29Baton Rouge, United States
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My self-summary
I am a full-time cards dealer at a local casino. Not the good one, unfortunately. It pays well for a pre-career job, but I'm searching my little heart out for a real big boy lifestyle.

My favorite venues are the darker corners, but not the darkest ones. I'm a regular over at the Cove, and yes I am completely spoiled by the quality of their beverages. I prefer places that have approximately nine hundred beers on tap and two pool tables with five people in the bar on a Monday night. I do not prefer "clubbing", as my only dance moves make me look like an awkward penguin.

I play video games, adventure types usually. Not all that often though. Honestly what really gets me hooked into a game is novel gameplay. Excellent story is what keeps me to the end, though. I start superficially and slowly expect more depth. Metaphor for life, anyone?

I enjoy trying new things. If you like activities that are novel and fun to try count me in to giving it a shot at least once, twice if I enjoy it too.
What I’m doing with my life
I've graduated from LSU and I'm using my math degree to its fullest by dealing blackjack in a casino. One day I'll have a "professional" job. Hopefully that day will be soon-ish; in between working I'm studying for various certifications so I can land a job as a computer technician.

Non-professionally, I like to write music, just without the sheet music. I'll write something on my piano, transfer it to the computer, and use it to add more instruments and stuff. It's a slight passion of mine. Maybe I'll go pro one day.
I’m really good at
Everything, to an extent. I'm a jack of all trades, but a master of none. I am but a page at socializing.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Having a favorite of any sort of category of thing is like observing the wide variety of spices in life and only choosing one. I like different things at different times. It's easier to just say what I don't like out of these things:

books - not a fan of nonfiction. Sorry history lovers

movies - you know those movies in the vein of Scary Movie and Epic Movie and whatever incarnation of American Pie is out now? No thx
BUT, I'm totally into going to the movies and seeing things I wouldn't normally see. I'll watch anything with friends.

shows - anything with a laugh track. I enjoy stand-up though

music - Lil' anything blows

food - eggplant. That's about it.

What do I like in music? 65daysofstatic, Cake, Pure Reason Revolution, Rjd2, Steely Dan, Anamanaguchi, Deltron 3030, Rehab, The Flaming Tsunamis, Weird Al Yankovic, SHK, many many others. My favorite band changes with the wind.
Six things I could never do without
1 - the few people I consider close friends
2 - my lungs
3 - the internet
4 - food
5 - math
6 - my legs
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The universe. Also what kind of scotch I like best. (Clynelish 14 if that's your thing.)

I think any old food can be eaten at any time. Hamburgers for breaktast, cookies for lunch, dinner at one am. Who cares? It's all food! And i bet you dollars to donuts that a hamburger is better for you for breakfast than those sugar festival cereals they claim kickstart your day.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working. Gotta make that cheddar.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm balding prematurely :(. It's okay you can't really tell yet.
You should message me if
Friends! Or more I guess. Mostly I just want to expand my horizons, hang out with a new crowd, become a man of the world. Let's entertain each other. After all, isn't that what life is all about?
The two of us