44Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
I still feel like I'm new in town. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and just took a job here in Seattle so I've lost the community of people I've built up in my old home town. I'm married to a wonderful girl who is along for the ride here in Seattle. (We're in an polyamorous relationship which is why I'm here)

The biggest thing is that I'm always trying out new things and learning how I work and the people and things around me work.

I'm a techy and have been since I as early as I can remember -- before that even from the stories I've heard. While I'm in a programmer to pay the bills, I grok stuff beyond computers as well. My day job is slinging code (or depending on your perspective: meetings or writing stuff that isn't code). I've been doing that since well before I've gotten paid for it. It's not all just tech stuff that turns me on. My interests run the gamut from travel, cooking, typography, etymology and photography to motorcycles, bicycles and ham radio with lots of odd and assorted stuff mixed in between.

Like I was saying I left behind a good community of people and I'm looking forward to meeting a new assortment to compliment them. I especially miss the poly community we left behind in Cleveland.

What I'm looking For / What I'm not looking for

In case you didn't catch it by now, I'm married. What it doesn't say is I'm happily married. I'm not looking for a new or another wife. I'm looking for another person to be in my life to be more than just a passing acquaintance. I'm not looking to find a unicorn to make a triad. I am looking for someone I can connect with on multiple levels and is GGG.

I'm also looking for friends to hang out with and play games with and all that fun stuff that people tend to want to do. Bonus points if you can be around someone who's not in a monogamous relationship.
What I’m doing with my life
I keep myself busy with a mix of work, hobbies, and travel. Many of them seem to mainly be around technical things, but not all of them.

I'm looking to find some new friends and/or partners out here in Seattle now that we've settled in from the move. While I'm married, I don't think that any one person can be the everything for anyone else -- that's just way too much to ask.
I’m really good at
I'm really good at learning things and diving deep into some odd topic. This helps with my day job working with computers, but it tends to spread out as well.

If I get interesting in something I wind up throwing myself into it whole hog. So, for instance, one day I got interesting in amateur radio so I bought some books and a month later I got my extra ticket.

I tend to take things apart. I can even usually get them back together again. Being a bit shy and introspective I take apart my ideas too. Debates are fun for that!
The first things people usually notice about me
…is that I'm shy -- especially in large groups. I'm working on getting over that. Another thing that people don't really notice as much (because I'm good at hiding it) is I have face-blindness (prosopagnosia). If you see me and I don't recognize you it's not that I'm trying to be rude; I just can't remember face without a lot of reinforcement.
Six things I could never do without
In no particular order:
* Some friends and community (especially my wife!)
* A computer
* A camera
* A source of information (books, library, internets, people, empirical evidence, original research, whatever!)
* Travel, adventure, discovery, and learning
* Physical intimacy (yeah... sexy times)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What I'm going to write on my blog. I know, that sounds trite, but I've found that writing something every day forces me to crystalize some thought every day. Then, the act of making that public furthers that by opening that up to the world. If someone wants to call me out or debate, that makes allows me to reconsider my opinions.

I spend time thinking about why I've not played any RPGs in a long long while even though I have a pile of books.

...or what it takes to build a nuclear device.
...or where to ride my bike.
...or how a particular gun works.
...or contemplating the cuteness of my kitty.
...or coding in my head.
...or where to go for a summer vacation on my motorcycle.
...or what ink to put in my pen.
...or human sexuality.
...or finally editing my book.
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm typically unwinding after a week working and thinking about the weekend. I think I need more things to do on a Friday night, want to suggest something?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was on the cast of the Cleveland Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yep, one of those weirdos that dress up and act out the movie in front of the movie.

Oh, and I met my wife there while wearing gold underwear in front of the screen.
You should message me if want to hang out somewhere and maybe show me something cool about my new city.

-or-'re polyamorous (or at least willing to put up with someone who is) and would like to see how things go from a relationship standpoint.
The two of us