31Santa Cruz, United States
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My self-summary
Poly, sapio-sexual, nerdy, geeky, doofy, card/board game playing, kickboxing, videogame playing, industrial/EDM loving, and movie buff wolf creature of the night. I am a happy poly creature. I have restarted my fitness regiment again, and I am kicking my own ass, as it were. I do strength training, kickboxing and running. I have also recently purchased a few board games to add to my collection (Betrayel At House on the Hill).

Not sure if its apparent, but I love both indoor and outdoor activities. I like having a night of being sedentary indoors and nights of being extremely physically active outdoors (or indoors). Just depends on the day/night.

I'm silly and playful with an extra helping of sarcastic snark. Want to trade movie/show quotes? I'm your guy. Want to have a tickle wrestling match? I'm so game. Want to talk about ridiculous things until our brains hurt from the sheer absurdity of it, or we laugh so hard we cry? I'll be there comatose or crying. Want to go to an electronic/metal/punk concert? Fuck yeah!

There are times in life that call for serious respect, and there are times in life that call for absurd goofiness. We should live all of these moments to the fullest.

-Looking for people I can be active with: Sparring (kick boxing, jiu jitsu), hiking, kayaking and more. ;)

-Looking for people to be intellectually stunned by: Talking theory behind movies or music. Do you agree that Prometheus was a terrible film? Playing a game of chess, scrabble, or whatever. (Betrayel?)

-Looking for people to be nerdy with: Any gamers out there?

-Looking for people to be wild and crazy with: Do you like going to concerts? Do you like to dance?

Just so we are clear. I am Polyamorous. This does not mean that I am cheating on my partner(s). I am here looking for other creatures out in the ether who are comfortable with or who also currently have non-monogamous relationships.

Looking for friends, casual dates and hopefully more.
What I’m doing with my life
The majority of my time goes to being an engaged leader at my work and my home - roles that I didn't really ask for, but that
have been handed to me. I do my best to improve the way things are done and make sure we meet as many needs as we can.

I'm also working on an independent film with some friends, and trying to get back into a good fitness routine.
My long-term goal is to be connected with the right people to be
involved in editing work for movie trailers.
I’m really good at
Listening and helping people process their thoughts and experiences. Being generally comfy :) Being down to go on adventures. Video games, board games, (wholesome) people games - I like puzzles and things requiring critical thought, it feels good to stretch and exercise those parts of me.
The first things people usually notice about me
If you're in front of me: My unruly, wants-to-be-touched hair.
If you're behind me: My shapely ass and determined stride.

...or my sheer ability to make all situations a dirty sex joke or my dorky sene of humor.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
How can one really pick their favorite of anything? There are way too many good books, movies, or songs/artists to isolate the best from. I will try my best to comply for "You" the viewer, the stalker, the interested party that may have a surface level appreciation of the profile I am presenting to an online meeting/dating/hookup site.

Books: Raymond E. Feist, Eric Nylund, Tolkien, Laura K. Hamilton, and KA Applegate (Props if you know what books). Also, Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark Series. If its horror, sci-fi, or fantasy than that is something I'm more likely to read.

Music: I can quite literally listen to music for an entire day. I Grew up listening to classic rock and oldies. Everything from AC/DC & Led Zepplin to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. But to summerize, I have an eclectic mix of music that I listen to daily. I am in love with Industrial and anything that can catch me with rhythmic beat and a strong base/drum line to it. I can pretty much listen to all forms of rock (alternative, hard, punk, psychobilly & etc.), metal (too many to subcategorize), and Classical. About the only genre of music I prefer not to listen to is Country. Trust me, I can talk music for days.

Some bands: Combichrist, Assemblage 23, NIN, ACDC, ORGY, AFI, Thrice, Avenged Sevenfold, Beethoven, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Thrice, Three Days Grace, Rob Zombie, Beats Antique, Linkin Park, Anti-Flag, Queens of the Stone Age, Rise Against, Queen and many more. I think that shows a little bit of the style I fall into, but this is only a snippet of the music I listen to. I am really getting into industrial/EBM lately.

