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My self-summary
So I am now three decades old
(Who, in spite of my ways, has to resist
The myriad tropes my profile re-told
That made one read it like a laundry list)
All but a native to Colorado,
Prefers knowledge and truthful perspective
To opinionation and bravado
In school and career has been effective;
Continuing my search for a partner
In fun, in love, and in life yet to share;
Submit this poem, attention to garner
From women living 'round metro Denver.
You've made it this far, make no denial,
You're intrigued, just keep reading my profile...
What I’m doing with my life
Don't worry that I spent some of my time
Dabbling with intricacies on triv'al
Uses for poetry's meter and rhyme
To required economic survival:
For my profession is engineering;
Oil and gas, if I'm to be specific.
(Perhaps controversial-appearing
Make no mistake, right now, it's prolific.)
I work on turning gas into treasure
Having constraints on material, cost,
Emissions, temperature, and pressure;
Also safety: no time, limbs, nor lives lost!
Beyond the nine-to-five, read down below,
Where my hobbies and interests will show.
I’m really good at
In trivia, my left brain proves its worth:
Science, math, history, current events,
Scraps of knowledge from the ends of the earth,
To teammates' pop-culture facts it augments.
I picked up dancing a few years ago:
No stranger am I to swingouts, Charleston,
Shim Sham, turns, spins, and more tricks I now know;
Performed in some flash mobs, those sure are fun!
Discern patterns when at DB I play,
To the point where I tend to get glances
Young and old at my ticket pile dismay;
Hey, with better skill come better chances.
(The next part: lists supplanted by allusion.
Supports my style but adds to confusion.)
The first things people usually notice about me
If I am observed using sight,
You may think my appearance bright:
Natural blond hair
Goes with skin that's fair
To reflect quite a bit of light.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I Stumbled on Happiness because
Economics went Freaky, allowing
Authors to write about cognitive flaws:
Think Twice about how to Adapt going
Undercover, Nudged by Predictably
Irrational SuperCrunchers dangling
Carrots and Sticks to see if More Sex really
Is Safer Sex, all while contemplating
The Logic of Life 'midst The Signal and
The Noise, to plot the Success Equations
On The Why Axis to show in one hand
More Than You Know for social occasions.
We're part of OKCupid-ism;
I would suggest Dataclysm.

Although I grew up on country
Rarely do I listen anymore new-
Some Cash, Yoakam, Williams (Senior and Three)-
Most rest replaced by a musical brew
Of American and of Celtic style:
Think Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly,
After those staples were listened a while,
Young Dubs and Gaelic Storm add recently.
In a separate offshoot: tunes without words
To listen to while at the office so
Instrumentals can soothe my mind and work
Undistracted by a narrative's flow.
You may say my musical choices are niche,
I don't buy the "I like all music" pitch.

From the tube I want some fun or a thought.
In The Daily Show and Colbert Report
Usually both these things can be sought.
For laughs, my choice are South Park and Archer.
Though for thought my sources are suffering;
I still like Mythbusters, but I now hate
"Educational" channels for stuffing
Reality programming on their slate.
But spare my guilty pleasure, which is in
Paranormal investigation shows -
Ghost Adventures and Dead Files - which can spin
Stories from past events that no one knows.
Oh yes - and football. Go Denver Broncos!
Super Bowl bust, see how next season goes.

For movies a lim'rick attend
I just do not want to go spend
Time in a dark room
With sound going BOOM
And pay to sit for hours on end.

On food, I make similar haste
Because I do not know what taste
Will cross my palate
(Maybe not salad)
For the next meal to be based.
Six things I could never do without
Too many clichés this section contains
Not surprising, 'cuz who really wants to
Decipher its intent, racking one's brains
Beyond air, water, shelter, clothes, and food?
Family; friends - lonely won't be endured;
Faith - if that kind of thing makes one feel whole;
Technology - like Internet ensured;
Work - compensated expression of one's soul;
Nature - a reprieve from civilized life;
Stuff - that enables one's personal style;
Emotions - ebb and flow of ease and strife;
Experience - something done makes one smile.
Now with those broad categories described,
Can I say other than what's been prescribed?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Things not conducive to rhyming
And, well, look at the timing -
The end draws so close
To this page verbose
A figurative hill I'm climbing.
On a typical Friday night I am
At the tail end of the work week
Solitude and quiet I seek
But you never know
My get up and go
May have an unusual pique.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
No secrets I'm willing to share
Save but one of a minor care
High school vot'rs did fawn
Me apt to be on
Who Wants to be a Millionaire
You should message me if
Steady your breathing, temper the giggling;
This profile is nothing but an attempt
To get potential readers' minds wriggling
Someone that shows what's convention, contempt.
Tall, fair, and handsome, in Colorado
("Fair"? Not "dark"? If that is what you seek, then
Please simply stand or sit in my shadow)
Stands out from OkCupid's myriad men.
Think up something to say, no verse needed
As this odd beginning draws to an end
Type out your message, don't be impeded,
We can keep going, if you now click Send.
On your style I do not wish to impose,
I agree conversation can be prose.
The two of us