money, but I don't think that will happen...yet
I’m really good at
Not filling in this box. Hehehe... wait dammit!

But seriously. I'm not too bad at trombone and tuba, and I'm pretty good at mixing drinks. I like to try and help out when I can, I'm a great listener, and I've been told that I'm very sweet.
The first things people usually notice about me
Meet me and find out...
Noticed by allosaurusrex:
SMILE! Dashing good looks, amazing sense of humor, all around awesomeness...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A)Well unfortunetly I haven't read a whole lot of books. But my favorite by far is the Harry Potter series. I also really liked Catcher and the Rye, and Myst: Book of Atrus.

B)LA Story, might be my favorite movie, but I really like Howl's Moving Castle, all of the Star Wars, Amailie, Mulan Rouge, Big Fish, Edward Scissor Hands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke, Porco Rosso, Kiki's delivery Service, My neighbor Totoro, Kikujiro and I'm sure there are a lot more that I can't think of right now.

c)I think there's music from every genre that I like, but I mostly listen to "Classical", Jazz, and Rock. Right now my favorite composer is Tchaikovski, but I also really like Brahms, Bach, Nobuo Uematsu, Yasunori Mitsuda and Joe Hisaishi. Rock bands I like are They Might Be Giants, Guster, The Pillows, Ben Folds Five(and Ben Folds), Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, Jonathan Coultan, there are tons more that I like but either don't know it's them or enough of them to put them on here or can't think of them right now.

d)This is the thing I change the most. But I think for a while it's gonna be Sushi, but pretty much anything with avocado is pretty kick ass.
Six things I could never do without
food, the phrase "s'right", water, my trombone, a good FPS to play, and uhh...cheese.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Music, things I would do differently if I had the chance, conversations I've had, or might have, music, situations in which I may find my self and what to do in them, how I'm gonna make a living as a musician, the chances of finding true love, music, what life is, how beautiful life and the world can be, music, something funny my friend said and melted cheese. You know, this and that, I do a lot of thinking.
On a typical Friday night I am
At a gig, or at my friends' house sitting around playing a game or singing some song, or both, or something else entirely.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have had crushes on animated and/or otherwise fictional characters(but nothing weird and creepy, jeez, I'm not THAT much of a nerd).
You should message me if
You have a sense of humor, otherwise you'll just think I'm a weirdo. But also, if you want to message me. I enjoy talking to people, but sometimes have trouble thinking of something to talk about.
The two of us