Movies: Cabin in the Woods, Dark City, The Truman Show, The Underworld series, The Matrix, Hot Fuzz, Dodgeball, Beetlejuice, Ink, An American Werewolf in London. But I love all genres. I have more of a tolerance for movies than most I would say. Comedy, horror, sci-fi, action, drama, suspense, foreign, or whatever... lets watch, im down. Movies are my passion.

Shows: It is far easier for me to just put on a movie than to watch a series. There are several shows I like, but I am not commited to watching them all that often. Walking Dead, Robot Chicken, Are You Afraid of the Dark (back in the day), American Horror Story and of course Firefly. Dislike reality tv shows, with the only exception being certain performance artists shows that occasionally pop up.

Food: Too many choices. How about some random ones. I love milkshakes but dislike sushi. Prefer sweet things to sour things. I do not prefer spicy but I am not outright against eating it. I eat meat, but I don't have to eat it for every meal. I am allergic to beans (random I know, I'm sure you have questions).
Six things I could never do without
Love, milk, friendship, blankets, music, and fun.

Side Note: For each of these categories, where it says "fill me out, all I can think is "Oh I'll fill you in."

And just so you know... Sex can either fit in the "Love" category or the "fun" category. Just depends. Actually, I'm sure it fits in all the categories.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-Ways to get healthier and improve my overall well being.
-How every song I listen to can be used to create a movie trailer for something.
-How I wish I was creating movie trailers or editing movies.
-Whether or not the messages I sent ever get read or are just dismissed because the majority of cis-gendered males are completely inept, misogynistic and/or dicks to most female or gender-fluid creatures on here. And have harassed or bombarded individuals to a point of feeling hopeless and angry.
-How Fucked up America is
-Keep going to awesome shows!
On a typical Friday night I am
Gaming, parties, dancing (salsa) or hell just staying home and watching movies while having a few drinks with friends works just fine with me. I like to change it up as frequently as I can. You might see me at the bars or at some random event. The way I see it, Friday night you can just let loose and run wild. Anything from new to old, I'm game.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I can go in so many directions with this one. I'm embarressed about my teeth, im super aggressive in the bedroom, the ocean is one of several places I go to find peace and I still play Magic The Gathering.
You should message me if
An obligatory list... YAY:
1) You hear a voice calling... "Come to the dark side."
2) You Want to go to a EBM/EDM/industrial show.
3) You want to go on a hike.
4) You want a funny response.
5) You want to hangout and talk about why Prometheus was a terrible movie. ...Or talk about movies in general.
6) You want to indulge in watching Horror movies til the crack of dawn.
7) You want to know how Polyamory works.
8) You know what Polyamory is and don't mind casually pursuing a creature (me) with said interests.
9) You are interested in a casual, yet non-stop action movie relationship. Minus the sexist remarks...
10) You want to play video games with me *Bats eyes
11) You have a stray thought that wants to wonder onto a message to me.

Okay, serious time. I am on here to look at meeting new people to connect with. Friends, partners, & lovers, oh my.

Hopefully something sparks something within you to message me. Or at the very least, accept messages from me.

Below is a bill of rights for all people to know, as mentioned by Franklin Veaux's polyamory blog. Feel free to look it up.

-to be free from coercion, violence and intimidation
-to choose the level of involvement and intimacy you want
-to revoke consent to any form of intimacy at any time
-to choose your own partners
-to have an equal say with each of your partners in deciding the form your relationship with that partner will take
-to discuss with your partners decisions that affect you
-to choose the level of involvement and intimacy you want with your partners’ other partners
-to be treated with courtesy
-to have plans made with your partner be respected; for instance, not changed at the last minute for trivial reasons
-to be treated as a peer of every other person, not as a subordinate, even when differing levels of commitment or responsibility exist

Either way, good luck on the inter-webs of social anxiety dating.
The two of us